Happy January!
On December 21, the Holistic Life Foundation held its annual Christmas party for the Holistic Me After School Program.  The party was complete with food, toys and clothes donated from Toys for Tots and Under Armour, and Star Wars fun from Old Line Garrison. HLF would like to thank everyone who donated gifts, food and time for the party. Your contribution brought smiles and happiness to the children of Holistic Me. If you are interested in supporting next year's party or any HLF event, contact Atman Smith at: atman@hlfinc.org. 
Special thanks to the following individuals and companies for their support of the Holistic Me Christmas Party: 
Renée Baillo Norona
Galen Haggerty
Ted Winstead
Meredith Smith
Lydia Santiago
Timoria McQueen Saba

Pepe's Pizza
Jalonda Johnson
Sabrina and Ivivva Towson
Jan Hummer
Laurie Unruh
March 4-5, 2016 at the Garrison Institute in Garrison, NY 

The Holistic Life Foundation is honored to co-facilitate the People Who Care for People Retreat with meditation expert Sharon Salzberg on March 4 and 5 at the Garrison Institute in Garrison, New York. During the retreat, HLF will use contemplative methods to help access the resiliency of the human spirit, to balance compassion for our selves and others, and to cultivate greater calm, clarity, and peace of mind. Suitable for both new and experienced practitioners of meditation and/or yoga. Registration is open to the public and scholarship funds are available. Secure your place to join HLF and Sharon Salzberg in March by signing up today!
LaFollette High School
Teacher Training

On December 9, the founders of the Holistic Life Foundation had the privilege of working with teachers and administrators from LaFollette High School in Madison, Wisconsin.  HLF led a training that provided Yoga and mindfulness practices for self-care and for working with the high school students.
Beacon Academy
Youth Mindfulness Session

On December 15, the founders of HLF visited the Beacon Academy in Boston, Massachusetts and led Beacon Academy youth through mindfulness and meditation practices that they can apply to their every day lives. We look forward to visiting again!  Thanks Brooke and Will Muggia for making this happen!!
City Year
Mindfulness Presentation

On December 14, HLF visited City Year in Boston, Massachusetts and provided the staff with mindfulness techniques that can be used for self-care and for working with youth throughout the city. Thanks Brooke and Will Muggia for making this happen!!
Mayors Youth Council
Mindfulness Presentation

On Tuesday, December 14, HLF Founders led a mindfulness presentation for the Mayors Youth Council in Boston, MA.  These amazing youth are making a major impact in their city and it was an honor to be able to provide them with some mindfulness techniques.  The future is bright! Thanks Brooke and Will Muggia for making this happen!!
LaFollette High School
Student Training

After working with LaFollette High School teachers and administrators, HLF founders Ali, Atman and Andy had the honor of conducting a mindfulness training to the LaFollette students on December 10 and 11. The students learned techniques to help them deal with academics and personal life challenges. It was a great pleasure to share space with such intelligent, conscious youth!
Westfield Capital Management
Mindfulness and Meditation

HLF founders Ali, Atman and Andy were blessed with the opportunity to visit Westfield Capital Management and lead employees through breathing and meditation techniques. The employees noted that the breathing helped them feel more relaxed and better equipped to handle the work day. Thanks Brooke and Will Muggia for making this happen!!
Trauma Informed Yoga Staff Training
with David Emerson

On December 19, Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Specialist David Emerson, from the Justice Resource Institute, kicked off HLF's ten session staff training on working with trauma-based populations. The day-long training combined education, practices, and results from studies on the positive impact of teaching and practicing trauma-sensitive Yoga.
Maree G. Farring
Mindfulness Classes
Since 2013, the Holistic Life Foundation has been conducting Yoga classes at
Maree G. Farring Elementary and Middle School.  Students enjoyed the classes so much last year, that when asked which enrichment activity they wanted back the most - it was unanimous that they wanted more Yoga!

   This year we have continued to provide Maree
G.      Farring with three classes per week for the students,   who seem to benefit greatly from the Yoga practice.    HLF would like to thank Maree G. Farring staff and    administrators for their support of HLF's programs! 
Clothing Donation

The Holistic Life Foundation extends great appreciation for the thousands of clothing items that Under Armour donated for our Holistic Me and Mindful Moment student programs. We are extremely grateful for the generosity and support! Special thanks to Ambre Rypien for making this partnership happen.

Special Thank You 

The Holistic Life Foundation wants to recognize and extend a huge thank you to Phil Leaf. Phil is the Director of the Center for the Prevention of Youth Violence at Johns Hopkins University. Not only has Phil been an adviser and mentor to us, but he is also a great friend. He has opened many doors for us and has always made himself available to answer any questions that we have had.  He has always been a huge supportive of grassroots movements in Baltimore City and is a huge part of our continued success and growth.

Thank you for everything Phil! We wouldn't be where we are without your guidance!


W H E R E   Y O U   C A N   F I N D   U S:

March 3:  

Talk at JCC in Manhattan with Sharon Salzberg


March 4-5:  

Garrison Institute: People Who Care For People Retreat in Garrison, NY


April 29-May 1:  

Mindful Life Conference in Washington, DC



July 1- August 5:  

Omega Institute: Youth Yoga & Mindfulness Training in Rhinebeck, NY


August 26-8:  

Omega Institute: Bring Your Meditation Into Your Life Retreat in Rhinebeck, NY

HLF in the Media
Check out HLF in a recent on the new Make Remington Site, and in a recent article of the Yoga Journal.  We are doing great, measurable work, and people are noticing.
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We're now on Amazon Smiles! Whenever you're placing an order through Amazon, goes to smiles.amazon.com. Type "Holistic Life Foundation" into the charity search bar and hit "select". 5% of Amazon's profits from your order will be donated to HLF. 
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