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The time has come for our first week of CSA and we're excited to get started!  You will see the usual spring "suspects" this week in the boxes and it is heavy on the greens.  Our new newsletter editor, Devin Pope, has highlighted the greens and will be sharing recipies and other ideas on how to handle and use your veggies.  Check out her great links for ideas on this weeks harvest.
You will notice, but I wanted to point out, that the spinach leaves are exceptionally large.  The Palouse has witnessed an amazing number of thunderstorms the last two weeks and last weekend's lighting apparently contributed to the rapid growth of this first spinach crop!  We have also had our first crop failure...the snap peas were ravished by the voles.  Some of the other early crops you are familiar with will not be included this year as we are still VERY BUSY building a new farm.  For example, rhubarb was replanted but cannot be harvested this year.  Please come by and see the great progress though.  We'll be open to the public every Friday afternoon during the CSA pickup (3-6pm).
Regarding Friday visits...please drive slowly up the gravel road from Terre View Rd onto Animal Sciences Rd.  It is a steep climb to the main gate and you will need to be careful crossing the bike path to the main road.  We will have the pickup site just inside the fence.  Please drive into the farm and park on the grass.  Jacqueline will be at the white tent to greet you.

If you forgot your pickup day, here's the link to the registration page:


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Weekly Harvest:



1# Spinach, 1/2# Salad Mix, Radishes, Kale, Tomato Plant


1# Spinach, 1# Salad Mix, Radishes, Kale, Shallot Greens, Tomato Plant

Recipes & Ideas:

Click through the link to find the original recipe online. 

Spinach Basil Pesto

The memo this week is "Eat your greens" and there are many ways to celebrate (or sneak in) those leafy vegetables. Green smoothies are an easy way to start the day with a nutrient dense meal. A big salad topped with leftover grains, crunchy vegetables and adorned with cheese or nuts will make quick work of the mix. Switch up your usual oil and vinegar with one of these 10 alternatives. Here are nine ways to eat radishes (don't forget the greens, too.) And if you don't like your kale raw, give it a quick sauté.


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