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ClearMechanic Releases Android Application Update

ClearMechanic announces enhanced Android mobile application

We are excited to announce our new Android mobile application, released today into the Android "Google Play" store.  Simply search for "clearmechanic" and download!  If you already have the application installed on your smartphone, select "Update."  

The updated application includes the following enhancements: 1) improved design and aesthetics; 2) more flexible camera orientation; 3) easier to add multiple service recommendations to the same Repair Order; 4) History Screen shows Repair Order number, repair type and exact time of upload; 5) real-time video capability now more intuitive; and 6) click through to "Live Gallery" feature directly from History Screen.  Read the full summary with explanations and screenshots.
ClearMechanic's Enhances Private Dashboard

ClearMechanic enhances Private Dashboard analytics and functionality

After enrolling in ClearMechanic's Visual Selling Solution, each client gains access to a custom "Private Dashboard" for secure access to historical photos, videos, communication options and other information relevant to marketing and warranty functions.

We can now announce several important additions to the Private Dashboard:  1) new external communication features available directly in Private Dashboard interface; 2) add a private, internal note to a repair order; 3) layout is now responsive and compatible to all screen sizes and browser types;  4) clients can easily remove photos or videos from public viewing; 5) know if a consumer viewed his / her photos and other valuable administrative information.   Read about each new enhancement here!
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ClearMechanic's Facebook Integration

Announcing ClearMechanic's Facebook Integration and Instant Sharing Capability

Consumers often want to post their vehicle photos or videos to Facebook, citing two reasons:  1) they are "wowed" by the transparency and want to endorse the service center; 2) they are evaluating a service recommendation and want to get advice from trusted friends and family.  

As of today, our "Live Gallery" feature will automatically include Facebook integration and posting for consumers.

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Live Gallery Search Feature

New "Live Gallery Search" for Quick Image Retrieval

We have always enabled searching and retrieving old Repair Orders in each service center's "Private Dashboard," which can only be accessed by the service center with user name and password.  The new "Live Gallery Search" feature enables public searching directly from the service center's website.  The goal is to help employees and customers who do not need every detail surrounding a photo upload and simply want to "find it now."
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ClearMechanic iPhone App screenshot

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