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4th Annual Omega Retreat

During the week of August 1st the Holistic Life Foundation held its 4th Annual Yoga and Mindfulness for Youth Training at the Omega Institute in NY.  Such an honor to spend a week with such amazing and inspiring individuals and to share with them what we have learned through our 15 years of teaching yoga and mindfulness to youth.  Special Thanks to Sat Bir Khalsa for once again sharing his knowledge on yoga and yoga research and to the Omega Institute for hosting us in such a beautiful space!  
Research on Mind-Body Approaches to Improve Children's Health
NCCIH Workshop.

On August 8th & 9th HLF led a meditation and took part in the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) Workshop Research on Mind-Body Approaches to Improve Children’s Health.  It was an honor to be in a room filled with so many brilliant minds and so much research on the effects of Mindfulness.
Elev8 Baltimore Trauma Training
Mindfulness Training

On August 17th & 19th HLF led two 8 hour sessions to over 35 elementary/middle school teachers and community school coordinators.  Participants were instructed in yoga and mindfulness practices, neuroscience, the physiology of trauma, and how mindfulness can help with trauma.
Patterson High School
Professional Development Workshop

On August 23rd HLF introduced themselves and the new staff that will be facilitating the Mindful Moment Program at Patterson High School.  We are extremely excited to work with staff and students to get the best impact out of our program this school year.
Baltimore and Beyond:           Mindfulness Community
Mindfulness Discussion

On August 24th HLF attended a mindfulness discussion led by Baltimore and Beyond and had the pleasure of leading the discussion with a brief breathing exercise .  If you have not familiarized yourself with this organization please check out their website and see the wonderful work that they are doing in spreading Mindfulness.
Family League of Baltimore
Summer Institute 2016

On August 11th HLF took part of the Professional Development day by conducting a Mindfulness Stress Reduction workshop for attendees.  During the session participants were guided through mindfulness breathing and meditation techniques that will assist them throughout the school year.
Eutaw Mashburn Elementary School
Professional Development Workshop

On August 22nd HLF led a Mindfulness Stress and Relaxation workshop for the staff of Eutaw Mashburn Elementary School during their Professional Development Day.  Over 25 participants were taught self-care and stress reduction techniques to prepare them for the upcoming school year.
BCPS School Police Training
Trauma and Mindfulness Training

On August 24th HLF led over 30 Baltimore City Public School Police Officers in a 4 hour long trauma and mindfulness training.  The training covered the effects of trauma on youth, neuroscience, the benefits of mindfulness, breathing techniques, mindful walking, and practical mindfulness meditation practices.  It was a pleasure helping serve those who serve us.
Meditation Retreat
Omega Institute

During the weekend of August 26th the Holistic Life Foundation conducted its first Meditation Retreat at the Omega Institute.  It was such an amazing experience and a wonderful group of aspiring meditators to share such a beautiful space for silence and inner reflection.
Walter P. Carter
Yoga and Mindfulness Classes

The Holistic Life Foundation conducted classes at Walter P. Carter throughout the summer.  Every Tuesday our instructor Ross Robinson led three (3) one hour yoga and mindfulness classes to over 75 students.  The students learned breathing techniques, postures, and mindfulness meditations to help them focus & concentrate, deal with conflicts peacefully, and to help them with the stress, anxiety, and trauma that they face daily.

"One of the teachers who couldn't really relate to the children was so surprised that the kids with the attention problems were able to lay still and meditate.  She had never seen that reaction before." 
-Ross Robinson
Sharon Salzberg Metta Hour Podcast

            HLF had the honor of speaking with Sharon during Episdoe 40.  Click photo to go to page or here.

W H E R E   Y O U   C A N   F I N D   U S:

September 14:  

Federal Reserve Workshop

Septemer 16:  

Community Benefit Dialogue: Baltimore

September 23:  

Art and Science of Mindful Learning Symposium in Vermont

September 30:  

LaFollette Training in Madison, WI

October 3-7:  

Lincoln Elementary Residency Program in Madison, WI


October 11:  

CFS All Staff Event in Seattle, WA

October 23:  

Westfield Capital Management Retreat

October 26:  

Garrison Forrest Assembly


November 3:  

Harvard Programs in Professional Education Program

November 4-6:  

Baltimore Mindfulness Leadership Event



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