On Building Big Dreams on Belief...
On Building Big Dreams on Belief...
Someone’s dreams came true right in front of my very eyes this week. 

(Let that baby play while you read the rest of my note… #happyfriday!)

This particular someone has always been the kind to have grand ideas, and I’ve always been just a leeeetle nervous about the possibility of seeing him experience grave disappointment.

By now you know that I’m usually more of a rosy-glasses kind of gal, but sometimes watching a person you love trip over tiny missteps can be just as sad as experiencing them for yourself...  

On the other hand —  Seeing someone’s world change because they’ve pursued their passions from the moment you watched them take their first steps?  


FAR better than the feeling of flipping through the air, and much flashier than any fireworks that The 4th could deliver.

In continuing to think about how the desires of our hearts develop into these big darling dreams, I’ve begun to notice a pattern worth adopting as my own personal plan.  (Thankfully, I had this little fellow to help me put it in to words this morning…)  

A mixture of reality and raving optimism is the best way to find a formula for confident pursuit... Create your own recipe, then cover it in belief to cook up the kind of dreams that you know will come true. [Click to share!]
While I take my "raving optimism" and try to infuse it with an extra helping of truth today, I’ll let YOU tell ME what grand plans you'll be dreaming about this weekend…

Make 'em BIG, Babycakes! (And don't forget to floor it past the fear!)

Sending Buckets of Belief & Freshly-Baked Dreams,

XOXO - Jessie Pepper

Ps. - I happen to be day-dreaming about 8 TRILLION things at any given moment (I know. You're shocked.) and SEVERAL of them involve searching for little ways to thank you for reading my love notes each week. Stay tuned for more delightful details back here very soon, and in the meantime -- I'd love to have you share today's letter with a friend or two!
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If you're looking for a few new goodies for your jewelry line-up lately, their SUMMER SALE (happening now!) is the perfect time. 

Oh, and even though these look like a million bucks? They are only $15 - You're welcome! *wink*
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