On Feelings Like Tidal Waves...
On Feelings Like Tidal Waves...
Emotions have always been a powerful force in my life. 

Since my immediate family is reading that first line and laughing at the understatement, I’ll be the first to acknowledge that it’s not always a good thing.

Those feelings can be a lot like tidal waves, if you think about it...  Showing up with little warning, surging in larger than you could imagine, and the strength to demolish entire communities. 

The same ocean that sends those tidal waves also produces moments of pure magnificence, without a doubt. 

In a completely different tide, you see the stunning view of a thousand diamonds twinkling off the surface, schools of colored fish more radiant than your 3rd grade sticker book, and the ability to harvest endless energy from the constant ebb and frothy flow.  

Taking your breath away with the beauty, filling you with wonder, and making you feel ever so small at the edge of something so entirely immense. 

Swelling with love or excitement and then smashing through beautiful sand-castles with a single swipe, those waves - they have the ability to ruin a picnic as quickly as the tide of a heart changes from smooth waters to stormy seas.

As much as I try to stay in control on the surface, it can feel a lot like swimming against a rip current... Scary. Exhausting. Impossible.

The interesting thing is that you can save yourself using the very same steps in both situations... Has anyone ever told you how to avoid being swept out to sea?

+ Take a deep breath and stop fighting the pull
+ Keep your head above water and your eyes on the shore
+ Swim alongside the edge of the land you’re trying to reach.

Only then will the undertow release you from it's grasp, but learning how to make these things second nature takes time and practice.

For now, let the waves of compassion and grace wash over you in the panicky moments, and the stones weighing you down will become smooth like glass in no time at all. [Click to share.]

In the meantime, you KNOW I'll be waiting on the sand to collect you with a fluffy towel and and hug.

XOXO - Jessie Pepper
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