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People Who Care for People Retreat

During the weekend of March 4, the Holistic Life Foundation had the honor of teaming up with Sharon Salzberg for our second People Who Care for People retreat at the beautiful Garrison Institute. HLF Founders Ali, Atman and Andy shared self loving-kindness techniques for those who are care providers, and HLF staff Rachel Voss and Jerron Wallace led morning yoga classes for retreat attendees.  We greatly enjoyed sharing this wonderful space with such an amazing group of people! And to top it all off: we even got a surprise visit from Krishna Das who blessed us with a heartwarming kirtan (call-and-response chanting). Special thanks to Lily and Rachel for their help with the day to day logistics! Planning for next year's retreat is already underway! Mark your calendars for March 10-12, 2017
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Talk with Sharon Salzberg
JCC in Manhattan

On March 3, the founders of the Holistic Life Foundation and Sharon Salzberg held a conversation at the JCC in Manhattan about their work and how mindfulness has impacted their lives and community.  Special thanks to the JCC for providing us with the space to hold such an enlightening conversation for the second year in a row!  And a big thank you to all the wonderful attendees for showing up and sharing space with us!
Trauma Informed Yoga and Mindfulness Training
Baltimore City Health Providers

Following the training on March 8, the Holistic Life Foundation, along with co-facilitator Jennifer Vondracek, led another six hour Trauma Informed Yoga and Mindfulness Training on March 9 for Baltimore City Health Providers in the Zanyvl and Isabelle Krieger Fund building. Organizations present included: Baltimore City Health Department, Baltimore Healthy Start, Liberty Judy Center, Family League, DRUMondawmin Healthy Families, Boys and Girls Club, BELL, Ben Franklin Center for Community Schools, Sinai, Creative Alliance, Child First, Univ of MD School of Social Work, and US Dream Academy.  Special thanks to Krieger for providing a beautiful meeting facility and snacks throughout the training.  We were so excited to share our knowledge on trauma and to meet so many wonderful Baltimore City workers who are making a large positive impact in our community.
Mindfulness Exercises
Family League of Baltimore

On March 15, the founders of the Holistic Life Foundation led Baltimore City Community School Coordinators at the Family League through mindfulness breathing and meditation exercises.  These coordinators give 100% to their work, and it was a blessing to us to give them tools to help take care of themselves.
HLF Staff Training
Mission Fit

On March 29, Geoffrey Blake from Mission Fit blessed our staff with an hour long training on how the human mind works and the topics of Gratitude and Forgiveness.  To learn more about wonderful work of Mission Fit, check out their website!
Trauma Informed Yoga and Mindfulness Training
Baltimore City Health Providers

On March 8, the Holistic Life Foundation, along with co-facilitator Jennifer Vondracek, led a six hour Trauma Informed Yoga and Mindfulness Training for Baltimore City Health Providers in HLF's home-based conference room at Millers Court.  Organizations present included: Baltimore City Health Department, Baltimore Healthy Start, Liberty Judy Center, Family League, Roberta's House, Bon Secours, Baltimore Medical System, DRUM, Univ of MD School of Medicine, Mayors Office of Criminal Justice, B'more for Healthy Babies, Avalon Yoga & Wellness, AECF, and UMMS/OATS.  Thank you to all of the participants for sharing space and for being so eager to learn from us!  It was such a pleasure meeting all of you and it is our hope that the training will support you as you continue to do your amazing work in Baltimore!
Yoga in Schools Symposium

From March 9-11, the Holistic Life Foundation presented at the Yoga in Schools Symposium at Kripalu.  HLF led a two hour breakout session during the conference and was part of a panel discussion on the final day of the conference.  It is always a pleasure to be hosted by Kripalu and to enjoy its facilities and delicious meals.  We made a lot of wonderful connections and are excited to see how the efforts of so many amazing individuals are continuing to bring yoga into schools.
Mindfulness and Neuroscience Training
HLF Staff Training

On March 19, we were honored to have Lisa Flook, PHD and Helen Weng, PHD lead a daylong training for HLF staff on the topics of Mindfulness and Neuroscience.  This is a continuation of the series of trainings we have been providing our staff to help continue their development as holistic teachers and trainers.
HLF Staff Training

On March 30, Coach Slo' from Playworks provided our staff with an hour long training on games that they can use with our youth that teaches them honesty and integrity. As we learned in the training, "Circle brings unity, and unity leads to community!"
Mindfulness/Yoga Program
Historic Samuel Coleridge Taylor
The Holistic Life Foundation conducts yoga/mindfulness classes twice per week at Historic Samuel Coleridge Taylor during its after school hours.  The program began in February and will run through the entire school year making an impact on over 50 children.  HLF staff teaches yoga and mindfulness techniques to students that they can incorporate into their lives to better manage stress and anger, to improve their focus and concentration, and to regulate and control their emotions.  

"The children at the Historic Samuel Coleridge Taylor are a joy to work with! BRILLIANT YOUNG MINDS IN THE MAKING!" - (Alaetra Smallwood, HLF Staff)

"I love the connection with the kids and really enjoy our yoga classes outside on field day on Thursdays.  I'm really joyful not only in working for HLF, but also in being able to partner up with such a great organization!  Working with the program coordinator and kids at HSCT is a pleasure and really gives a sense of tackling community issues in Baltimore!" - (Ross Robinson, HLF Staff)
Special Thank You 

Holistic Life Foundation would like to thank James Gimian and Barry Boyce from Mindful.org for all of their support and wonderful work.  James and Barry have both been an integral part in the growth of Holistic Life Foundation.  Their willingness to share their vast knowledge and experience in contemplative practices as well as their mentorship have helped us grow as an organization, and as individuals.  Thank you so much for all you have done for us!  We look forward to seeing you at an O's game this year! If you are not currently a subscriber to their wonderful magazine please Subscribe here.

Mindful is the voice of the emerging mindfulness community. Their the place to go for insight, information, and inspiration to help us all live more mindfully.  From their flagship bi-monthly Mindful magazine and mindful.org to their MindfulDirect video, conferences, and collaborations, our activities support people seeking to learn more as well as those leaders working to bring genuine mindfulness practices into the mainstream.


W H E R E   Y O U   C A N   F I N D   U S:

April 14-15:  

West Chester University


April 17-18:  

Frostburg University 

April 29-May 1:  Mindful Life Conference in Washington, DC


June 27- July 1:  

Goucher Summer Institute Class


July 22- July 24:  

Omega Institute: Mindfulness & Educaton Conference in Rhinebeck, NY

July 31- August 5:  

Omega Institute: Youth Yoga & Mindfulness Training in Rhinebeck, NY

August 26-8:  

Omega Institute: Bring Your Meditation Into Your Life Retreat in Rhinebeck, NY


August 31-Sept 4:  

Ghost Ranch Refuse to be Polarized Retreat


HLF in the Media
Check out the write up on the research collaboration being done on HLF in the Global Scholars Group Blog.  If you didn't see them last month you can still check out the Elephant Journal and the City Springs Newsletter.  We are doing great, measurable work, and people are noticing.
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We're now on Amazon Smiles! Whenever you're placing an order through Amazon, goes to smiles.amazon.com. Type "Holistic Life Foundation" into the charity search bar and hit "select". 5% of Amazon's profits from your order will be donated to HLF. 
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