“Crown” Remedy Update

As you can see, I have a silver crown (LOL). This is Black Oxygen Organics on my face which makes an excellent mask for the skin, is great for foot baths and baths in general BUT, more IMPORTANTLY — it’s FULVIC ACID with MINERALS and it OXYGENATES your Cells! See info following — it may be important to your health and something you’ll want to ADD to your REMNANT REMEDY CHEST!

I’m finishing up four presentation powerpoints, getting supplies ready, and packing up to drive to Ohio to teach at the Take on the World Conference starting the 18th of this month. I will return the beginning of September to reload to drive to Spearman, Texas for Sukkot and to teach there. I will be blessed to meet many of you on the drives to and fro! Can’t WAIT!

Meanwhile, in the past few weeks, four more mishpocha (actually many more) have come down with the anti-crown and have been hospitalized or are very ill at home. For that reason, I’m sharing what I’ve learned since I did the videos on building a remnant remedy chest to be PREPARED (see video link below) under TIPS.

As some of you long term subscribers may recall, I was very ill March of 2018 following the Solar Eclipse Radio show I did and wherein the powers that be thought it was a grand (sarcasm) idea to release a balloon over Montana and the Northwest with BACTERIUM!

Please read the TIPS info about the bizarre sickness that followed — then maybe you can connect the dots from the solar eclipse, to the bacterium balloon, to the outbreak of the anti-crown plandemic.

I have to make this quick and get back to helping others, filling orders and packing - please PRAY for safe travels, divine appointments and for my presentations to be ANOINTED and HELP OTHERS!!! The enemy is not and will not be happy that I’m still breathing and can talk to deliver the messages YHWH has anointed and empowerd me with! AMEN!

One main message (Innocent as Doves) that I will be delivering comes and/or started with a WORD FROM YHWH Himself exactly 31 years to the week and may the day!

TIPS to Taking Off the Crown

Four more mishpocha in the 2 – 5 weeks have come down with the anti”crown”

I’m gonna put this in newsletter quick – unedited.
FYI. I hope you can glean from this and share — and that is is helpful! It certainly has helped me and many others!

Please STOCK up and PREPARE – there is more bio-pathogens of warfare going around!

Many are seeing benefits for the use of Black Oxygen Organics -- who doesn't need more minerals and oxygenated blood?!

Did you know the KNOW the MAIN issue with the CURRENT "epidemic" is VASCULAR and not respiratory?!

Which is why it's so important to get oxygenated blood. Using
BLACK OXYGEN ORGANICS (BOO), Nattokinase (Ultra 4,000 FUs, Horbaach), and Liquid HydrOxgen (CellCore on our website) along with certain herbal teas and essential oils may help to prevent or aid symptoms.

Remnant Remedy offers most of the products at in the store.

BOO is NOT in our store but is an MLM product. Please use my link to help support our ministry.

BOO: Black OXYGEN Organics - (Contact me for help to get the best deal). I recommend getting the Bundle packet of TABLETS and the POWDER.

However, you won’t see this option unless you JOIN for $1 first - by putting it in the shopping cart. You get better pricing and in some cases free shipping. You can cancel before the end of the first year if you want to unjoin and not be charged $39.95 for renewal.

For the $1, you get better options in pricing, some with free shipping and a replicable web site to share with others.

AFTER putting JOIN for $1 in your cart, you will then SHOP and see more options.

By getting both the Tablets and the Powder (this offers free shipping), you have more versatility to use the product. You can do Powder alone but many like the tablets when traveling or sharing with others. It seems costly, however if you start out with 1/32 (smidgeon) of a teaspoon to 1/4 of a teaspoon (powder) — it will last 1 - 3 months.

The Powder can be used in bath, as a mask, and internally.

ASK if you want me to invite you to a FaceBook group for the THE SCIENCE OF FULVIC FOR HEALTH

If traveling or working around "others" I would definitely use the
BOO and Nattokinase. Remember, we are fighting for our natural immunity and an unnatural weapon being transmitting against mankind worldwide — get that WORLDWIDE!

We carry a few herbals teas that I have found essential. Of course, we have
SPICE DEFENSE, BREATHE FREE and WHITE EASTERN PINE essential oils to add OR STOCK up to the remedy chest.

We also have good report on using
MOTION RELIEF for those who get “squigglies” in the head and eyes with the crown symptoms that many get.

Keep in mind some bleed out the nose like my son – so having Alef Care or Helichrysum italicum or E-Burn & Wound is IMPORTANT as Helichrysum stops bleeding and is excellent for burns!

Motion Relief

I can’t OVERSTATE ENOUGH how important and beneficial it is to ANOINT One when ill.
Watch the Video (link below)!!

Spice DEFENSE to use to ANOINT (see video: Colds . . . How to Anoint Loved One)

Breathe Free EO

White Eastern Pine EO

Alef Care First Aid in a Bottle: Contains Helichrysum italicum

E-Burn Emergency Relief (Burns to!)

Just Helichrysum italicum – we discount ours A LOT; we want you to have it – it’s expensive but worth it!
It is in Alef Care, AMJ, and E-Burn Emergency Relief


Mullein Leaf

Chaparral HERB Tea - Watch the internet censorship of this herb for internal use. It’s HARD to find the truth — I’ll send info from my herbal bible when you order.

!!! OXYGENATE the BODY CELLS/Blood !!!

BOO: Black OXYGEN Organics - (Contact me for help to get the best deal)

CellCore BioSciences HydrOxygen

Videos: I created and shared these videos
It's hard to think, breathe and do anything once you are down and out.

Colds, Flu, Respiratory, Mold . . . How to ANOINT a Loved One
Repeat: I can’t OVERSTATE ENOUGH how important and beneficial it is to ANOINT One when ill.

Remedy Chest to Combat Flu

NATTOKINASE: 4,000 FUs by Horbaach
I learned about this after my stroke and then again from my collaboration with medical and natural practitioners.

RADIO ARCHIVE!!! From 4 Years Ago!

FB Post: Did you know that there was a bacteria balloon released during the 2017 solar eclipse in Montana?

I never got to do the follow up show to reveal all the different bacterium that were in the balloon. What in the months that followed there was a flu epidemic in the Northwest. Over half the teachers and the students were sick and missing school. My son and I went to visit and I took a trunk full of herbs and essential oils and other supplements to help my grandsons get over this sickness they had month after month for several months.

Within 24 hours of our arrival (from Oregon to NW Montana), one of my sons and I became so ill that it took over two weeks to get well enough to sit up so that we could drive back to Oregon. It took another 12 weeks for me to fully recover and be able to breathe and talk.

My son almost bled to death one night through the nose. I couldn’t speak for at least eight weeks. It was so hard to breathe and or to speak that I could not allow myself to cry when one of my very best friends died while I was laying there praying and thinking I was going to die.


I could not allow myself to mourn for her for three months. I praise Yahweh that I was prepared with a trunk full of remedies that I had brought to help my grandsons overcome months of an ongoing flu.

The 2 weeks we were ill, over half of the school system in the local area WERE ABSENT DUE to FLU — that was over 250 people in a small town of 5,000. That’s 5% of just the ones who attend public school!?!? Did you see that on the news — NOT??!!

I don’t think I would have made it without the REMEDY CHEST TRUNK I had brought.

Let me tell you, I have had viral meningitis. What I had during this time — after the solar eclipse and the bacterium balloon release — made viral meningitis look like a cakewalk! Things have been going on a lot longer than we I have thought.

Following are links to 2017 archived radio shows I did in August — just prior to the Solar Eclipse — a few months BEFORE I came down with the BIZZARE sickness.

I wanted to follow up with the info I found and share but I was too weak for months. The NW flu epidemic (which wasn’t much reported) that followed the eclipse and balloon bacterium release lasted at least eight months! Didn’t see that in the news – didcha? I travel a lot so I probably notice a lot of things others do not.

Did the conditions of the solar eclipse activate, spread or enhance the bacterial release?

Was this eclipse marking off a time table?

I believe it was in the month of Elul — the time of narrowing straits and birth pangs— ever increasing each year until the birth of One New Man?!

Will birthing transition occur or begin with the coming 2024 solar eclipse completing crossing over the USA from the opposite direction making an X or Tav (a sign) across America?!!

2024 SOLAR ECLIPSE & Scheduled Passover is:

Passover 2024 will begin in the evening of Monday, April 22 and ends in the evening of Tuesday, April 30

Rosh Chodesh (14 days before Pesach) is the predicted Solar eclipse of April 8, 2024

It will cross over little “Egypt” (look up info on the Mississippi, St. Louis, Indiana area and


Part 1: The Total Solar Eclipse: Sign for Our Time

Part 2: Total Solar Eclipse: A Sign for Our Time?

Before you start your Fulvic acid BOO (Black Organic Oxygen) regimen, take a photo of your tongue, iris, face, nails and problem areas so you can track the improvements going on inside your body with supplementation after a month.

The outside is a mirror of your body’s internal state.
YHWH has given us so many wonderful tools to naturally consider our health — we NEED to restore this knowledge! The days are here and more crowding in that — the BRIDE will not have access to Pharaoh’s health discare system.


Unless you have been detoxing and eating very healthy for some time and have done some major parasite CLEANSING — you may want to START with ONLY 1/32 - 1/4 of a teaspoon of BOO Powder! This is so you won’t get herxheimers (major detox reactions).

Remember - you can do baths, foot soaks, and face masks too with the powder. I personally like the tablets to carry when traveling but they are equal to 1/2 tsp. Some cut the tablets up when starting and they contain vitamin C. Remember Vitamin C helps your cells uptake and absorb minerals.

NOTE: Though many take BOO and get a major a toxin and parasite cleanse out of it — It’s REAL POWER is that it’s absorbable MINERALS the cells in your BODY NEEDS!

Once you start FEEDING your body what it needs and creating a healthier gut — you are setting up a healthy biosystem environment to live in — SO THE PARASITES MOVE OUT to a dirtier place to live. Maybe it’s your neighbor or family member who eats unhealthy and visits McDonald’s too much or eats too much sugar and white non-nutriet carbs (S.A.D> - Standard American Diet).

So while it seems expensive, REMEMBER that the bag of powder can last 2 - 3 months depending on the serving size you start with. Most want to work up to 1/4 to 1/2 tsp 3 times a day — which will take a while for most.

UnMASK that my chiropractor told me about!

More breathable – check out their UnMASK EAR SAVER TETHER

Personally, I can’t believe I’m sharing this about buying a mask. However, I needed to be with my daughter to give birth to my 7th grandso. I didn’t have to get a “C” Test or “JAB” so I wore a mask to fly to Florida and back to Oregon — 3 times this year. Anything that helps one breathe while being an undercover spy for the Kingdom of YHWH could be something to consider!

I will be driving to Ohio and Texas to teach so hopefully will have little need to wear a mask. The last flight back was tough because there is no more spacing in the seats on the plane and I got off with a headache and it took me two weeks to RECOVER to work a whole day.

THUS — the medical team I colloborate with told me to take NATTOKINASE before the plane trip — so glad I did and I upped when I got off that plane!
See info with links on help to help prevent and BATTLE the “kings of the earth’s evil crown.”

Now, I have the ADDED BOOST of Black Organic Oxygen and feel much better and have been able to get back to 12 - 18 hour days of ministry.

I hope to see many of you this month at TAKE ON THE WORLD CONFERENCE in OHIO and in SEPTEMBER at the LIFE OF WORSHIP SUKKOT in TEXAS!

That is if the creek don’t rise, the fires don’t burn us out and we aren’t on our way to the GREATER EXODUS or still repressed with lockdowns — until our REDEEMER RETURNS!


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