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Plug Power Structures ReliOn as Stationary Power Product Brand
Plug Power Inc. (NASDAQ: PLUG), a leader in providing clean,reliable energy products, has restructured its’ brands, presenting the ReliOn division, a Plug Power company, under the larger powerhouse umbrella of Plug Power Inc. Plug Power acquired the Spokane, WA, corporation in April 2014, adding a talented employee base, valuable fuel cell stack technology and a stationary power fuel cell product offering to its portfolio.

With the addition of the ReliOn product, the company can bring its turnkey GenKey solution to customers in the stationary fuel cell market, serving telecommunications, grid support, utility and government applications. GenKey combines the ReliOn fuel cells with GenFuel fueling and infrastructure and GenCare ongoing customer support. The availability of GenKey removes the significant hurdle of extensive project management of multiple vendors to adopt hydrogen fuel in these markets. Read the release here

ReliOn fuel cells win 2nd place at CTIA's Etech Awards
More than 50 industry experts, analysts and media examined and scored the nearly 300 entries across CTIA’s three programs to determine the finalists and winners. ReliOn’s entry, “CIC USA and ReliOn provide a reliable, cost-effective and green remote off-grid power solution” won second place in the category “Green Telecom & Networks”. This installation provides ongoing primary power to a microwave tower on a mountain in Pennsylvania, enabling data communications from one part of the country to another. In the process, the customer saved the $750,000 a grid extension would have cost.

So You Want a Reliable Network?
There are many very competent people who are confused about power. And really, who can blame them? Between AC and DC, breaker ratings, name plate ratings, rectifiers and power solutions already on site, there is a lot of information available about power at each customer site. Some of it is helpful. Some may be specified higher than required. Some power solutions may have been placed by a person who was overwhelmed by the data and decided, “more is better.” If you are one of us for whom “power” is not our first language, take heart. It’s not as difficult as it may seem. That said, there are many reasons you should get a handle on your actual power requirements. Doing so may even open the doors to solutions you thought were out of reach. Read the article in OSP Magazine

Fuel Cells on Mars
ReliOn fuel cell products are being used as part of an off-grid hybrid solar/battery/fuel cell installation on Mars, or as close as we can get for now. Hi-Seas (Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation), a NASA-funded program, is conducting missions that mimick life on Mars. The goal is to examine how well a group of people, isolated from civilization, can get along and work together. Hi-Seas has already conducted two missions lasting four months each. Mission 3, in progress now, will last eight months. Read more about Mission 3 over the next several months through the blogs of the people living inside the dome on Mauna Loa.

During this month, we in the U.S. set aside time to consider the gifts we have received in our lives and to give thanks. We thank you for the ability to get to know you and the projects you work with daily. We wish each of you a healthy and prosperous future.

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