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ClearMechanic Welcomes Industry Experts to its Advisory Board

ClearMechanic Welcomes Automotive Industry Experts to Advisory Board

ClearMechanic announced the addition of four industry experts to its Advisory Board, establishing the company's position as a thought leader in the automotive repair industry. The new advisors are respected leaders in academia and industry, all committed to ClearMechanic's vision of connecting consumers with honest repair shops. Below is a description of each advisor:

Henry S. Schneider, Assistant Professor of Economics at Cornell University: Professor Schneider has conducted extensive research on the automotive repair industry (see recent paper and New York Times coverage). He also studies the broader "expert service problem," in which the same expert who diagnoses a condition is the one who gains financially from fixing it.

George Iny, President at the Automobile Protection Association: Iny's organization protects consumers from deception and fraud in automotive retail, both auto repairs and used car sales. APA routinely conducts expert "mystery shopper" investigations of auto repair providers (see all APA auto repair investigations).

Gerry Frank, Multi-Location Independent Shop Owner and President of Automotive Profit Pro
Frank is an accomplished operator in the automotive repair industry, starting as a technician and now owning three large independent repair facilities. He also runs Automotive Profit Pro, a national consultancy for automotive repair shop owners. 

Ricardo Gárate, Dealer Owner and President of ClearMechanic Latino
Gárate owns and operates a prestigious General Motors franchise in Mexico, a continuation of his family's 75-year record of successful dealer operations. Gárate has led ClearMechanic's expansion into Mexico, Central America and Spain (collectively referred to as "ClearMechanic Latino"), and will play a key role in supervising ClearMechanic's international operations. 

For more information on ClearMechanic's new advisors, read the full press release.
ClearMechanic and PPG Certified First Announce Partnership

ClearMechanic and PPG CertifiedFirst announce partnership to bring "Visual Selling" Technology to PPG repair shops

ClearMechanic is excited to announce a new partnership to bring its Visual Selling Solution to PPG CertifiedFirst repair shops in Spain. Both organizations are committed to bring more transparency to the auto repair industry.  With ClearMechanic's program, PPG CertifiedFirst repair shops can easily upload and send inspection photos, inspection videos and other status updates to customers. 

CertifiedFirst Coordinator Lluís Méndez Armengol issued the following statement about the new partnership: "ClearMechanic´s solution truly fits with our corporate values and helps CertifiedFirst shops to build relationships with their clients based on honesty , transparency and innovation. Unexpected repairs during our normal process are perceived by our clients as negative due to their financial impact. To address this, we are committed to technology and processes that help with these decisions and generate trust. Until today, the only tool we had for explaining unexpected repairs was the telephone. Now, with ClearMechanic, CertifiedFirst shops will have a very wide range of possibilities to improve this communication, including inspection photos, videos and expert diagrams in the affected zones, which will complement the traditional telephone call."

Read the full announcement here. You can also send questions directly to for enrolling in the program today! 
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ClearMechanic FAQ Addressed with Step-by-Step Tutorials

ClearMechanic Addresses Frequently Asked Questions from Clients

ClearMechanic has collected the most common questions from our clients and addressed each question with a step-by-step tutorial. We hope these provide a closer look at our program for existing and prospective clients.

FAQ: "How do I remove a ClearMechanic inspection photo or video from my website?"

FAQ: If I send a message to the customer, is there a permanent record of the message (date and time sent, content of message)?

FAQ: "How do I send a custom note, such as an estimate, with my inspection photos?"

FAQ: "How do I schedule a Declined Service E-mail with ClearMechanic?"

Have a question you want us to answer with a step-by-step tutorial? Send it to and we'll get back to you!

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RPM Autoworx Case Study

RPM Autoworx Case Study: Building Trust and Avoiding the Stigma of "Upselling"

What should a repair shop do when expensive repairs are necessary? Taking the wrong approach can result in loss of the customer to a competitor and a widely-read negative review. This is particularly true for first- or second-time customers. This exact dilemma occurred at RPM Autoworx, a Savannah, GA service center which prides itself on integrity and thoroughness in its repair recommendations. Read more about how RPM Autoworx uses ClearMechanic's Visual Selling Solution to build trust and avoid the stigma of unnecessary "upselling."
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Case Study: Car One Americana (Chevrolet) increases service sales by 22.5% in first month of ClearMechanic, pays back 9.2 times subscription fee

Case Study: Car One Americana increases service sales  20% in first month of ClearMechanic, resulting in 9.2 times ROI

Car One Americana implemented ClearMechanic during a very tough month for the service department. The dealer experienced a decline in service customers, seeing 49.5% fewer Repair Orders versus the previous month. Despite this decline in inbound vehicles, ClearMechanic enabled a remarkable 143.5% increase in the average revenue per Repair Order. As a result, the dealer reported sales increases of labor and parts of 22.5%. Read more about how ClearMechanic paid back 9.2 times its subscription cost, turning a difficult month into strong growth.
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