Happy September!
Seeds for Growth Fundraiser
September 12 at 7:00 PM

Our Annual Seeds for Growth Fundraiser happens this Saturday, September 12 at 1407 Fleet Street, Baltimore, MD, 21231, and will begin promptly at 7:00 PM.  The evening's event will feature a silent auction, delicious food, and live entertainment by DJ FACE.  A suggested donation of $40 per guest will be accepted at the door. Business casual dress is required. Space is limited, please make your reservation soon.  If you are unable to attend, consider making a Seed Donation online at www.hlfinc.org. Support HLF Programs in Baltimore City!  
To RSVP, contact Rachel Voss at rachel@hlfinc.org or 410-235-4300.
5% DAY
Thursday, September 10

Thank you to Whole Foods for your continued commitment and generosity supporting the children of Baltimore City in our Holistic Me Programs!

Thank you to everyone who came out and did some shopping to support our programs!!!

Special Thanks to Kelly Stegman and Steven Carson for making this wonderful partnership happen!!
Patterson High School
Professional Development

On August 28, Andy, Atman and Ali held a professional development session with Patterson High School staff. The trio led breathing exercises, discussion and announced important changes to the school’s Mindful Moment Program. One change with a large impact is for individual teachers to lead the morning and afternoon meditation, instead of playing a daily recording on the intercom. The professional development session worked as a platform for deeper understanding as teachers voiced their questions and concerns, and became more comfortable with their role as facilitators.
Friends School
Mindfulness Talk

On August 26, founders Ali, Atman, and Andy led a Mindfulness discussion with staff at Friends School. It was a wonderful experience for Ali and Atman to return to the school they attended as youth; and to give back by leading staff through Mindful Breathing and Meditation techniques.  It was great to see so many familiar faces and reconnect with teachers and the institution that played such a large role in forming our founders into the philanthropists and educators they've become.
Robert W. Coleman
Elementary School 

Professional Development

On August 24, Holistic Life Foundation led a yoga and mindfulness training for Robert W. Coleman’s leadership staff. This training was especially important as the Coleman leadership staff is an integral part of our Holistic Me After-school program.  HLF trainers, Oba and Larry, initially taught chair postures but the Coleman staff became so enthusiastic they eagerly moved on to mat exercises! By the end of the training, the leadership staff gained a better understanding of the work we do and why it’s so important for the children we reach.
Odyssey School
Teacher Training
On August 25, founders Andy and Atman led a teacher training at the Odyssey School, an independent day school specializing in educating students with dyslexia and other language learning differences. With nearly 50 Odyssey staff gathered at the Gramercy Mansion, HLF teachers led staff through a Yoga session and shared Mindfulness Techniques to better empathize with the daily challenges their students face.

Holistic Life Foundation 
Weekend Staff Training

On August 28 and 29, HLF staff refreshed our meditation, mindfulness and yoga practice in preparation for this year's work in various schools across Baltimore City.  To learn more, read the article written by HLF staff member Lennette Abad:

“Early Saturday morning, the entire Holistic staff met at headquarters for a day of intense training. We started the day off with Yoga Nidra, a restful and restorative meditation. Then our instructor for the day, Jennifer Vondracek, led us through a series of vigorous postures to boost our energy for a day of learning. The day was dynamic and engaging.  We did group work focused on empathy, mindfulness, and principle of yoga; while also exercising our bodies with yoga practice. After the training, we all headed to Andy’s house to celebrate our past work and our intentions for the future. More than anything, it was an amazing opportunity to bond with my coworkers, who are becoming more like a family.” 

Special thanks to Jennifer Vondracek for her expertise and time dedicated to helping our staff become better, well-rounded yoga and mindfulness instructors!

Special Thank You 

The Holistic Life Foundation wants to recognize and extend a huge thank you to Maria Kluge and the Osterloh Haus der Achtsamkeit (House of Mindfulness) in Germany for all of the support given to us over the years.  Maria’s support has allowed HLF to facilitate trainings and programs at the Boys and Girls Club in Charlottesville, Virginia where, over the summer, HLF instructed 300 youth in Yoga and Mindfulness practices and trained 15 young adults to become Mindfulness teachers. The Virginia Boys and Girls Club received outstanding recognition for offering a new program in Health and Wellness.  

Maria’s generosity has also allowed us to facilitate numerous Mindfulness and Yoga retreats at Osterloh for over 100 adults.  Over the past two years, Maria has sponsored retreats at Osterloh for HLF’s staff and school partners in Baltimore. Her support further allowed HLF to teach Yoga and Mindfulness practices to social workers, teachers, and students in group homes and schools in Germany and Austria.

Maria’s philanthropy paved the way for HLF to provide training to and impact the lives of over 500 adults that work in schools through day and weekend retreats at Sevenoaks in Madison, Virginia, Morven Farms in Charlottesville, Virginia, and Sweet Briar College in Sweet Briar, Virginia. Maria has also generously supported our Holistic Me Afterschool Program, both with field trips to Charlottesville, where our students had an overnight experience painting, swimming, and ice-skating, and by providing funding for our yearly Christmas Party.

Maria further provided funding for our documentary filmed by Chris Farina and she played a huge part in our opportunity to speak at TEDx in Charlottesville with some of our students.

Maria’s continued generosity and compassion has helped HLF grow as an organization and has enabled us to reach a larger population through our Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness practices. Her support has allowed HLF to reach over 3,500 new children and adults, and that reach continues to grow!  There are not enough words to convey our gratitude for her support. She has been more than just a colleague and friend. We are honored to call her family, because that is how she has always treated us.

Maria's wealth of yoga and mindfulness knowledge and experience, has been an amazing resource for HLF's co-founders.  More than a mentor, she has become a dear friend.  Through her philanthropy and mindfulness teachings around the world, Marian has planted seeds that have borne multiple fruits.  She is a SOLUTION to problems in this world and continues to sow seeds for the future.  Thank you, Maria, for all that you do!!!

W H E R E   Y O U   C A N   F I N D   U S:

September 10:  
Whole Foods 5% Day


September 12:  
Annual Seeds For Growth Fundraiser


September 18-20:  
Mindfulness for Teachers Training
at Fox Haven

September 28-October 1:  
Yoga Journal Game Changers Conference in Estes Park, CO



October 3:  
Mindful Life Skills Workshop
in Newark, NJ


October 8-11:  
Building Just Communities:
The 7th Annual Conference of the Association for Contemplative Mind in Higher Education at Howard University


October 16-25: 
Residency Program in Madison, WI

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