Tuesday, May 13th, 2013
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Trail mix. The Indianapolis Cultural Trail opened over the weekend. Project for Public Spaces spoke with Brian Payne of Central Indiana Community Foundation, who talks about the genesis and history of the Trail, and how it "is all about the journey." The Star covered the opening, and challenged Indianapolis to keep thinking big ala the Cultural Trail. They also posted a fun 8 minute, 10,000 frame capture. The Indianapolis Recorder talks about some of the programming at the Walker Theater. / tag: Indianapolis Cultural Trail / JB

A new metric. Introducing: The FroYo Economic Impact Index (FEII). Consider that before the Cultural Trail, you had to go up north to Carmel or Fishers to satisfy your desire for "healthy" frozen yogurt. Now, upon completion of the Trail, there's Mass Ave's YoguLatte, Fountain Square's Esty-esque Cultured Swirl, CityWay and Indiana Avenue's Orange Leaf, and the city-slick froyo/cereal/oatmeal/crepe bar PEARings at 6 West Washington. Soon-to-open are Indy Swirl on the Circle and Sno Zone on Mass Ave. All of these are on or within spitting distance of the Trail, putting the Trail's FEII at a level of 7. Not bad! Is there a correlation between frozen yogurt and economic development? Who knows. But we do know the Trail is an even bigger success when it will have una paletería. / tag: FroYo, economic development / JB

Travelling star. The Star reports that the Star will be moving somewhere to a place that "better suits its needs in a digital age." Developers will convert the Star's then former building into 500 or so downtown apartments. / tag: Indianapolis Star, development / MH


Hello, my name is...  It's tough to know everyone in NYC but a group of people is out to change that by naming June 1st "Nametag Day," Fun happy video here! The Gothamist suggests that the idea might have started with Seinfield, but we think it might have even earlier rootsGothmist's comments are replete with grumpy links to Die, Hipster, Die, but if we lived in rooms like these we'd be whiney too. We liked this more balanced comment from a born-and-raised-NYer: "I like the new brand of New Yorkers. They are a breath of fresh air with their positive, fun-loving, friendly attitudes. If it means bitching at orchestrated public pillow fights, I can deal with that." Related: NYC Punk is dead (again), according to Sasha Frere-Jones. / tag: New York City / MH, LH, JB

Up or out? L.A. is changing by growing upward rather than out and public station KCRW is asking "Do we want to be a weak-tea version of New York?" Speaking of L.A. and New York: Martin Filler reviews two futurist architectural exhibitions and Los Angelinos aren't so happy. Urbanist L.A. Cowboy accuses Miller of unfairly stereotyping L.A, and A Walker in L.A. catalogued every cliche thatMiller employed. Nice to know Indianapolis isn't the only city that gets defensive. Related: Michael Maltzan writes at Design Observer "We are witnessing the beginning moments of Los Angeles’s latest transformation." / tag: Los Angeles, New York City / LH, JB

Now. This Is Now captures geotagged Instagram photos of cities and provides a quick snapshot of the exact second of the city. / tag: tech, photography / JB


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