Happy New Year!

   Special Thanks to everyone who helped support our Holistic Me Holiday Party!
Holistic Me Holiday Party
Thursday, January 26th 

13.5% Wine Bar

1117 West 36th St in Hamden.

Starts at 5:00pm
Music begins at 8pm
Featuring HLF’s
Kirk Philips

13.5% of each check
will be donated to the 

Holistic Life Foundation, Inc.
Open Door Care
Staff Presentation

On December 2nd HLF presented in front of the Open Door staff.  The presentation consisted of a brief history of HLF followed by introducing them to some basic breathing techniques and a meditation.  We are excited to begin our partnership where we will be providing mindfulness to 2,300 students in 28 Open Door Care facilities.
Big Idea Fest
Mindfulness Session

On December 6th Atman Smith had the opportunity to lead around 1000 participants through mindfulness and self-care practices at the beginning of the Big Idea Fest in San Jose.  Special thanks to Lisa Petrides for providing us with this amazing opportunity.
Salmon River Middle School
Mindfulness Sessions

On December 5th the founders of HLF were given the wonderful opportunity to provide mindfulness techniques and music to over 200 students and staff at Salmon River Middle School in Fort Covington, NY.  Special Thanks to Jennifer Hutchins for making this happen!  Can't wait to come back again to see the progress!
War Memorial Plaza
Mindfulness Session

On December 14th staff member Kirk Philips and Akewi Barnes presented to over 50 lawyers and judges at the War Memorial Plaza in Baltimore.  They spoke to participants about the effects of mindfulness on youth and led them through yoga and mindfulness techniques for self-care and stress management.
Level 1: Introduction and Authenticity
Yoga and Mindfulness for Youth Training
During the weekend of Deceber 9th HLF held its first Level 1 Yoga and Mindfulness for Youth Training in Baltimore, MD.  Couldn't have asked for a better group!  Can't wait to see everyone at the Level 2 Training.

W H E R E   Y O U   C A N   F I N D   U S:

January 26:  

Fundraising Event at 13.5 Wine Bar in Baltimore, MD

January 30:
Huffington Post Live Stream

February 11
HLF Online Training


February 16
Franklin and Marshall in Lancaster, PA

February 16-18
Wisdom 2.0

March 3
National Association of Independent Schools Conference

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