On Keeping up with Kindred Spirits...
On Keeping up with Kindred Spirits...
Take a sec to think of the few friends who just happen to get you the most... 

Whether it's gal pals or guy friends or a golden retriever, being without for long bouts can feel more like you're missing an actual limb than a loved one. 

Many of my closies* live SO stupidly far away (the big bummer about moving around), but we do our best to visit and vacation and virtually sync up our stories however we can. 

Instead of focusing on the many moments that get missed, we fill our together-times with both belly-laughs AND tears... Making a little magic as we link up our lives, right from where we left off.  

Prioritizing each other's presence.
Catching up and cuddling over cabernet. 
Falling asleep with intertwined feet.

Having a heart fueled by friendships is so hard when the distance is great, but there is not much I love more than breathing the same air as those precious people and their golden souls.

Currently winging our ways to a closie-fest (as I type!), and literally cannot wait for the squeezes and shopping and swimming and stories.  I’ll be sure to share snippets of our time right over here, so follow along and I'll catch you back here next week!

XOXO - Jessie Pepper

Ps. - More good words on friendship, and my favorite app for keeping in touch… Like a walkie-talkie for your smart phone = So genius!
PPs. - Feel like sharing your favorite friend-moment with me by replying right here? Working on something special and always LOVE hearing your thoughts!

*Closies are like besties whose hearts are especially aligned... Send this little nugget to your own precious people, and I'll think of you as I link up with mine!
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