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Have you submitted your CPS Application for the 2015-2016 season?  Was your child 2 through 6 years old by Sept. 1 this year, or do you have a current 1st through 8th grader? The CPS deadline is this Friday, Dec. 12 and it's FREE to apply so be sure to spread your net wide!

Check our website for info on our 2015 seminars.
is continually being updated with Open House dates for Preschool through High Schools tours.  Check with us often to plan your schedule and let us know of any we missed.  Most private schools require RSVPs while most public schools do not. 
Confirm with each school as dates and times can and do change.
Chicago School GPS saves you from frustration and confusion!  We guide you step by step through the process and stay on top of the latest school news, so you don't have to!

Our Services range from quick phone conversations to customized in-home consultations to tailored group sessions.  Save hours of research by spending a few minutes with us!  

Have a book club, playgroup or professional organization with similar educational needs and questions?  Contact us to schedule a private group session!
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CPS Application Period Closing Soon! 

Don't Miss the Deadline: December 12, 2014

Applying to CPS schools is an annual endeavor that closes this week.  Your neighborhood school is the only CPS school you do NOT need to apply to a year prior to entry.  Feeling overwhelmed? Schedule an EXPRESS phone consultation where we can walk you through the process and help you successfully and calmly navigate to your school destination.
Online or Paper Applications?

Those Without a PIN Can Only Do Paper Applications

If you are applying to CPSOAE Elementary and High School programs and have not received a PIN yet, you should apply via paper applications.  Paper applications should be mailed or hand delivered by 12/12/14.  Be sure to read the submission instructions carefully- addresses for mailing and hand delivering differ.
Don't Forget to SCHEDULE & APPLY!

Selective Enrollment Programs Require Two Steps

If you are submitting an online application and are interested in Selective Enrollment programs, then be sure you SCHEDULE, and then APPLY (two steps!) by the deadline of Dec. 12th!  Always print your confirmation forms and keep them easily accessible.

If you are applying by paper applications, test dates will be assigned to you, so be sure to apply & rank your SE schools.
Various Applications Allow Various Offers

Each Application Can Extend an Offer, so Apply Now!

Magnet programs are lottery based and can start at 3 years old.  IB HS programs allow you to apply up to six schools and receive multiple offers.  Apply to many different types of schools to widen your net and increase your chances at an offer.
Non-CPS Student Applying to 5th-9th?

You Must Submit Select Items by Dec. 12, 2014

Non-CPS students interested in CPS programs for 5th-9th grade who have not yet taken the NWEA MAP via CPS MUST do the following by 12/12/14:  1) Use a paper application to apply to their desired programs, and 2) Submit grades from current school.  They will then will be assigned an NWEA MAP test date in January, along with assigned dates for their entrance tests and/or info sessions.
Don't Forget to Hit "Submit" and Print! goes Offline After the Deadline

For those applying online at (must have had a PIN to start), be sure to PRINT your confirmation pages and don't forget to hit "Submit"! You should see the word "Completed" on your dashboard and the "Apply" tab is no longer clickable.
Need to Make A Change?  You Have Time!

You Have Time After Dec. 12 to Make Changes

Modifications can be made to your entire application as follows:
Contact Info & Address: by 1/16/15 for HS; 2/13/15 for all others
Elementary Applications: by February 20, 2015
High School Applications: by January 23, 2015
All modification forms can be mailed, hand delivered, scanned or emailed and will replace your original application, which must have been submitted by 12/12/14.
Sit Back Until Notification Time

HS sent by 2/20/15 and ES sent by 3/20/15 

Multiple applications will yield multiple letters. Non entry year or open enrollment spots typically don't show movement until after the first round. Good luck to all!
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