Happy February!
Sharon Salzberg and The Holistic Life Foundation offer a restorative weekend retreat on March 10-12 exploring the immense resilience of the human spirit, and how to find greater balance when serving others. Recharge physically, mentally and emotionally in a community of caretakers from all walks of life with meditation, yoga and contemplative practices.  Click here to get more details by reading this wonderful article by Sam Rowe.
People Who Care For People Retreat
Integrative Health Conference

On January 4th Ali Smith gave a keynote on the neuroscience and physiology behind meditation to 150 people at the Integrative Health Conference.  He lead them through mindfulness practices, talked about health benefits of meditation, and talked about how to develop a personal practice.  Shout out to Mandala Integrative Medicine https://mimqc.com/ and to Jennifer Vondracek for making this opportunity possible.
Odyssey School
Mindfulness Sessions

On January 11th HLF instructors Oba Joyner and Jamar Peete taught at The Odyssey School of Maryland. The day started with an hour long chair based class for parents. The parents were guided through poses, breathing exercises, and a meditation.  This class was followed by five 30 minute classes throughout the school, teaching students similar practice techniques as the parents.
Cumberland College
Mindfulness Session

On January 14th HLF Instructor Ross Robinson led 14 faculty members through a mindfulness training session.  Faculty members were introduced to poses, breathing techniques, and meditations to assist themselves and their students.  Special thanks to Kate Felice for making this happen!
13.5% Wine Bar

On January 26th HLF held a fundraising event at 13.5% Wine Bar.  Special Thanks to owner Wayne Laing for supporting our organization and to our Mindful Moment Site Coordinator Kirk Phillips who put on an amazing show for attendees.  Also, thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed the great drinks, food, music, and atmosphere!
Holistic Life Foundation
All Staff Meeting

On January 27th the Holistic Life Foundation held an All Staff Meeting with over 30 staff members to review HLF protocol, updates, and teaching practices.  It is always such a pleasure to be in the presence of such bright beings who are essential to the success of HLF.  Thanks to each and everyone of you for your hard work, dedication, and professionalism!
Friends Meeting for Worship
Mindfulness Session

On January 11th the founders of HLF visited Friends School of Baltimore to lead over 70 10th graders through a mindfulness session during their Meeting for Worship.  During the session the founders reviewed mindfulness principles that they had discussed the year prior, and the led the youth through breathing exercises and a meditation practice
St. Timothy's
Mindfulness Session

On January 13th the founders of HLF led over 200 students at St. Timothy's School through a hour long mindfulness session.  The founders discussed the history of HLF, led the students through mindfulness practices, and finished with a question and answer session.  Special Thanks to Gwen Armbrewster for making this happen!
Patterson Mindful Moment
Fairdale High School Site Visit

On January 19th Fairdale High School visited the Mindful Moment Program at Patterson High School.  The Mindful Ambassadors led the visitors through mindful movement, breathing, and meditation exercises.  Mindful Ambassadors also held a question and answer session for the visitors.  Looking forward to seeing mindfulness in Fairdale, Kentucky!
Thomas Johnson Elementary
Mindfulness Session

On January 27th HLF instructors Oba Joyner and Ross Robinson led Thomas Johnson Elementary's staff through a hour long mindfulness session during their PD day.  Staff members were guided through mindfulness poses, both on a mat and from the chair, breathing exercises, and was completed with a meditation.  Sending a special thanks out to Shireen Robinson for putting this together.
Westfield Washington Schools
Online Training

On January 31st HLF Founders led around 15 administrators from Westfield Washington Schools in Indiana through a 2 hour online mindfulness training session.  The training consisted of breathing techniques, meditations, and engagement principles that they can use to begin implementing mindfulness into their own lives and into their schools, along with a Q&A session.  Special Thanks to Craig Spinner for putting this together!
Open Door at Odenton Elementary
Mindfulness Classes
We are so excited to inform you that HLF has begun its partnership in which it will impact over 2,300 students in 28 Open Door Care facilities.  This is a session from Odenton Elementary school.  We also plan on having a All Day Training for Open Door staff in April so that after our instructors lead their sessions Open Door Staff will be able to continue to implement Mindfulness in their schools!
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W H E R E   Y O U   C A N   F I N D   U S:

February 11
HLF Online Training

February 16:  

Franklin & Marshall College, PA

February 16-18:  

Wisdom 2.0 in San Francisco, CA

March 3
National Association of Independent Schools Conference in Baltimore, MD



March 9:  

NY Insight Meditation Talk

March 10-12:  

People Who Care for People Retreat at the Garrison Institute in NY

March 25
Institute for Integrative Medicine Conference, NY

March 31
 2017 Group-A-Rama Conference, VA

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