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Happy Halloween!

We hope that you have enjoyed your October and are enjoying your Halloween!

We've been very busy lately. After a summer full of traveling, we've launched our Mindful Moment program (more info below) and are booking programs for 2014. If you're interested in having the Holistic Life Foundation do a program in your area or with your group, please reach out to Ali at We'd love to share our work with you!

We think you'll be really excited about the new Mindful Moment program. It is being instituted at Patterson High School, which faces challenges regarding graduation, dropping out, truancy, and academic performance. Graduation within four years remains around 86%, and end of year suspension rates remain at 16% in 2013. The Mindful Moment program takes HLF’s own yoga and mindfulness curriculum, taught for twelve years since the inception of the afterschool program, and brings it into the classroom.

At Patterson High School, students will begin and end their school day engaging in 15-minute yoga and mindfulness routines recorded by HLF that will play over the loud speaker. The routine will consist of a chair-based yoga warm up (four minutes), followed by breath work (six minutes), and end with meditation (five minutes). Simultaneously, HLF will conduct professional development for teachers and administrators and parent workshops. After three to four weeks, students will take turns leading these practices in collaboration with their teachers. Teachers will assess the students’ engagement with these practices, which will then be calculated as ten percent of their entire grade for the class in which the Mindful Moment practice occurs in. Sounds cool, right?

In November, we'll be doing our first ever online fundraising event to raise funds for the Mindful Moment program. That's why we'll be emailing you twice in November:  once to let you know when the campaign is up and running (so you can donate and/or share it with your friends!) and again for our monthly newsletter to let you know what's up and how things are going. Be on the lookout for more information coming to your inbox (and on Facebook) soon!

Ali, Andy, and Atman

Where you can find us:

November 1 Mindful Moment Training ends at Patterson High School
November 14 Neighborhood Design Lab
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