Happy October/November
HLF's 4th Annual Seeds for Growth Fundraiser took place on Saturday, September 12th and was a tremendous success. Thanks to your support, we raised over $10,000!

If you were unable to attend the fundraiser but you still want to make a donation, you can do so online at: www.hlfinc.org
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Big Cork Vineyards
Boordy Vineyards
Brewers Art
Brick Bodies
Captain James Landing
Catoctin Pottery - Susan Hanson

Craft Concepts
Culinary Innovations 
Donna's Cafe
Epps Graphics

Fox Haven Farms 
Janine D'Adamo
Lawndale Nail Salon

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Robert and Barbara Byrd
Mark Greenberg
Pat Maloney

LuLa Roe
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Novelty Joe
The Pantry

Paul Chen's
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Peabody Heights Brewing Company
Randi Sobel - Greenspring Valley Healing Arts Center
Rose Evan Love 
Social Butterfly Events
Spiritual Essence Yoga and Wellness Center
Studio Pennylane 
Trinity Jewels - Shawn Livers
Unique Bead Design Jewelry - Designs by Annmarie
Wings of Dreams  
Zpots and Vnoelle 

Leah Pearlman
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City Springs Elementary/Middle
The Holistic Life Foundation is now in its second year at City Springs where we are incorporating our breathing and meditation techniques into their circle times.  Staff members Jerron Wallace and Michelle Lee have entrenched themselves into the school culture and are really making a difference:

"The program at City Springs Elementary/Middle School has multiple ways in which our services are put to work. There are the breathing exercises that we do with the children during circle time. Circle time is when the class creates a circle within their classroom and the teacher, or even the students propose a topic the entire class would give some insight into. With the introduction of the Holistic Life Foundation, we have now established basic breathing exercises that can be implemented not only during circle time but also to help regulate the students’ emotions, mind-set, and focus throughout the school day. We begin the circle time with a breathing exercise, usually the deep belly breath, and after the circle topic we end with the stress breath."

This year we were able to have an hour-long yoga class with some of the students. Last year, there were only two sixth grade classes involved in the yoga classes. Now we teach a class everyday with grades ranging from sixth to eighth grade seniors of the school. This allows us the opportunity to build relationships with the upper-classmen. In order to increase participation and create a more suitable environment, we decided to ask for an additional classroom to split the boys and girls into separate groups. Even if the students do not necessarily like the class, the idea of the school having a conversation about yoga and mindfulness in their everyday lives is something very few students in similar situations would not be privy to.

Lastly, there was the recent addition of the advisory meetings. On the first Wednesday of every month the upper-classmen (sixth-eighth) are split up in groups of 6-8 students with each advisor and we have the responsibility of essentially adopting those students. During the time in these advisory meetings, we discuss grades, and other general performance problems one of our advisees may be having as well as discuss different ways in which the student could over come any further issues that arise while in school."

by Michelle Lee and Jerron Wallace, HLF Staff
Yoga Journal
Game Changers Conference

On September 28-30, founders Ali, Atman, and Andy attended the Yoga Journal Game Changers Conference in Estes Park, CO.  We would like to extend our gratitude to Yoga Journal for allowing us the opportunity to lead a meditation and two breakout sessions at the conference.  To all who attended our sessions - thank you! It was a pleasure meeting you and sharing the space!

Extra special thanks to Seane Corn and all the amazing Game Changers. 
Baltimore Shambala Society
Mindfulness Talk

On September 24th, HLF founders Ali and Atman Smith, and teachers Larry Jackson, Jamar Peete, and Steven Carson led a mindfulness discussion with staff at the Baltimore Shambala Society. It was a wonderful opportunity for the Society to hear from our younger teachers about their experiences with HLF, in addition to being lead through mindful breathing and meditation techniques.    
Lincoln Elementary
Residency Program

From October 19 through October 23, HLF Co-Founders Ali, Andy and Atman, along with HLF instructor Larry Jackson, conducted the fifth year of HLF's Residency Program at Lincoln Elementary in Madison, Wisconsin. Keeping in line with HLF's mission of creating future teachers, students not only learned Yoga postures and Mindfulness techniques but also how to teach Yoga and Mindfulness to their classmates. 

By the end of the week, the students who took part in the Residency Program were leading their peers in Mindfulness and Yoga classes. We look forward to their success as they continue using these practices throughout the year. 
Patapsco Valley State Park
Yoga and Mindfulness Talk

On September 23, Holistic Life Foundation trainers Oba Joyner and Larry Jackson led a yoga and mindfulness talk and training for Choice Program's members and staff. They gave a brief history of HLF and the programs we offer, as well as teaching some chair postures and breathing techniques. By the end of the talk, Choice Program staff and members gained a better understanding of the work we do and why it’s so important for the children we reach.
Fox Haven
Teacher Retreat
From September 18-20, HLF founders Andy and Atman led a teacher retreat at Fox Haven, a gathering space for friends, family, and colleagues to relax, renew their spirit, engage in lively workshops, and get in touch with the land. HLF led 15 participants through a yoga session and shared mindfulness techniques to better empathize with the daily challenges their students face.
Keynote Speakers
Howard University

The Howard University Mindfulness Conference was held from October 8 through October 11 in Washington, DC. HLF Co-Founders Ali, Andy and Atman attended as featured speakers and gave a keynote address on how Yoga and Mindfulness practices support teaching, learning and knowing in higher education. They also lead a one-hour workshop where conference participants learned Mindfulness and Yoga techniques. 

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Charles Village (St. Paul & 32nd)
Can Company (The Can Company)
Federal Hill (919 East Fort Ave.)
North Charles Street (1209 N. Charles St.)
Greenspring Tower (Greenspring Tower)
West Pratt Street (S. Howard St.)
International Day of Peace Speech
Jerron Wallace

On September 21, HLF staff member Jerron Wallace gave a speech at the United Nations International Day of Peace. Read on as Jerron gives a firsthand account of his experience:

"During my time in the United Nations and in New York City as a whole, I felt as though I learned a great deal from the experience. The day of the speech was particularly brisk and our morning needed to start off early to ensure that every thing we needed to do for the day was completed in a timely manner. Just after the sun was beginning to come up, we went to a bus stop to make our way into the city. We were off to the UN, and moving through the New York City streets was something that I found myself becoming very comfortable with; even though I had to drag my luggage with me, which seemed to be connected to my hip the entire trip.

When we got to the United Nations building everything seemed to be moving at a much faster pace. I was given the very simple, and what I thought would be easy, instruction to follow a woman who I only met once during our initial arrival into New York City. However, that task was soon found to be a lot easier said than done; a lot can be said for the speed at which New Yorkers maneuver through the streets, and this was a woman on a mission. Unfortunately, I lost my beacon and was left to move all alone aimlessly, just a man and his luggage. Soon after, a helpful gentleman rescued me and everything begin to fall into place.

The meeting room where the program would be held was an experience in itself.  Being in a room where people sat and discussed issues that affect people all over the world was something I took a moment to allow to wash over me. Once the program started, things went well, although my speaking piece was something I had no idea would make me so nervous, until mere minutes before it was my turn to go on. I had my notes in front of me with positive affirmations I adopted on my path; and with one single glance before my speech, I took a look at a  note that read, “Don’t choke."  With a deep breath I made an attempt to do just that. It went very fast, like tearing off a band-aid, and in a flash it was over. If I were asked today how my speech went, I would answer with a shrug and a completely honest, 'I’m not really sure.' But t
he experience was one I do not think I will forget for many years to come."
WEAA Urban Health Beat Radio Interview
Welford McLellan, Jerron Wallace, and Larry Jackson

HLF Yoga teachers Larry Jackson and Jamar Peete, and HLF's Director 
of Outreach & Education Welford McLellan, Jr., want to thank Marilyn 
Harris-Davis from WEAA 88.9 FM for allowing us to appear on WEAA 
show, Urban Health Beat on September 16:
"Not only was it a wonderful learning experience for the three of us, but
we also had a great time speaking with you.  We appreciate your love and
support of Holistic Life Foundation and hope to continue our conversation
in the near future."

With great appreciation,

Larry Jackson, Jamar Peete, and Welford McLellan, Jr.
Yoloha Yoga
The Giving Yoga Mat

HLF would like to extend a huge thank you to Yoloha Yoga for donating 28 cork mats to the Holistic Life Foundation via their Giving Yoga Mat campaign.  The campaign is very simple.  For every purchase of a Giving Yoga Mat, one will be donated to the Holistic Life Foundation with your choice of an inspirational quote!  Not only should you take part of the Giving Yoga Mat campaign, but also be sure to spread the word about Yoloha Yoga and their eco-friendly sustainable Yoga products.
Whole Foods
Mt. Washington 

The Holistic Life Foundation wanted to show its appreciation for the support that Mt. Washington Whole Foods has been giving us for our Holistic Me After School Program. Thank you so much Jesse!!

Special Thank You 
The Holistic Life Foundation wants to recognize and extend a huge thank you to the 1440 Foundation for all of the support given to us throughout the years.  

Scott and Joanie Kriens and the 1440 Foundation have played pivotal role in HLF's ability to run our Mindful Moment Programs at Patterson High School and Robert W. Coleman Elementary School.

Program officers Dinabandhu and Ila Sarley have been essential to our growth, supporting and training us in administrative, planning, and management techniques that have strengthened the infrastructure of our organization. 

W H E R E   Y O U   C A N   F I N D   U S:


November 13-15:  

2015 National Kids Yoga Conference - Washington, DC 

November 14:  

Baltimore Student Diversity Leadership Conference


November 17:  

Chipotle Day Fundraiser



November 20-21:  

Machik Weekend 2015

HLF in the Media
Check out HLF in a recent Open Society Blog, a UK magazine called Draze, and the Yoga Journal.  We are doing great, measurable work, and people are noticing.
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