Happy June!

Holistic Me Steel Drum Performance

On May 6, participants from the Holistic Me after school program performed at the Hippodrome Theater. Our students have been practicing during weekly classes with Kevin Martin's Rock Creek Steel Drum program.  They did such a great job! HLF is proud of their work. Congratulations to everyone who was involved!

Click Here to see a video of their performance!

              Upcoming Retreats
July 31 - August 5 
Omega Institute: Youth, Yoga, & Mindfulness Training in Rhinebeck, NY 
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Explore how to teach yoga and mindfulness to today’s youth, gain a deeper understanding of the needs of today’s youth in diverse environments, and learn new yoga and mindfulness skills to help fulfill those needs.
August 26 - 28 
Omega Institute: Bring Your Meditation Into Your Life Retreat in Rhinebeck, NY 
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 Experience a variety of meditation practices—including mindfulness meditation, mantra meditation, subjective meditation, guided meditation, walking meditation, music meditation, and more.
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HLF needs your help to bring eight HLF staff to Ghost Ranch to raise the profile of their innovative work and give staff learning and renewal time. During our Ghost Ranch visit, HLF will participate in discussions on managing fears in changing political times.  
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The Maryland Book Bank
Book for Kids Day

HLF's Director of Outreach Welford McLellan Jr. volunteered with the Maryland Book Bank for their Books for Kids Day on May 7.  Book for Kids Day is a day when the Maryland Book Bank collects a massive assortment of new and used books from individuals and groups in the community.  These children's books are donated to families, teachers, schools, and organizations throughout Maryland.
Mindful Business Conference 
Track Chair

On May 9-11 HLF Executive Director Ali Smith was the track chair for the Skills and Strategies track at the Mindful Business Conference.  The conference was put together by Eventful, Mindful Magazine, and Whil Concepts.  Keynote speakers included Dan Harris, Jonathan Rose, Michel Gervais, Jim Gimian, and Jeremy Hunter.  There were over 100 businesses from around the globe represented at the conference.  Click here to view the conference website.
Boston Youth Sanctuary
Yoga Session

On May 17, HLF founders Ali, Andy, and Atman visited the amazing Boston Youth Sanctuary and led its staff through a yoga session that included breath work and meditation.  We were honored to be able to tour the facility and meet such compassionate individuals.  To learn more click here and see the selfless work they are doing for Boston Youth!  
Family League of Baltimore City
Yoga Session

On May 19, HLF yoga instructor Jeremy Brown, along with one of our Mindful Moment ambassadors, led the Family League of Baltimore City through a yoga session that included poses, breathing, and meditation. This was a great opportunity for our Mindful Moment ambassador to teach outside of Patterson High School for the first time. HLF thanks Family League for all of their support of our programs! 
Bester Elementary School
School Presentation

On May 26, Holistic Life Foundation led 600 Bester Elementary students in a yoga and mindfulness session.  The kids had a lot of fun and did a great job.  After the session, one of our staff members was interviewed about the work we do by the local area news. We look forward to returning to Bester and working with their students again! 
Dan Harris Podcast
with Ali Smith

On May 9, HLF Executive Director Ali Smith appeared on Dan Harris's 10% Happier podcast at ABC Radio.  The podcast is based on Dan's book 10% Happier.  Ali and Dan talked about included personal meditation practice, HLF's work in schools, and diversity in the mindfulness field.  This is an entertaining and informative podcast for any one interested in meditation or mindfulness and should definitely be subscribed to.  To listen to the podcast Click Here.
Brehms Lane Elementary
Professional Development

On May 10, the Holistic Life Foundation visited Brehms Lane and provided a mindfulness session during its Professional Development Day.  Over 25 faculty members took part in breathing and meditation techniques that they can use in the future to help the manage their stress levels.
Castle Hills Elementary School
Yoga Assembly

On May 19, Holistic Life Foundation led over 50 Castle Hills Elementary students in a Yoga Assembly.  It was so inspiring to see how many of the students had already practiced yoga and the benefits that come with it.  It was such a pleasure witnessing such a well behaved group of youth and to be able to practice yoga with them!
Dartmouth University
Yoga and Mindfulness Session

On May 25, Holistic Life Foundation participated in a mindfulness sessions and discussion with a group of amazing Dartmouth University students.  The Yoga and Mindfulness session consisted of breathing and meditation techniques that can help alleviate the everyday stressors impacting college students. Participants talked about yoga, mindfulness, and issues facing not only the campus, but the entire world.  It was such an honor being present with such enlightened young adults. Special thanks to Michaela Caplan for putting this together and making this happen. We hope to return soon!
Holistic Me Program
End of Year Presentation

On May 31, HLF's Holistic Me after school program held its End of the Year Presentation.  The event had a choreographed dance routine and showcased all the wonderful projects that the kids took part in throughout the year. We are so proud of the hard work of our students and seeing their talents on display. Holistic Me is HLF's flagship program and we look forward to serving many more students for years to come! 
Baltimore IT Academy
Yoga and Mindfulness Classes

The Holistic Life Foundation has been teaching yoga classes to 220 total students, three days a week since the beginning of the school year.  

"The children at Baltimore IT Academy are a challenge as well as a pleasure to work with.  Such vibrant young minds with an understanding of everyday life.  These are young kings and queens." 
- Alaetra Smallwood (Instructor)

"It's good! I love it! It helps me release my stress and be calm.  I like the 5 rites, I like the cobra and the downward dog, I like table.  It's fun and it helps relive my stress.  At first I didn't want to do it, 'cuz all the girls were doing it, and then they changed the classes. I needed it there's a lot of gunshots around my way!"
Mamadou Diaktie (6th grade) 

"It helps me cuz I'm in pain a lot.
It helps with stress from younger siblings.
It helps with flexibility."
- Demani (6th grade)

"I think I like mostly the meditation.
It gives me a sense of calmness.
This sounds weird but I think it makes me a better person."
- Antoine Adames (7th grade)
Special Thank You 

HLF would like to give a special thank you shout out to Will and Brooke Muggia, and the whole Muggia family. The Muggia's have not only been supporting us in spreading our work into the Boston area, but they have welcomed us into their family with open arms.  They are some of the most spiritual people, yet down to earth people we have ever met.  So authentic in their desire to make this world a more compassionate and loving place. We can only hope to show them our gratitude for all that they have done for us. Our relationship has blossomed so much and we can only see it to continue to grow in the future
as we work together to uplift humanity and the
universe that holds us. Thank you Will and Brooke! 


W H E R E   Y O U   C A N   F I N D   U S:


June 10:  

Jack Morton Worldwide Corporate Mindfulness Presentation

June 27- July 1:  

Goucher Summer Institute Class


July 22- July 24:  

Omega Institute: Mindfulness & Educaton Conference in Rhinebeck, NY



July 31- August 5:  

Omega Institute: Youth Yoga & Mindfulness
Training in Rhinebeck, NY

August 26-8:  

Omega Institute: Bring Your Meditation Into Your Life Retreat in Rhinebeck, NY

August 31-Sept 4:  

Ghost Ranch Refuse to be Polarized Retreat


HLF in the Media
Check out the write up on the research collaboration being done on HLF in the Global Scholars Group Blog.  If you didn't see them last month you can still check out the Elephant Journal and the City Springs Newsletter.  We are doing great, measurable work, and people are noticing.
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