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Can you believe it's February already? We've been so busy here at HLF, planning for a really amazing 2014. Our calendar is already getting so booked! If you're interested in having us teach or train at your school or in your city, please click here to email us so we can have the honor of working with you!

We also just got back from the Wisdom 2.0 Conference in San Francisco. It was amazing - so many incredible speakers and presenters. We are blessed to be able to network and spend time with these heart-centered peeps. The photo on the right is of us with the guys from Mindful Schools. They rock. Like them on Facebook here.

This month's article is a guest post from a student of ours at The Omega Institute, inspired by a talk we had with staff about our work and our mentors.

How Meditation and Gratitude Practice Healed My Life
I'd tried sorting it all out myself by studying psychology in college. I'd tried confiding in friends and family, but sometimes the people who know us the most are the least capable of being there for us when we need to change, because they have a more sharply defined concept of who we are, leaving little room for them to imagine us as something entirely other than how we exist in their minds and in the day-to-day interactions we have with them.  So I began to ask for help.
I asked almost every day in my mind that someone make their way into my life who had some understanding of where I was and what I was going through based on their life experience.  I did so for over a year until, at a commemoration ceremony for a former professor at the university I attended who had passed away, someone happened to ask me what was going on with me. 
It wasn't the question I was asked in particular but the way in which it was asked, a way that said “I would actually like to know what's going on and see if there's something I can do to help.”  So I proceeded to explain in detail everything that came to mind about what I was struggling with. 
Unbeknownst to me, the person I was talking to is not only a licensed counselor but an avid meditator and a trained energy healer.  I wondered at the time why I felt such a sense of ease that I was able to just relax, be myself and bring my trials up to be worked on.  I've come to find out that it was all about the space that was created, a space that invited awareness and revelation.
By practicing daily meditation, he did the work on his spiritual self that allowed the compassion and  and ability to be fully present for others that are a part of our natural state as spiritual beings to manifest in his day-to-day interactions, and when someone is doing their spiritual work, it feels different to be around them.
It's now been scientifically documented (check out this great article from the folks at Institute of HeartMath to find out more http://www.heartmath.org/free-services/articles-of-the-heart/each-individual-impacts-field-environment.html) that our heart and our brain produces an energy field which responds to both our thoughts and our emotions.
In meditation, our bodies, minds and spirits are more relaxed and at peace.  The more we meditate,  the more peace and relaxation become natural parts of our lives.  With regular meditative practice, we develop a new mental, emotional and spiritual baseline.
Whereas, before beginning to meditate and acknowledge our spiritual selves, we may have felt downtrodden, disempowered, or fearful, hope, optimism and empowerment find their way into our life, sometimes gradually, sometimes rapidly. 
The key is to just keep up the practice.  Developing and maintaining a spiritual practice is like building a muscle.  The practice grows stronger and more profound with time and repeated practice.  
So get started.  The person you become when you are honoring and acknowledging yourself as a spiritual being may be just the person someone needs to meet.

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