On Untethering a Free Spirit... (Plus 3 Adventure Must-Haves!)  
+ On Untethering a Free Spirit... (Plus 3 Adventure Must-Haves!) +
Bohemian.  Eccentric.  Gonzo.  

(What the muppet?!)

These are just three of the words that come up when you search for the phrase “free spirit” on, and none of them seem to be intended for a very gracious description. 

What may sound like a term meant for flighty travelers or a herd of half-broke horses, it also happens to be a way that I’d describe my own heart as I've continued to learn more and more about myself over the past few years.

Moving around to different locations is the exact opposite of what I experienced in my childhood… Not only did I live in the same home for the first 18 years of my life, but it is also the very house that my mom and her siblings were raised in!  It sometimes still feels like those roots run so deep, and I’m often surprised that I was ever able to branch off and experience the world on my own.  

My adventures have taught me so much, but one of the things I’ve learned recently is that by expanding our personal frames of reference, we are able to truly identify with more of the people that we come in contact with in our day-to-day, and that can drastically increase our ability to make a powerful impact on others. 
Living in multiple places or moving around might sound like a nightmare (or at least fairly daunting) to some, but when thinking about the potential to embark on your own exciting journey, I’d like to suggest that you consider the following... 

Embracing a free spirit does not mean changing who you are or forsaking where you are from.  We are not rootless or unstable, but gloriously untethered - Free to explore the world that lies beyond the firm foundation where we began.  

hot air baloonInstead of imagining a little dandelion puff floating around in the wind (wheeee!), picture the majestic presence of a hot air balloon as it slowly lifts off into flight… If you’ve ever had a chance to see such a thing, you’ll know that she is just as beautiful when hovering above the ground between trips, but even MORE magnificent when she finally launches into the sky with a fire burning in her heart. 

Sure enough, those ropes and sand bags will come in handy for safety and long-term maintenance, but I like to think that we’re meant to create lasting ties to something far greater than a stake in this Earth.   


Still not sure if you're meant to leave on your latest voyage just yet?  Here are three must-haves to help you embrace your next adventure:
  1. A Strong Foundation - Recognize the places you feel most at home and invest in time spent growing and relaxing amidst those communities.  For me, this means be-bopping around to multiple cities and exploring new spots during the time in between!
  2. A Faithful Companion - It could be a human soulmate, a beloved pup, or a really trusty journal.  Sharing your best moments with someone other than yourself will be the best way to prevent a lonely journey.
  3. A Courageous Heart - It takes boldness to go where you’ve never gone before, but remind yourself that bravery can create space for beauty, and you deserve to lead an utterly gorgeous life. 

You know I'm always here if you want to chat about the journey that life has you exploring, so fill me in on your own upcoming "travels" and I'll keep my fingers crossed that you climb into a basket that gives you a truly remarkable view.

With A Fiery Heart & A Firm Foundation,
XOXO - Jessie Pepper
ON MY BOOKSHELF:  Easily in my top five faves of the last decade, The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls is sure to encourage the inspection of a more transient lifestyle... Her semi-prequel and "real life novel", Half-Broke Horses, is just as delicious and I can't wait to read her latest title when I finish the current stack on my nightstand!
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