Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

From all of us here at the Holistic Life Foundation, we wish you the happiest and most mindful of New Years.

So much has happened in 2013, and we are infinitely grateful for your support in making it all happen.

In the spring, we spoke at the TEDx conference at Columbia Teacher's College. We also joined forces with UCSD for the Bridging the Hearts and Minds of Youth Conference and participated in the Wisdom 2.0 conference in California.

This summer, we spent many weeks at the Omega Institute, including a full 5 days teaching our Urban Youth Yoga & Mindfulness training course for 25 students. Right after that, we were on our way to Germany for our first-ever international workshop!

In the fall, we hosted our 2nd annual fundraiser, and we raised about $3,500 to keep bringing yoga and mindfulness to under-served communities in our area and across the country. Click here to check out some fun and silly photos from the event.

In November, we hosted a second first for HLF:  an online fundraiser for our Mindful Moment program. In just 30 days, we raised over $20,000 to get this project into action. A BIG thank you to everyone who supported us, whether it was through a donation or by sharing our campaign. (And a HUGE thank you to Mindful Magazine, who generously promoted us every day and put the word out to their readers about what we were doing).
We'd love to have you share with us how YOUR 2013 went on our Facebook page. Click here to share your good news!

If you're interested in volunteer opportunities in 2014, we'll be posting and sharing them as they come up. Stay tuned for more info!

Andy, Atman & Ali

3 Tips for a Mindful New Year
There are many ways to practice mindfulness, none better than any of the others. It all depends on what you, the individual, are looking for in your practice, the method that best suits your disposition. Take a gander at these 3 tips for ideas of what you can implement to make 2014 more mindful!
  1. Set an intention. With all the New Year's Resolution talk going down, take a break and do something different: set an intention for your 2014. Your goals can stem from this intention, but this will be the focus of how you want to LIVE your new year, instead of just what you want to DO and accomplish.
  2. Begin a regular meditation practice. As the old adage goes, "Meditate for an hour a day. Don't have an hour? Meditate for three." Building up a regular meditation practice will yield far more in the way of benefits than infrequently meditating for longer periods of time. Try starting out with just 5 minutes a day, whenever seems like the best time for you - morning, afternoon, or evening. Keep meditating at that same time each day, and, as you feel comfortable, expand the length of time during which you meditate.
  3. Work up a sweat! Many people believe that mindfulness is about sitting down, meditating, or chanting. This isn't true! Walking, running, and playing sports can also be considered forms of meditation, as the mind is focused on one thing instead of letting myriad thoughts bounce around in your brain.
Which of these, or other forms of mindfulness, will you incorporate into your New Year? Share with us on Twitter or Facebook!
Where you can find us in 2014:

January 2 Resume yoga classes across Baltimore
February 14-17 Wisdom 2.0 Conference
February 26 Trip to Charlottesville with students
March 8-9 Charlottesville Teacher Training
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