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The First Multi-Point Inspection
Program for Smartphones

We are proud to announce "ClearMechanic Plus," the industry’s first multi-point inspection program designed for smartphones. With ClearMechanic Plus, service centers can perform vehicle inspections from any Apple or Android device. The inspection form can be viewed by e-mail, text message, website and print-out. 

Read the full press release here. The “ClearMechanic Plus” mobile application is now available for download on all Apple and Android devices.

This newsletter highlights why ClearMechanic Plus represents the "industry's first" in many areas. Contact us at to enroll in a free trial today!


The first inspection program designed for smartphones, not just tablets.

- Choice: Technicians can use their own devices instead of sharing a shop tablet.

- Design: Technicians are not forced to use tablets for vehicle photos and videos in tight spaces (they're not designed for that!).

- Cost: Eliminate expensive purchases of new tablets, as other programs require.

- Efficiency: Technicians will be more familiar and efficient with their own devices. 

Read about ClearMechanic Plus' compatibility with smartphones and tablets.


The first inspection form viewable by e-mail, text message, website, and print out.

The majority of inspection forms are not consumer-friendly. They are susceptible to wrinkles, grease stains, being misplaced and generally looking unprofessional.

ClearMechanic Plus automatically generates two inspection forms: a “desktop inspection form” optimized for e-mail and web viewing and a “mobile inspection form” optimized for smartphone browsers and text messages. 

Read why customers and service personnel want the choice to view inspection forms from smartphones and traditional PCs.


The first inspection form customizable to your service center.

Why not create a multi-point inspection form tailored to your customers?

ClearMechanic Plus enables every service center to custom build its own electronic, multi-point inspection. The newly-created inspection form is instantly loaded to each technician’s smartphone through ClearMechanic Plus.

Learn how ClearMechanic Plus allows instant customization.


The first inspection with real-time photos, videos, audio and expert diagrams.

An inspection form without proof is essentially asking the customer to “take your word for it.” This is why only 30% of service recommendations sell through!

The Better Business Bureau continues to rank automotive repairs in the bottom 1% of all service industries. Why would consumers trust and purchase the recommendations on your inspection form? ClearMechanic Plus lets you add real-time inspection photos, videos, audio and expert diagrams to support your recommendations. This is the visual proof that builds trust and closes sales.

Learn how ClearMechanic Plus enables "visual selling," a philosophy we have pioneered in the automotive service industry.


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Build trust. Sell more repairs. Use smartphones and tablets. Customize your inspection form. View your inspection results in all media formats.

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