In the past, Remnant Remedy has had printed cards for our Dilution Chart.  Currently, we are making it available via a PDF and in this newsletter.

I hope you find it a useful tool when blending and using essential oils in a SAFE manner for you and your loved ones.

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Basic Safety Rules for Using SHeMeN Essential Oils

Remember that just by SMELLING SHeMeN (essential oils), you are absorbing it into your bloodstream on a SLOW TIME RELEASE basis!

INHALING is the safest method to use oils.  The aroma of the SHeMeN will travel through your nostrils via your olfactory system to the brain and then throughout the bloodstream.  The frequencies of the oils resonate and tend to travel to wherever they are needed in the body.  DIFFUSE oils of choice using a pendant diffuser, cold air or ultrasonic diffuser to administer the oils into your living stone tabernacle.  You can also apply a drop of SHeMeN to a piece of linen and carry it with you to inhale throughout the day.

–  Hand or Bowl Diffusing  – Use 1 – 2 drops of the essential oil of choice with a 2 – 6 drops of a carrier oil MIXING them together either in the palm of your left hand and then rubbing it in a clockwise direction with your right palm and then cup your nose, avoiding your eyes and inhale taking in 10 deep breaths.  You can also MIX the oils in a glass saucer and then inhale your 10 deep breaths.

– Even with just smelling an oil, there can be a reaction for a small population of users.  Remnant Remedy encourages you to use oils that you resonate with – that is, use oils that you are more apt to use because you like and are attracted to their aroma.  This can vary and change with your health, diet, emotions, medications, etc.  Elohim has given us a wonderful gift of the olfactory system (which I will teach on more in the future) and connects us to the past in the Garden of Eden and to the future with the Return of the Mashiach/Messiah!

Applying SHeMeN TOPICALLY is a FASTER way for it to be absorbed into the body.  For safety reasons, *always apply essential oils by mixing with a carrier oil.  A carrier oil slows down the absorption rate helping to stop burning and skin reactions and by giving the cells in the body a chance to adjust and react to the new instructions being given (keeping them from overloading and reaction).

Thus, if you accidentally get an essential oil in your eye or it is burning you somewhere on your skin – DO NOT try to DILUTE it with WATER!  It will make it WORSE!  DILUTE it with a CARRIER OIL to SLOW DOWN the ABSORPTION RATE!

– Once you’ve researched the information about an oil and have personal testing experience with it and know that you are not sensitive to it, you may use it NEAT (without a carrier oil).

– Remember, we are each individual precious living stones – no two are alike and even our own living stones varies and changes with conditions and time.

– Remember, SHeMeN (essential oils) are powerful and are 10 – 100s times MORE POTENT than herbs.  Don’t take them for granted or underestimate them!

There are a small number of people (0.1%) who may develop skin sensitivity to an essential oil and have a skin redness reaction even when using the appropriate dilution of a carrier oil.  This rare occurrence is due to the essential oil constituents combined with skin proteins resulting in an allergic reaction known as “hapten.”

Of course, there are more people who develop a sensitivity when they do NOT using a carrier oil!  Other contributors to undesirable reactions to SHeMeN are how toxic a person may be at the time of using the oils and the influence of any possible prescribed medications and some supplements and diets.


ALWAYS be SAFE, do a TEST PATCH FIRST before using any SHeMeN on the skin:

– MIX 1 Drop of an essential oil DILUTED with at least 1 – 2 drops of carrier oil such as olive, jojoba or fractionated coconut oil (not the same as regular coconut oil).

– Do a patch test by applying the diluted SHeMeN to your inner elbow.  This will help you know if may have a reaction.

– Reactions to essential oils may due to the following:

– Your body, personally, does not resonate with the frequencies of a particular essential oil.  This may be due to many factors such as diet, prescription drugs, toxicity or certain health conditions.  If sensitive, it may be only temporary due to many factors.

– Often, when a person has many toxins, they may find that after they do a 30 day detox they do not have reactions to certain essential oils.  Remember, one of the jobs of certain quality essential oil is to detoxify the body.  So your reaction may be a result of the SHeMeN actually doing what it is designed to do.

– Unfortunately there are certain distilled essential oils which have been processed using solvents, and/or come from pesticide treated or GMO crops – all which you may cause you to have a reaction.

– Also, note how you feel after smelling an essential oil.  Especially, if it causes a headache.  It could be that it isn’t the right oil for you or that you may have toxins are in the way of the oil working effectively for you at the time.  For women, it may be due to hormone imbalance or balancing too quickly.

Trained aroma therapists understand the power and strength of essential oils and are usually genuinely concerned about safety and, of course, hold to a higher standard of responsibility and accountability of advising proper use of essential oils.  This may not be the case for MLM distributors who are not trained more in-depth and through their zealousness for the results they have seen using SHeMeN overlook the prudent use of such.

Aroma therapists are trained to understand that the molecular structure of SHeMeN and their properties are such that their application along with a carrier oil may actually be enhanced.  Thus, it is rare that an essential oil should be applied topically WITHOUT using a carrier oil.  One exception would be for a BURN wherein normally LAVENDER and HELICHYRSUM italicum would be applied NEAT (undiluted) which can and I have witnessed AMAZING RESULTS making burns and blisters disappear within minutes to hours as if the burn NEVER occurred!

As you may know from my teachings on SHeMeN, I came to discover essential oils via an MLM company in the 1990’s.  I was taught that ONLY that particular company had pure essential oils and in such a way that if you were using “therapeutic” oils then you could ingest them safely.  This same type of thought and teaching still pervades today with common MLM pyramid building companies.

Just because a company lists an essential oil as GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) for ingestion, does NOT mean it is safe for you to use as such.

Over the past 4 years, I’ve come to learn much more about behind the scenes of the essential oil business and am every day learning more.  There is much to say on this topic and the way their marketing programs have been successful in training our minds to think a certain way about the use of oils.  Unfortunately, it is not all true and there is a disservice and deception that I hope to shine light on in the future.  I will continue to study and seek to serve YHWH by seeking to be a healer and enable and empower others to heal themselves and their families.  I’m having to unlearn many dominate thoughts and teachings that are amongst essential oil users – even BELIEVERS.

Because I believe that SHeMeN is part of the LOST TREASURES of ISRAEL, one of my main goals have been to stir and inspire the BRIDE to restore the use of Elohim’s powerful tools of healing.  I’ve come to learn that it is just not about WHAT to use such as herbs and essential oils but it is also about HOW to use them properly from a TORAH and Ancient Israel perspective.  This also includes how to properly anoint and pray for others which I will cover in the coming year.

Many of my radio and conference teachings have included information on how to take certain essential oils internally.  I did so because that was how I was trained and I have much experience using many oils internally.  I wanted to share what worked so that you might be able to enjoy the same benefits.  That was my purpose.  However, after learning so much more and with so much more to learn I am making a RETRACTION on my statements on the use of essential oils internally.

I do not want to be responsible for anyone causing harm to themselves due to the internal use of essential oils.  In the future, I would only recommend such once I have evaluated and tested you with a consultation and when all other methods have failed.  Will I continue to use essential oils internally?  Yes — but I take full responsibility for what happens to me and I have 17 years’ experience with those oils and how they will or have affected me and my family.  We do not have the complications of prescribed medications and unhealthy or non-kosher diets.  We do not have any known sensitivities.  However, I will focus more on using those oils I use internally for external purposes to gain the same results.

Upon completion of my Safety Training, Frequency Training, and Anointing Training, I will put out a new radio series, articles and book on SHeMeN – Essential Oils and their uses.  My endeavor has always been to present SHeMeN from a Biblical perspective.  The training I’m receiving for certification in aroma therapy with an emphasis on Torah and an Ancient Israel perspective will correct and give further depth to the Word – DaBaR of Elohim.  I hope you will enjoy the journey with me so that we can build up the Bride and prepare her for His Return!

Therefore, let’s be wise, pray and seek knowledge and revelation as to how to use SHeMeN.  This is important so that there aren’t any accidents, major health issues or deaths due to the use of essential oils.  We know that Pharaoh’s system wants to keep people enslaved to pharmaceia and are responsible to maiming and killing people daily – even causing them to be dependent on their man-made poisons.  They are looking for any excuse or opportunity to seize in order to take our G-d given rights away to use Elohim’s creation of plants for food and healing within such modalities as herbs and essential oils.  Consider the news wherein the hammer that was applied to essential oil companies this past year.  Pray, be discerning and use discretion!

Please continue to pray for me and Remnant Remedy as we are learning and meeting importers and distillers to find the highest quality of SHeMeN to make available for the Bride to use to be well and able to overcome!

For His Kingdom - Blessings and Health!

Nitza Moshe


Are Our Essential Oils Therapeutic & Good for Internal Use?

Many times, I’m asked if our essential oils are therapeutic grade, pure and/or high quality enough for internal use?!  This makes “trained” aroma therapists crazy!  Because the question is based on disinformation and the answer requires re-educating the person who asked the question and then explaining to them what the real question(s) should be.

The answer is YES and NO and MUST be QUALIFIED!

First, there are NO AFNOR or ISO standards for “therapeutic grade” essential oils.  Google the internet and you will find that the term is trademarked by a MLM essential oil company.  There are numerous articles by chemists and trained aroma therapists explaining and re-educating the masses.  See also NAHA’s report.

The question as to whether or not our oils can be used internally, most always, comes from a MLM essential oil company customer, distributor or someone who has read their marketing materials. Again, the term, “therapeutic grade essential oil” is trademarked.  I know, I was once an MLM distributor before this millennia and I believed everything I was taught. After all, they have paid lawyers, chemists and marketing departments to back them up.

To give the MLM companies the benefit of the doubt, I would suspect that, originally, the term was used to distinguish their oils from those that were adulterated and made with chemicals.  These types of food grade or fragrant grade oils are prevalent and are what a majority of manufacturers and those untrained in natural health use for candle, soap making, etc.  I believe the MLM companies wanted to convey that their oils were pure and meant for restorative health purposes.  I would further guess that it may be because governing authorities CENSOR what one can say in regards to NATURAL healing modalities. In fact, one may not use the words “healing, cure, or treat” in regards to an oil, herb, vitamin, mineral, etc..   Thus, the word “therapeutic” became an adjective to denote that their oils were in a different class and pure.  Additionally, hopefully, it was a safer term to use in order to avoid shutdowns by the AMA and FDA.

However, with the essential oil industry growing by leaps and bounds and much competition with great opportunity to take control of the market (perhaps motivated by greed), I believe the term began to be used as a legal loophole of misinformation and advertising hype and became deceptive.  The problem is that many of us, who came from the MLM background and not directly into being a trained aromatherapist, wanted to denote that our oils, too, were pure, undefiled and were worthy of the of adjective “therapeutic.”  How else were we going to convey that to the shopping customer when reading our catalogs and websites?

A certified trained aroma therapist studies for approximately 3 years with basic chemistry of oils required and without MLM product bias. Their certification requires considerably much more training than what an MLM distributor receives which is carefully orchestrated to build loyalty only to their brand. Usually, their primary goal is to use the power of relationships to sign up people which the momentum needs to ever be sustained. This is in contrast to the trained aroma therapist who is ever increasing knowledge, sourcing their own oils and truly KNOWS what is going into their bottled product. As a whole, a trained therapist would NEVER make such a blanket statement as to the internal use NO MATTER how pure, therapeutic or high quality a specific oil or brand is!!!

Why?  Because pure essential oils are POTENT and there MAY be contraindications!  Therefore, it is NOT a SAFE statement to put out there as a blanket approach to the use of essential oils.  Nor is it honest and forthright to tell the public that essential oil retailers that do not endorse internal use or mark their oils for internal use are NOT selling oils that are worthy of the adjectives such as therapeutic, high quality, pure, 100% pure, medicinal, grade, etc..

It is NOT true that a certain company is THE ONLY company with such high standards and pure quality oils.  In fact, many of MLM companies get their oils tested by non-MLM trained chemists and aroma therapists by a third party who discover that their oils are not always pure, organic, unadulterated, etc.  There are many retailers and aroma therapists who do indeed have integrity and who are working hard to provide the best oils possible.  However, it is true, that there are few companies with INTEGRITY.

A trained therapist knows the basic chemical power of oils and has a basic knowledge and awareness of potential contraindications. Therefore, they would never just tell you that an oil can be taken internally without a proper personal evaluation and then with a qualified answer if they deemed internal use to be appropriate.

A trained aroma therapist KNOWS when you inhale an essential oil, you HAVE TAKEN IT INTERNALLY! Only you have done so at a safe, slower absorption rate. And that is a not always a true blanket statement. For instance, when I blend and inhale Citronella, I end up with a 12 hour plus migraine and I never get headaches. The chemistry in my body does NOT resonate with the chemistry in Citronella. Our bodies are so wonderfully made that our olfactory system has the ability to tell our body if an aroma of an essential oil and its chemistry therein is good for us or not and, whether or not, if it resonates and agrees with the chemistry in our living stones tabernacle!  For more info read the book MYSTICAL AROMATHERAPY.

Remember, SHeMeN contains molecules that are small enough to cross the blood brain barrier and enter into your bloodstream and travel to every cell of your body. Think about poisonous gas – you don’t have to swallow it for it to enter into your bloodstream and kill you!

When applying an essential oil topically, it goes into your skin and enters into your bloodstream. Normally, topical application absorbs into the body at a faster rate than inhalation but it’s usually considered safer than internal use. Topical use can also be toxic and dangerous depending on the oil, the person and their particular health.

For instance, WINTERGREEN oil has some wonderful properties but is sometimes used too much or misused. MORE is NOT BETTER. According to Dr. Tisserand (author of Essential Oil Safety – 2nd Edition), he considers it to be safe when used with a carrier oil of 95% to only 5% Wintergreen or less. This is because the methyl salicylate is fine for some people but not for others depending on their chemical makeup and definitely is NOT to be used when pregnant or when taking blood thinning drugs as it increases its effects.

There are many factors to determine how to use an essential oil which include what oil is being used, for what purpose, by whom and when. Considerations include the person’s health condition, diet, environmental toxins, sensitivities and/or medications just to name a few.

Essential oils are plant based and are normally safe to use in their proper amounts for inhalation and topically when needed. However, to be safe, especially when selling oils via internet, catalog sales, etc. when one does not know what possible contraindications may exist – it’s foolish to make blanket statements that certain oils can be taken internally.

Additionally, you wouldn’t want to use an essential oil that is labeled such but is truly an ABSOLUTE which is an extraction process using a solvent and is desired for some delicate flowers. I pray I can somehow recover the article I wrote on the different types of EXTRACTION PROCESSES for SHeMeN.)

I’ve experienced and used our essential oils for myself and family with great success by taking certain ones internally. But first, I take total responsibility, do diligent research, use proper amounts and know the sensitivities and or possible contraindications when doing such. Even then, there could be some unforeseen misfortune. For all I know, I could have acquired some chemical from the rain outside which would react to an oil. However, I would take responsibility for that and I would not tell someone that the only way to determine if an essential oil company is good is IF YOU CAN TAKE THEIR OILS INTERNALLY!

Believe it or not, although they are few and far between, there really are companies with INTEGRITY who sell pure undefiled essential oils and they are not MLM companies In fact, according to some of the lab reports I’ve seen and based on personal experience there are better oils available without the MLM marked up prices.

There are companies that have good oils but dilute their Frankincense with Lemon or Tea Tree oil. Another company sells Frankincense listed as Boswellia Sacra from Oman. However, in reality, the oil comes from trees grown in Texas which were imported from Oman. There’s more than one company who now lists different species of Frankincense as all being just Olibanum. They will tell you that all Frankincense is basically the same and there isn’t any differences in the species.

Some essential oil retailers can’t source true Moroccan Blue Tansy so they take what they have left and mix it with Idaho Blue Tansy. Others can’t source or afford Helichrysum italicum from Corsica which is the crème ala crème and, because of last year’s weather, has become scarce and even more costly. So, they mix it with Helichrysum italicum from France which is a very good quality and what is normally used. However, if one had hemophilia, they may desire the particular chemistry properties of Corsica Helichrysum instead. The cost difference may be worth it to them because they are dealing with a life threatening condition.

In these cases, it’s the INTEGRITY of the people of the company or aroma therapist who is sourcing and bottling the oils that you want to know about.

A person of INTEGRITY would disclose to you that Frankincense is getting harder and harder to source so they are cutting it with Lemon and/or Tea Tree oil and NOT CHARGE you as though it was pure, undefiled Frankincense (of whatever species).

A person of INTEGRITY would tell you that the Sacra Frankincense is from trees that came from Oman but were actually grown in Texas. You would think that since it now grows in Texas, it would sell for less since it’s now a domestic product not having to be imported from Oman. On the other hand, because of where it grows, the Texas grown tree may not have the same desired chemical constituents needed for someone dealing with radical cell growth that a tree grown in Oman would have.

A person or company of INTEGRITY would tell you that Frankincense species are getting harder to source due to weather conditions, etc.. They would tell you there are differences in species, especially, chemically and aromatically. If because of the scarcity and inability to source Frankincense in the different species, they would NOT LIE to you or mislead you when they decide to mix different Frankincenses — whatever kind they can get their hands on and sell it to you for the prized Omani Boswellia Sacra price. Neither would they misinform their staff to tell you that all Frankincenses are alike and are just called Olibanum. Then they would charge you accordingly to the species quality and country of origin.

A company of INTEGRITY would not substitute Idaho Tansy, species Tanacetum vulgare grown in the USA, for the more costly Tanacetum annum known as BLUE TANSY. Blue Tansy is different with a desired chemistry and aroma which is due to its origin of Morocco. Now, if they had INTEGRITY, they might decide to mix the two because they can’t get enough true Blue Tansy with the similar Idaho Tansy BUT they would DISCLOSE such and charge you accordingly. The same would be true of the Helichrysum italicum situation.

Can you take our essential oils internally? Certainly you “can” but is it safe? Based on our quality and standards which are just as good if not better than many a MLM company, ACCORDING to their “expert” point of view, the answer is, “Yes.”

BUT, I say the blanket answer is “NO!” I won’t tell you “yes” just so I can sell more oils to you. I don’t have a team of “experts” and lawyers to bail me out with a loophole. I don’t want you to get sick or possibly die by the improper use of essential oils. I want you to learn, take responsibility, and use SHeMeN as a tool for restoring your health and I exhort you to be in right relationship with the Creator Elohim in order that His Ruach/Spirit will lead you into truth, discernment and guide you as to what to do. Be in right relationship with Him. There are many times when I didn’t have the head knowledge and He led me as to what herb or oil to use to heal myself or my children. Sometimes, the head knowledge contradicted what He was telling me. Know Him who is INTEGRITY!

Having continued my studies in the pursuit of a Biblical Torah based aroma therapist certification and having been enlightened (Psalm 13:3), I have issued a retraction to my previous blanket statements made in the past and warn you that there just isn’t a simple answer. So, when listening to my radio shows, NOTE that I have made a retraction since the shows aired.

There is a SAFE answer and that is “NO!” Please be safe and pray about it. Be responsible, do your research for yourself and consider any contraindications. Know the INTEGRITY of the company or person you get your oils from! There is so much to know and consider. Even once I publish an entire article on this topic, it will only be touching the tip of the iceberg. Imagine how much I’ve written thus far just to give you some insight.

Please read my article BASIC SAFETY RULES FOR USING SHeMeN and when you  LISTEN to my radio shows starting with SHeMeN #1 — REMEMBER I’ve made a RETRACTION since I recorded those shows. In the future, I will be doing new shows to replace those which will include the Torah Studies and teachings I’ve learned during the certification process.

Also there are shows #9A, #9B, #10A and 10B in the Preparation Skills for the Remnant Bride on essential oils.

The real question should NOT be, “Are you able to take Remnant Remedy essential oils internally?”

Rather, the questions should be, “Are your oils pure and undefiled and does the label represent what is really inside the bottle?”

“Are your oils capable of restoring health and are the people involved with Remnant Remedy ones of honesty and integrity?”

Those would be my first two questions — knowing what I know now.

The next question I want to know is, “Do you pray or chant over the oils or is the person handling the oils have an unclean lifestyle or thoughts?”

Unclean practices and thoughts and/or chanting to other gods all have vibrational electro-magnetic frequencies that affect the oils. Inquiring minds want to know. I want clean thoughts and practices and prayers to the Creator Elohim going into my oils. How about you?

For His Kingdom - Blessings and Health!

Nitza Moshe

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