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HLF in O, The Oprah Magazine

The Holistic Life Foundation had the unbelievable honor of being in the August Issue of O, The Oprah Magazine.  The article highlighted the work that HLF has been doing over the past 15 years in Baltimore.  Click here to check it out!

Special Thanks to Elyse Moody for reaching out to us and making this happen!
              Upcoming Retreat

August 26 - 28 
Omega Institute: Bring Your Meditation Into Your Life Retreat in Rhinebeck, NY 
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 Experience a variety of meditation practices—including mindfulness meditation, mantra meditation, subjective meditation, guided meditation, walking meditation, music meditation, and more.
Mom's Club Yoga and Mindfulness Training
Family League of Baltimore

On July 6th HLF covered tools and techniques for bringing yoga and mindfulness to communities for the people in the MOM's Club.  Most of the them worked with pregnant and new mom's in underserved communities across the city.  There were about 20 participants that were taught yoga and mindfulness techniques and a discussion was held on the topics of trauma, neuroscience, engagement tools, and the importance of having a personal practice.
BCPS Police Training
Mindfulness Training

On July 14th and 15th the founders of the Holistic Life Foundation led BCPS (Baltimore City Public School) Police through a mindfulness training to teach them mindfulness, stress reduction, and de-escalation.  It was a pleasure to share space with such an amazing, dedicated group of service providers interested in making a change in themselves and the community.
Mindfulness & Education Conference
Omega Institute

During the weekend of July 23 and 24th the founders of the Holistic Life Foundation attended the 8th Annual Mindfulness & Education Conference at the beautiful Omega Institute.  The founders led their Saturday morning session, as well as, a breakout session on mindfulness, yoga, and the impact that it has on communities all over the world. It was such a pleasure to be part of such an amazing group of individuals and to be able to listen to the amazing work being done by Linda Lantieri, Daniel Rechtschaffen, Sheryl Petty, Yvette Jackson, Bessel van der Kolk, and Argos Gonzalez.
Open Minds, Inc.
oyote Mindfulness Retreats

Open Minds, Inc. hosted two retreats for teens ages 14 - 18 years old at Fox Haven Learning Center in Frederick, MD June and August 2016. 
Some of the Mindful Moment crew from Patterson attended again and were incredibly helpful leaders. The Open Minds Coyote Mindfulness Retreats focus on connecting people to the earth through various contemplative nature based practices.  Activities this year included meditation, yoga, the arts, mindful hip hop, archery, ropes course, taking silent or guided walks, practicing primitive skills, community workshops, and mindful eating

Holistic Life Foundation, teachers Michelle Lee, Steven Carson, and Terrance Blizzard accompanied Amanda Adkins and Jan Hummer as lead mindfulness facilitators.
American Meditating
Radio Show

On July 7th Ali Smith had the pleasure of talking to Sister Jenna on the American Meditating Radio Show.  Ali and Jenna talked about meditation, the history of HLF, it's work, and the impact that it has had on individuals they have worked with all over the world.  To access the interview click here.
Mindfulness Training

On July 19th Atman Smith facilitated a Mindfulness Training for the University of Maryland School of Social Work. He spoke to over 50 teachers, Priniciples, Vice Principals and secretaries about the history of HLF, Neuroplasticity, Neurogenesis, ACE's Scores, Trauma informed mindfulness and yoga, and techniques to help them prevent burnout.
Workforce Development
Staff Training

The Holistic Life Foundation finished off its 5 week Workforce Development Program this month.  The first week focused on professionalism and job readiness skills while the preceding 4 weeks consisted of learning mindfulness and yoga techniques combined with on-the-job shadowing of our current staff during the Holistic Me Summer Camp.  Special thanks to the Annie E. Casey Foundation,France-Merrick Foundation andAbell Foundation's support, HLF has been able to expand on it's Workforce Development Program by adding over 20 new youth!!!
The Mindful Education Workbook
By Daniel Rechtschaffen

If you haven't had a chance to check out the Mindful Education Workbook by our dear friend Daniel Rechtschaffen you can order it by clicking here.  Special Thanks for highlighting the work that HLF is doing!  Keep up the great work!!
Dickey Hill
Yoga and Mindfulness Classes
How does yoga make you feel?

"My body feels like water and fire." -Sean

"It makes me feel like I'm getting strong. It makes me feel like I'm getting bigger."      -Kayla

"Makes me feel relaxed and also makes me calm down and also it makes me stay good and control my body."               -Mohamed

HLF started partnership with ASP Kids (21st Century grantee) from November through June with Dickey Hill Elementary Middle School.  HLF Instructors taught yoga one day a week to approximately 15 students.  The ASP program rotates the students in the classes.  The Dickey Hill Summer Program began 6/28 and ended 8/2 teaching three classes on Tuesday to approximately 15 students.

Holistic Me Summer Camp

The Holistic Me Summer Camp has been another success, giving students the opportunity to participate in a variety of programs. Student were able to choose enrichments activitiesw that interested them. The enrichments offered at Holistic Me included; Art & Social Action, Baltimore Wisdom Project, Basketball, Dance, Football, Soccer, STEM, and Yoga & Meditation. Yoga, meditation, and community circle were used daily to teach mindfulness, the importance of exercise, problem solving, and working together as a community.
Over the course of the summer camp students and parents went on field trips to Port Discovery, The National Aquarium, and Woodberry Crossing. Students were able to learn through fun, imagination, exploration, and creativity. Port Discovery was an amazing
experience where children
used their 
imagination to
They also climbed through a three story urban tree
house. The Aquarium
 allowed children to learn about aquatic
life around the bay area and around the world. Students were able to pet jelly fish and sting rays as well. Woodberry Crossing was an exceptional experience that showcased the beauty of nature. Students fed farm animals, hiked the trails, and tread through the creek looking for crayfish. These trips enriched the students and the program.
Overall the summer camp was a huge success, providing children with opportunities that they may have not otherwise experienced. The staff truly cared and wanted every student to learn, grow, and become teachers to their peers. Holistic Me is building the future by creating an environment for young people to succeed and gain confidence.


W H E R E   Y O U   C A N   F I N D   U S:
August 26-8:  

Omega Institute: Bring Your Meditation Into Your Life Retreat in Rhinebeck, NY

September 14:  

Federal Reserve Workshop

September 9-11:  

TCTY Trauma Training in Boston, MA

September 23:  

Art and Science of Mindful Learning Symposium in Vermont

September 28-30:  

LaFollette Training in Madison, WI

October 3-7:  

Lincoln Elementary Residency Program in Madison, WI

November 3:  

Harvard Programs in Professional Education Program

November 4-6:  

Baltimore Mindfulness Leadership Event



HLF in the Media
Check out HLF in O, The Oprah Magazine.  Also see the write up on the research collaboration being done on HLF in the Global Scholars Group Blog.  If you didn't see them last month you can still check out in the Elephant Journal.We are doing great, measurable work, and people are noticing.
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