Happy December!
End of the Year Giving
Thanks to your support the Holistic Life Foundation has worked with
4,500 youth each week in 14 Baltimore City Public Schools

Facilitated mindfulness based programming for adults in drug treatment centers, mental crisis facilities, and homeless shelters

Conducted annual retreats and trainings at the
Omega Institute for Holistic Studies and the Garrison Institute

Established national and international mindfulness and yoga trainings and programs

Partnered with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
on the first federally funded, randomized controlled trial on
yoga and mindfulness with urban youth

Partnered with Whil Concepts to produce the Grow: Mindfulness for Teens app
We couldn't do the work we do without you!

HLF in the News
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The Science of Magic Interview
with Gwilda Wiyaka

On November 1st Co-Founder Andres Gonzalez had the pleasure of being interviewed by Gwilda Wiyaka.  The discussion went over the topics of meditation, breathing techniques, love, and reciprocal teaching. If you would like to listen to the interview you can click here.
Harlem Park Elementary
Mindfulness Session for Staff

On November 7th the Holistic Life Foundation facilitated a mindfulness session during a Professional development day at Harlem Park Elementary.  Over 20 participants were introduced to basic breathing, mindfulness, and meditation techniques for self care and for use with their students.  Special thanks to Principal Denisha Logan for this opportunity!
Samuel W. Tucker Elementary, VA
Mindfulness Session for Staff

On November 8th two senior instructors traveled out to Alexandria and facilitated a mindfulness session for 20 staff members at Samuel W. Tucker Elementary.  Participants were introduced to basic breathing, yoga, mindfulness, and meditation techniques for themselves and for us with their students.  Special thanks to Maya Davis for making this happen!
Mindfulness Session

On November 17th the founders of the Holistic Life Foundation got together with the Baltimore City Public Schools Coordinated Early Intervening Services staff and led them through a mindfulness session.  The 25 participants were guided through breathing techniques, mindfulness practices, and meditations for them to use to help keep them centered, aware, and present at work and at home.  Special thanks to Erik Bandzak for leading this initiative.
Minority Mental Health Summit
Panel Discussion

On November 28th Co-Founder Ali Smith took part in a panel discussion at the Minority Mental Health Summit.  He spoke to the 50 attendees about the benefits for mindfulness in underserved communities, for trauma work, and for general overall health.
Harvard Programs in Professional Education
Mindfulness Session

On November 4th the founders of the Holistic Life Foundation traveled to Harvard and led a session on Mindfulness.  The session consisted of HLF's history and programs, breathing exercises, mindfulness practices, and meditations for self-care.  Special thanks to Metta McGarvey for making this happen!
Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Elementary
Stress and Relaxation Session

On November 7th the Holistic Life Foundation facilitated a stress and relaxation session during a Professional development day at Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Elementary.  The staff were introduced to belly breathing and a breath meditation for stress relief and relaxation.  Special Thanks to Henriette Taylor for making this possible.
Mindfulness Session for Staff and Students

On November 11th the founders of HLF traveled out to Dartmouth to lead over 15 staff and students in a 3 hour mindfulness session.  It was such a pleasure sharing space, conversation, mindfulness practices, and food with such an amazing group of people!  It was great to see some familiar faces and to make some new friends.  Can't wait to come back again soon!  Special thanks Kari Cooke for coordinating everything!
Eastern Shore Mental Health Coalition
Mindfulness Session

On November 18th Co-Founder Ali Smith traveled to the Eastern Shore and spoke to over 100 individuals at the Eastern Shore Mental Health Coalition.  The discussion was on the benefits of mindfulness in schools and on the health outcomes of mindfulness in individuals.  Ali also led participants through some breathing exercises, mindfulness practices, and a meditation.
On The Record 

If you missed the On the Record podcast with Andrea Appleton you can still listen to it by clicking here.
Baltimore City School Police
Yoga and Mindfulness Sessions
One of our senior instructors, Larry Jackson, has been leading
yoga and mindfulness sessions to
Baltimore City School Police Officers weekly.

Larry was in our original after school program in 2002.  

So proud of him for giving back to his community and
the people who help protect it!
Thursday, January 26th 

13.5% Wine Bar

1117 West 36th St in Hamden.

Starts at 5:00pm
Music begins at 8pm
Featuring HLF’s
Kirk Philips

13.5% of each check
will be donated to the 

Holistic Life Foundation, Inc.

W H E R E   Y O U   C A N   F I N D   U S:

December 16:  

Holistic Me Holiday Party in Baltimore, MD

January 12:  

All Principal Presentation in Baltimore, MD

January 26:  

Fundraising Event at 13.5 Wine Bar in Baltimore, MD

February 11
HLF Online Training

February 16
Franklin and Marshall in Lancaster, PA

February 16-18
Wisdom 2.0

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