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July 31-August 5 
Omega Institute: Youth, Yoga, & Mindfulness Training in Rhinebeck, NY 
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Explore how to teach yoga and mindfulness to today’s youth, gain a deeper understanding of the needs of today’s youth in diverse environments, and learn new yoga and mindfulness skills to help fulfill those needs.
August 26-28 
Omega Institute: Bring Your Meditation Into Your Life Retreat in Rhinebeck, NY 
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 Experience a variety of meditation practices—including mindfulness meditation, mantra meditation, subjective meditation, guided meditation, walking meditation, music meditation, and more.
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HLF needs your help to bring eight HLF staff to Ghost Ranch to raise the profile of their innovative work and give staff learning and renewal time.  
Tax-deductible donations will provide transportation, lodging, and meals.
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Orchard Gardens Club
Yoga and Mindfulness Class

On April 7, the Holistic Life Foundation visited the Orchard Gardens Boys & Girls Club in Boston, MA and taught Yoga and Mindfulness sessions to elementary, middle, and high school students.  The participants were taught poses, breathing techniques, and a meditation.  We look forward to returning and sharing more Yoga love!  Special thanks to Will and Brooke Muggia, Alex, and Anng for making this possible!
West Chester University
Yoga and Mindfulness Session

On April 14, the Holistic Life Foundation visited West Chester University and had the opportunity to lead two different Yoga and Mindfulness sessions. The first session was for graduate students and the second was for undergraduates. Both lessons consisted of a brief history of HLF, Yoga and Mindfulness techniques, and a meditation.  It was such a pleasure to spend the day and space with both groups!
Frostburg University
Speaking Engagement

On April 17 and 18, the Holistic Life Foundation was invited to Frostburg University to attend a wonderful dinner with the Frostburg's president and the heads of student-led organizations. HLF also held a discussion with students and staff on Mindfulness and how to integrate Mindfulness practices within the student body and organizations. We had an amazing time working with the students!  Their future is definitely bright! Special Thanks to President Thomas Bowling and Robin Wynder for their hospitality!
Family and Youth Services Bureau
Closing Plenary

On April 27, the Holistic Life Foundation attended a Family and Youth Services Bureau training in Washington, DC.  We led a closing plenary session where we spoke about the history of HLF, our youth programs, services for adults, HLF trainings and workshops.  HLF also led participants through breathing exercises and a mindfulness meditation.
St. Johns Baptist Church
Yoga and Mindfulness Session

On April 31 HLF provided a one-hour yoga class break out session for the youth, where youth had an opportunity to learn tools to manage stress and any negative feelings that may arise in their daily lives. Thank you St. John Baptist Church for the opportunity to work with such a wonderful group of young people.
Yawkey Club of Roxbury
Yoga and Mindfulness Class

On April 8, the Holistic Life Foundation visited the Yawkey Boys & Girls Club of Roxbury (MA).  We were able to teach the staff a chair-based Mindfulness class for their own self-care, as well as techniques to use with students.  We also taught an introductory Yoga and Mindfulness class to the youth.  It was a pleasure meeting the staff and students, and we look forward to coming back again.  Special thanks to Will and Brooke Muggia, Alex, and Anng for making this happen!
Yoga and MIndfulness Session

On April 16, the Holistic Life Foundation led Clearshark staff through a Mindfulness session at Executive Vice President Jason Miller's house.  The beautiful weather allowed us to hold the session outside, where we led staff members through practical mindfulness techniques that they can use throughout hectic business days.
Life Matters: Meeting the Mental Health Conference
Panel Discussion

On April 16, the Holistic Life Foundation attended and spoke on a panel during the Life Matters: Meeting the Mental Health Conference at Bowie State University. HLF spoke about our work with youth in Baltimore City over the past 15 years and shared the struggles and accomplishments that we have faced while doing so.  
Vernal Pool Hike
Holistic Me Program

On April 19, the Holistic Life Foundation took students from its Holistic Me After School program out to dinner and on a exciting Vernal Pool Hike with the Natural History Society of Maryland.  Students armed themselves with flashlights and ventured out into the darkness to experience salamanders, frogs, bugs, dragonflies, and the millions of eggs that a vernal pool hike contains.  It's always such a great time to see their excited faces as they learn about and get to hold slimy creatures!
Mindful Life Conference
Breakout Session

From April 29 through May 1, the Holistic Life Foundation attended the Mind and Life Conference in Arlington, VA.  It was an amazing event filled with brilliant speakers and breakout sessions.  HLF held a session on our work with youth and lessons that we have learned going through 15 years of experience in the field.  It is always such a pleasure to be in the presence of such beautiful beings and HLF is honored to have taken part. Thank you so much Mo Edjlali and Eric Forbis for another successful conference!
Mindful Moment Program

Patterson High School

The Holistic Life Foundation continues to conduct its Mindful Moment program at Patterson High School in Baltimore, MD.  HLF is now in its third year of the program and continues to make strides with the students and overall school climate. The program has expanded to include a School Ambassador Program, individual classroom classes, and has formed a multitude of relationships with the currently existing organizations in the the school.

Robert W. Coleman Elementary School

HLF also has continued to conduct the Mindful Moment program at Robert W. Coleman Elementary School. It is now in it's second year of programming and the impact on students has been incredible.  Robert W. Coleman is located in the epicenter of where the Freddie Gray riots occurred, and last year the Mindful Moment Program assisted in recording ZERO suspensions for the first time in school history.

"The mindful moment breathing exercise in the morning has really helped change the dynamic in my classroom.  My 4th graders are focused, calm, and ready to learn after they participate in the exercise."
-Erin Reid 4th Grade Teacher

For more detailed info on both of these programs please visit the Mindful Moment page on our website.

Special Thank You 

Holistic Life Foundation would like to thank Nikiea Redmond for all of her hard work and dedication to the Holistic Life Foundation. Nikiea began as a volunteer and became the Site Coordinator/Director of our Holistic Me After School Program.  Nikiea was an integral part of the success of this program, combining both her leadership and organizational skills to create a smooth flowing, efficient, and effective scheduling and structure to the program.  Her love for her work, her staff, and the children that she works with really stands out in the success of this program.  Thank you so much for always going above and beyond!

W H E R E   Y O U   C A N   F I N D   U S:

May 26:  

Bester Elementary School Presentation

June 27- July 1:  

Goucher Summer Institute Class


July 22- July 24:  

Omega Institute: Mindfulness & Educaton Conference in Rhinebeck, NY


July 31- August 5:  

Omega Institute: Youth Yoga & Mindfulness Training in Rhinebeck, NY

August 26-8:  

Omega Institute: Bring Your Meditation Into Your Life Retreat in Rhinebeck, NY


August 31-Sept 4:  

Ghost Ranch Refuse to be Polarized Retreat


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