Happy July!

Jack Morton Presentation

On June 10th the Founders of the Holistic Life Foundation had the pleasure of joining the staff of Jack Morton in Newport, RI to lead them through a morning Mindfulness session that included some breathing and meditation techniques.  The purpose of the session was to provide the Jack Morton employees with practical self-care tools that they can use throughout their busy work days.  HLF was extremely grateful for the opportunity and interacting with such amazing individuals!  Special Thanks to Josh McCall for making this happen!!!            
              Upcoming Retreats
July 31 - August 5 
Omega Institute: Youth, Yoga, & Mindfulness Training in Rhinebeck, NY 
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Explore how to teach yoga and mindfulness to today’s youth, gain a deeper understanding of the needs of today’s youth in diverse environments, and learn new yoga and mindfulness skills to help fulfill those needs.
August 26 - 28 
Omega Institute: Bring Your Meditation Into Your Life Retreat in Rhinebeck, NY 
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 Experience a variety of meditation practices—including mindfulness meditation, mantra meditation, subjective meditation, guided meditation, walking meditation, music meditation, and more.
Secular Mindfulness Event
Omega Institute

From June 12-14 the Omega Institute, Calmer Choice, and the 1440 Foundation hosted a Secular Mindfulness Event.  Mindful Schools, the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds, Dan Reckshaffen, and individuals from around the country, came together to talk about the Calmer Choices lawsuit.  In particular how they got through it, and things that practitioners can do to stay away from these problems, as well as, build community with fellow mindfulness practitioners.
Baltimore Public Defenders
Mindfulness Session

On June 16th HLF led over 20 Baltimore Public Defenders through a hour long mindfulness session.  The public defenders were guided through a variety of breathing techniques and meditations that they could not only use on themselves, but also could be giving to their clients.  Special thanks to Nila Bala for making this happen!!
Workforce Development
Staff Training

Through the final weeks of June the Holistic Life Foundation has been conducting staff training's for the current and incoming staff.  Thanks to the Annie E. Casey Foundation, France-Merrick Foundation and Abell Foundation's support, HLF has been able to expand on it's Workforce Development Program by adding over 20 new youth!!!
Bright Futures Conference
Hagerstown Community College

On June 15th Holistic Life Foundation representatives spoke at the Bright Futures Conference.  The conference was for students (mainly ages 16-18) in Western, MD who are coming from group homes and outpatient mental health providers. HLF spoke about mindfulness as a tool for coping with stress, anxiety, and life in general.
Sheppard Pratt
Speaking Engagement

On June 20th the Holistic Life Foundation spoke to kids and staff in the Mann Residential Program and School at Sheppard Pratt.  HLF talked about its history and the programs, gave them some basic breathing and meditation practices, and answered questions.
Mindful Mondays

On June 6th, 13th, and 27th the founders of HLF led live 15 minute meditations via CTZNWELL's Mindful Monday's program.  If you have not seen the amazingly impactful work that CTZNWELL is doing please click here to check out their website.
Lillie Mae Carrol Charter School
Yoga and Mindfulness Classes

From Monday through Thursday the Holistic Life Foundation Instructors Jazmine Blackwell, Michelle Lee, Jerron Wallace lead Yoga and Mindfulness classes to 50 students at Lillie Mae Carrol Charter School.  HLF instructors also provide homework assistance and help out with dinner.

"There are not many experiences like being one of the only males working in a school of mostly women.  There are not many that would have the option to learn as much as I did in that situation.  Honestly, I was a bit skeptic at first, thinking that it would not work.  Looking back on my time at Lillie Mae now, I am very grateful that I was put in such an interesting
position." -Jerron Wallace
Congratulations Janasia Brown!!!

We would like to give a special shout out and congratulations to Janasia Brown for graduating from the 8th grade.  Janasia has been a part of the Holistic Me After-School Program since she was in the 2nd grade and has grown up to become an amazing young lady who is constantly trying to make herself better through hard work and determination.  Janasia has led large groups of students in yoga and mindfulness lessons in Charlottesville, VA and in Baltimore, MD.  Janasia also joined us for a TedX talk as well that you can see by clicking here!

Keep up the great work Janasia!!!

W H E R E   Y O U   C A N   F I N D   U S:

July 14- July 15:  

BCPS School Police Training

July 22- July 24:  

Omega Institute: Mindfulness & Educaton Conference in Rhinebeck, NY



July 31- August 5:  

Omega Institute: Youth Yoga & Mindfulness
Training in Rhinebeck, NY

August 26-8:  

Omega Institute: Bring Your Meditation Into Your Life Retreat in Rhinebeck, NY


HLF in the Media
Check out the write up on the research collaboration being done on HLF in the Global Scholars Group Blog.  If you didn't see them last month you can still check out the Elephant Journal and the City Springs Newsletter.  We are doing great, measurable work, and people are noticing.
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