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eBook Release!
eBook release!

The Day has arrived!

I'm very excited to present to you...

Click here to download 'From Left to Right Across Canada: Victoria Volume One'

Click on the image above (or here) to download the pdf file to your computer.
(It's 102mb and you'll be taken to a screen prompt to download)

Click here to get the iBook copy for your iPad.

There are pages with musings

There are pages with facts and red links to wikipedia and other sources for those who want to learn more.

and there are pages with images alone to unfold stories and let your mind wander.

If you'd like to watch a 3.6 minute photoadventure video from the above section of adventure with original music click here

For those of you who like written descriptions...

Canada is a large and diverse nation. Wonderful vistas, talented individuals, and innumerable stories lurk just beneath the surface.

In April of 2012 Jordan Oram, Photographer/Writer/Speaker/Explorer ( started a journey across Canada from the west coast, heading east.

His goal? Discover and share awesomeness and perspective.

With a camera, a large backpack, and a guampa full of yerba mate, he puts one foot in front of another, finding rides, conversations, and adventures, as he leaves his beloved coastal temperate rainforest and heads towards the sunrise.

Volume One chronicles the start of that adventure and gives a hint at what is to come. Jordan's journey is depicted primarily through photographs and augmented with thoughts, facts, and humour, as he explores around Victoria, British Columbia, on Vancouver Island.

You're invited to come along and see how awesome our world is.

What now?

I'm writing this  from a basement in Niverville, Manitoba. On Sunday evening, through an amusing coincidence of messages and conversations, I'll be boarding a train to travel to Toronto, Ontario! Other than a week long canoe trip near Kenora, across the border from Manitoba, I've never been further into Ontario! This is going to be a lot of new ground for me, and very exciting. It also means I'm going to be meeting many more new friends along the way, and the 2nd half of this trip will probably go a bit faster. (For example, I don't think I know anyone in Nova Scotia. lol)

I'm so thankful for all of the support and encouragement I've recieved so far! From couches and floors to sleep on, food and drink shared, to comments/'plusses'/likes/shares/tweets on my posts and different social media sites. It all helps me and reminds me that I'm not doing this alone.

So thank you for every little bit you do to help me keep going a few steps further.

As it is the first book in the series I'd really appreciate feedback if you'd drop a comment at G+, FB, Twitter, or Your comments will be in mind as I start working on the next volume later today ;)  

You can also drop a couple dollars in my hat via paypal if you feel so inclined :)

Thank you again for all of your support and encouragement!
I really hope you enjoy this first volume of my journey 'From Left to Right Across Canada' :)

Jordan Oram
the Maplemusketeer

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