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Seasons Greetings,

It's getting to that colder time of the year for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere so I thought a cold and wintry Atlantic beach scene would be appropriate.

We are kicking off December with an exciting custom-created seminar for the Conference Board - "Managing Global Risk & Reputation to Your Company's Advantage", an interactive workshop for senior, cross-functional executives taking place on December 10-11, 2013, at TCB's NYC offices. Details, an agenda and registration are available in this newsletter (see separate box). There are still a few seats available - call or email me directly if you'd like to attend - / +1.917.848.4448.

Also in this newsletter are two recent resources on issues revolving around executive whistleblowing - a topic that hasn't gotten a lot of coverage. Most companies focus, as they should, on the issue of creating a "safe to speak up culture" for the overall employee population. But there are times when high level executives know something that may be concerning or alarming. In these cases, frequently such individuals are at even greater risk and have fewer options than mid- or lower-level employees. My November cover story for Ethical Corporation Magazine explores the options of such an executive; the interview at The Company Ethicist takes it a couple of steps further.

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Andrea Bonime-Blanc, CEO

The Company Ethicist Interview with Andrea Bonime-Blanc on Executive Whistleblowing

To read an interview about "How to be smart about executive whistleblowing" with Andrea Bonime-Blanc on the Company Ethicist website, please click here: 

A Few Discounted Seats Still Available for December 10-11, 2013 The Conference Board Cross-Functional Executive Interactive Workshop:

Managing Global Risk & Reputation to Your Company's Advantage: A Multi-Disciplinary Interactive Seminar

December 10-11, 2013 - The Conference Board Center - New York, New York

Join us for a two-day interactive seminar for cross-functional and business executives charged with managing the most challenging risks and crises global organizations face today -- from supply chain and corruption to cybercrime and culture failure – and learn how to implement a more holistic strategic approach to global risk and reputation management based on the original strategic framework created by Andrea Bonime-Blanc, CEO of GEC Risk Advisory, who is the Seminar's Program Director. Speakers include: Brigida Benitez, Steptoe & Johnson; S. Prakash Sethi, University Professor Baruch College; Carmen Oveissi Field, Deloitte; Jacqueline E. Brevard, Merck & Co. (retired); Judith Young, Institute for Ethical Leadership; Jeffrey Gracer, Sive Paget & Riesel.

For more information and to register (including a $500 discount), please email or call me / +1.917.848.4448.

Upcoming Events

December 10-11, 2013
The Conference Board
New York City
"Managing Global Risk & Reputation to Your Company's Advantage" Interactive Executive Seminar
Creator & Facilitator of Custom Seminar including six global risk experts & interactive risk, crisis & opportunity exercises

December 17, 2013
Compliance Online Webcast
"Evaluating your Ethics & Compliance Program for Effectiveness"

January 15, 2014
The Institute for Ethical Leadership, Rutgers University Business School
Newark, New Jersey, USA
Facilitator & Speaker "The Corporate Board's Responsibility for Ethics and Risk in a Time of Crisis"

February 4, 2014
Audit Committee Institute
Wat the Board Needs to Know About Effective Ethics & Compliance Programs

For more information and/or to register for these events, please visit: 

The GlobalEthicist Column on Executive Whistleblowing is November's Ethical Corporation Magazine Cover Story

If you didn't see it already, click here to take a look at an analysis of the special challenges facing executive whistle-blowers:

"Adding Value through Strategic Governance, Risk & Reputation Management"

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