Remnant Hour #4 – On-GUARD NOTES

Due to spiritual battles and fires that need my attention today, I need to cancel Remnant Hour #4 Zoom Meeting.

However, EMAIL me if you want Remnant Hour #4 NOTES.

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Info will include what YOU NEED TO KNOW NOW and PREPARE BEFORE someone you love (or yourself) gets ill!!

KNOW the info to be ready to AVOID hospitalization and KNOW what you need to KNOW if you end up in Pharaoh’s domain. It’s time, like before the Exodus, that YHWH’s people need to care for themselves and their own and avoid Pharaoh’s edicts.

You need the RUACH haKodesh – Holy Spirit – Set Apart Spirit and His POWER to remain set apart and clean.

TRUST in YHWH and MEMORIZE Psalm 37!

I will also include research info on
Fulvic Acid & Minerals (Black Oxygen Organics) which can be very beneficial to prevent virus and bacteria to bind to attack our cell tissues. It may also be very beneficial to maintain and restore health.

I can provide a link to the main web site for
Fulvic Minerals AND/OR you may purchase now at

This product has been so effective in helping restore health to so many people that others have brought evil reports against the company and the product. This has caused FDA to stop shipments and investigate the claims severals times — and they have FOUND NOTHING — and then released the product to ship again.
Inspite of the evil reports, the company has grown from $200,000 t0 $4 million per month.

If you have concerns and want to discuss this, please call. I’d be glad to share what I know and the benefits of the product.

Within 2 weeks, the bone spur on my wrist dissipated that I no longer notice the pain or the once protruding spur.

This product and wording is SEVERELY being censored right now as are other natural remedies that help restore health. This is the day we live in.

Don’t be surprised if Remnant Remedy or I disappear from cyberspace. I suggest, if you don’t want to lose contact with me or our products, that you take note of my current address and phone number.

I may have to start private emails instead of using a newsletter service. Please let me know if you want to receive emails if we have to leave or are cut off from newsletter servers.

#1 Prevention


Consider fasting, intermittent fasting, eliminating CANE SUGAR and white flour and many grains.

Did you know that the Essenes of Ancient Israel knew fasting brought healing to the body. Today’s research and science show that 5 days of water fasting causing the body to begin to make its own stem cells. Just 3 days causes autophagy – a dying off of toxins.

Consider a VITALIST point of view – that is create a healthy environment in your biome (living stones body) which parasites, virus and bacteria DO NOT WANT TO LIVE IN!

When we eat sugar, white flour, many grains and dairy, we are CREATING a MUCOUS environment in which pathogens LOVE to live in – thus decreasing ones IMMUNITY.

We are living stones tabernacles – keep it clean and holy.

Personally, and from experience, I am not one to endorse pharmaceuticals, even ivermectin.

I believe and have experienced YHWH’s botanicals to be the tools and ministers of restoration for His people.

However, I’m including the info in the notes you request for you to look up and research.

If you pray and feel it is something you need to do, then, do it.

Prepare, and use what you need to transition out of the mindset most of us have been brainwashed into with scientism.

However, Biblically, I think you will find that YHWH is more than capable to restore our bodies by giving us wisdom, prayer, energy and botanical modalities.

It all goes back to Creation in Genesis 1 wherein His Alef to the Tav, of the original Hebrew language, was used to create everything and can be used to bring restoration to the body.

. . . . for more info — email me!

Orders placed after 9/13/21 will not begin to ship until October 1st due to traveling and teaching in Texas for Sukkot.

Blessings and a Blessed Sukkot!

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