SPECIAL THIS WEEK ONLY==> FREE GERM CLEAN (15ml) with over purchases $100.  

PLUS orders over $150 also Receive a FREE 10ml bottle of CITRUS DELIGHT
Offer Expires 3/4/16 and while supplies last!

!! No Shipping - Pick up Remnant Remedy Essential Oils in Salem, Oregon on 3/6/16 !!  See Remnant Ramblings Newsletter or call for more info.

Upcoming Events!

Following are dates to remember to attend a BASIC HEALTH SEMINAR and other HEALTH CLASSES being offered in Salem, Oregon beginning March 6, 2016.

I will be attending the community-wide
BASIC HEALTH SEMINAR hosted by Manna from Heaven Ministries on March 6th and will have Remnant Remedy products including essential oils and linen tallits available for purchase.  If there is anything you would like to order and pick up at the seminar to save $$ on shipping, email me by 3/2/16 so I'll make sure it's in our inventory to bring.


3/6/16 @ 1pm - BASIC HEALTH SEMINAR, Red Lion Inn, Salem, Oregon
Special Guests will be Ed & Karen McKenzie of the Natural Health Center located at 309 S. Water Street, Silverton, Oregon.  Karen specializes in nutritional health and offers a variety of classes on beginning and maintaining optimum wellness.  This seminar will focus on the benefits of a healthy colon and how to achieve such.  She will also teach on various aspects of the entire elimination system which includes the skin, liver, kidneys and colon and to treat any illness that occurs through proper care of these toxic waste systems.  Karen has had exciting results helping many who suffer from major illnesses, including cancer.  She has helped them gain full recovery through protocols that she employs.  Her clinic offers state-of-the-art colon cleansing in a sterile and private environment along with other modalities of health care including FAR Infrared (FIR) sauna, Chi Machines and MUCH MORE!

Attendance is
FREE with LIMITED SEATING on FIRST COME BASIS.  Karen will offer various health products and technology along with brief consultations and questions afterwards.

There will be a
LOVE OFFERING to help cover venue expenses and to bless and show appreciation for information and services offered.

Our bodies are the Living Stones Tabernacle of the KING and we have an obligation to get them in optimum condition.  This is a MUST for the BRIDE to be PREPARED for her COMING BRIDEGROOM!

DON'T MISS this wonderful opportunity to get your body ready to meet the King!  It's an act of worship and, after all, didn't Esther do such??!!!


GEETA Barr will be teaching @ 1pm at the Adventist Community Services Center, 1860 Summer Street, N.E., Salem, Oregon.  $10 Class Fee 

GEETA Barr will be teaching @ 1pm at the Adventist Community Services Center, 1860 Summer Street, N.E., Salem, Oregon.  $10 Class Fee 


The Telling: Reliving the Passover 2016

Manna from Heaven Ministries is ecstatic to announce that preparations for their 2nd Annual Passover Play "The Telling" is well under way with a new twist to the story. You won't want to miss this! More details will be available soon but for now, SAVE the DATE!                                                   

Sunday, April 17th, 6PM
*Currently the Red Lion in Salem is the possible location, but the location may change.  Details available soon!
Tentative ticket Prices:
$12.50 - Adult (*Includes a Free Gift of Hyssop Essential Oil from Remnant Remedy)
$7.00 - Child (4-12 years old)
Children 3 and Under Free

More information will be available soon via Manna from Heaven Ministries and registration will be via our Event Site @

Remnant Remedy will also be attending and participating at THE TELLING.  Hope to see you there!

The next
article to be released this coming week in Remnant Ramblings News will be Part 2: A Brief Overview of Linen so keep your eyes open for it!  

If you missed it, you may want to read Part 1 in the newsletter archives.

Until then . . . 

May your garments always be white and may your head lack no SHeMeN!

For His Kingdom,




Orders over $100 receive 1 FREE 15ml bottle of GERM FREE CLEANER . . . 

PLUS orders over $150 also receive a FREE 10ml bottle of CITRUS DELIGHT

Offer Expires 3/4/16 and/or while supplies last!

!! Avoid Shipping Costs !! 
Pick up Remnant Remedy Essential Oils from Nitza in Salem, Oregon on 3/6/16 !! See Nitza at the Red Lion Inn at the BASIC HEALTH SEMINAR.

Be sure to contact me for what you would like to purchase before 8pm Pacific on 3/2/16 to make sure it's in our inventory going to Oregon. 

Seminar begins Sunday, March 6, 2016 @ 1pm -- See me at least 30 minutes before or just after the presentation.


Offer Expires
Midnight Pacific Time

while supplies last!
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