On Swan Diving Into a New Pool...
On Swan Diving Into a New Pool...
This month has felt full to the brim with so many summer bests… Every inch soaked in sunshine, and me —> bobbing around in a heart-shaped floaty device inflated with joy. ;)


I was running by the neighborhood pool this past week, and felt myself slow to a stop as I watched the noodley little grade-schoolers taking their turns on the high-dive platform… Did you ever do anything so thrilling at that age? Please tell me you remember the moment!

Looking out over the water while you scootched gingerly to the edge.  Curling your toes around the end of the board and listening to the distant shouts of friends coaxing you on.  Wondering what they’d say if you decided to climb back down the ladder instead...

When it came time for Dani to make her big leap (in the sassiest striped green suit I’ve ever seen), I could hardly bear to watch as the following feelings swam across that sweet freckled face of hers:

+  Nervous anticipation.  Do I REALLY want to do this? (Doubtful.) 
+  Excitement, hope, promise.  Is everyone else having fun? (Absolutely.)
+  Thoughtful consideration. Will I pass out on impact and sink to the bottom? (Very unlikely.)
And finally… 
+  Let’s get this freaking show on the road.  A front-flip is only the way to go.

Y’all I WISH you could have seen me join in cheering with the fellow campers on the sides of the pool!  Eyes closed, fists pumping in the air… The camp counselors probably thought I was that brave girl’s MAMA, and poor Dani is likely still mortified that a sweaty stranger stopped to witness her feat. (#oops)

Want to know what I remember most about my own high-dive moments?  

That waivery little wiggle-bit when the weight of your body begins to pitch forward past the point of no return…  

You realize that since it’s no longer a yes-or-no decision, you might as well aim for an elegant swan dive instead of a pool-slapping pink-belly flop.  (Though I DO remember plenty of the latter.)

Either way, big jumps take boldness... Swan-dive or belly-flop, I'm cheering for you just the same. [Click to tweet]

Watching Dani experience her own thrilling excitement reminded me that I’ve got a few "big jumps" coming up in my little world, and in case you also happen to be hanging out on a platform of your own at the moment: I want to remind you to stick with the hunch that you just KNOW it’s going to be good. ;)

XOXO - Jessie Pepper

Ps. - Thank you SO so much for all of your kind words on last week’s letter… I was floored by your sweet sisterly sentiments and am realizing more and more that I wouldn't want to do this year without you. MWAH!

PPs. - You may have already seen my note a few days ago, but we're moving to a new apartment in Hoboken next week!  Kind of hilarious that we're only going two blocks away AND that I was giving my parents a hard time about the same thing just a little while ago.

JOKE'S ON ME. (As usual.)  *wink!*
MARRIAGE IS FUNNY:  You didn't think I'd mention those "big jumps" without giving you a little sneak peek, did you?  ;)  Mr. Pepper and I have been hard at work on this new project of ours, and even though the launch is still several weeks away - I'm letting YOU see it first so you can tell us what you think!
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