Don’t MISS this NEW Custom Signature Infusion Blend!

If you want this signature seasonal blend in time for SUKKOT - ORDER NOW!

This infusion will have processed for 50 days; and I will be pouring Teshuvah into bottles and will ship on 9/29 & 9/30 – Thursday and Friday via USPS 2-3 Priority Mail in time for SUKKOT!
Unless of course you have already celebrated.

Have your bottle of Teshuvah be the first to be poured and mailed!
NOTE: 9/30 will be the LAST DAY day for Remnant Remedy to be
processing Pure Shemen Orders unless noted otherwise below.
We will resume AFTER Sukkot.

We will have a limited seasonal supply of Teshuvah and we will not process or ship PURE SHEMEN essential oil Orders (except for emergencies) after the 1st of October UNTIL AFTER SUKKOT.

However, we will ship Aleph-Tav Body System Books and Quantum Energy Minerals orders and EMF Shield Orders.

$$$ ALL Pure Shemen ESSENTIAL OIL product orders placed AFTER 10/1/22, will RECEIVE FREE PRODUCTS including Wild Crafted St. John Wort Infusion (good for skin and after sun care) and your CHOICE choice of 1 oz. Watermelon Seed, Cucumber Seed OR Apricot Kernel Lipid Carrier Oil. $$$

If you don’t need the Teshuva blend till after Sukkot, order after 9/30.
Just remember this is a
LIMITED Seasonal Batch; so, first ordered, first served.

As usual, there may be other product blessings included for FREE with your October essential oil order (the MORE you order - the more your gifts)!
However, I have not determined what products yet - so - SURPRISE!

Due to preparation for hosting and observance of Sukkot here on the homestead, we will not begin to process essential oil orders until again until 10/21/22. We hope the
FREE blessings will encourage you to order and it will be worth your patience of waiting.

We will still process EMF Shield Orders!
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Expires 10/31/22


Bottles Waiting for TESHUVAH POUR on 10/29 and 10/30 - 2022

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iTera Care Hertz Frequency Wand

WATCH Stage 3 Kidney & Pre-Diabetes, Psoriasis Testimony

This Device has helped with my 89 yr. old mother’s neruopathy and gut pain,
and when we both had the C-Crud.
Also seeing results with leg pain, vein and clotting, arthritic and back pain,
squamous skin cell reduction and skin tone overall.
Along with the Lifewave Stem Cell Patches, my mother
no longer needs a needle in her eye every 3 months to stop hemorhaging,
and has stable kidneys, and went from insulin shots to
insulin medications to none for diabetes. Nine months ago,
she was on 13 medications.

Her progress for more mobility and health strides have been the result from using the X39 Stem Cell and Aeon Inflammation and Ice Wave Patches;
Dr. Monson’s formula
QEM Full Spectrum Fulvic/Humic Minerals and the ITera Hertz Frequency Wand Blower.

I have benefited from no more pain and tightness in the broken bone areas where I had
arthritic inflammtion (patches). And the leg pain where I tend to get blood clotting has been almost totally reduced by using the ITera Care Wand.

Structure CHARGE Your Drinking Water
for Better Absorption

Use for Your Health
Ask to Join Testimony Group!

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