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This month was spent preparing for the annual QCM Information & Discussion Event on September 16th. The event was very successful, and the day was enjoyed by all. We at QCM would again like to thank all the guests who showed up for their support and attention! 
When the student is ready, the master appears.
– Buddhist Proverb

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Course Updates
I. Open Course Status October 2016 - February 2017

II. Open Course Status EASA Part-147 Type Trainings

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Job Market
Please find below our open courses with seats available.

If you are interested in participating in these courses, or any other training, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If not stated otherwise, courses take place in our facilities in Belp/Berne.
Please click on the Course title for detailed information

  I. Open Course Status  /  October 2016 to February 2017
  Course Title Date
  Train the Trainer for Supervisors 11.-12.10.16 open Matthias Werner
  Combined FTS / EWIS Ref. 17.10.16 fully booked Paul Baumann
  EASA Part-21 DOA Expert 18.-19.10.16 open Christian Schusser
  EASA Part-21 DOA Continuation 20.10.16 open Christian Schusser
  EASA Part-M Subpart G Refresher 24.10.16 open Paul Baumann
  EASA Part-M Subpart G 25.-26.10.16 open Paul Baumann
  Auditor  26.-28.10.16 open Markus Friedli
  Airworthiness Review for ARC Signatories 27.10.16 open Paul Baumann
  EASA Part-145 08.-09.11.16 open Georg Stöcker
  Air Operation Regulation 14.-15.11.16 open Claudio Pacozzi
  Aircrew Regulation 16.-17.11.16 open Patrick Sutter
  NiCad Batteries 22.-23.11.16 open Toni Bürgi
  Maintenance Program (Hannover) 22.-23.11.16 open Markus Willisch
  Management Systems in Aviation  29.11.-02.12.16 open Markus Friedli
  EASA Part-21 DOA Basic 13.-14.12.16 open Christian Schusser
  Safety & Quality Auditor 30.01.-01.02.17 open Markus Friedli
  EASA Part-145 07.-08.02.17 open Georg Stöcker
  EASA Part-145 Refresher 09.02.17 open Georg Stöcker
II. Open Course Status  /  EASA Part-147 Type Trainings
  Course Title Date
  Learjet 35/36 Level 3 B2 Theoretical 10.-14.10.16 open Harald Zimmermann
  Learjet 35/36 Level 1C 01.-03.11.16 open Walter Brisch
  Cessna 560XL 07.-25.11.16 open Chris Tamerius
  Learjet 55 Level 1 C Theoretical 25.-28.04.17 open Walter Brisch

QCM's Information & Discussion Event 2016
September 16, 2016
September 16th dawned as every great day should: the cheery greeting of the QCM Staff, ready for a big day. The day began with a QCM Group Picture full of smiling faces. Further preparations included directing guests to the designated parking zones, and preparing the coffee and tea for all those that needed warming up after braving the chilly, windy conditions.

The Event began at 9.30 on the dot, and after all guests had registered, our MC for the Event, Georg Stöcker opened the floor to our first presenters for the day: Ian Williams, the President of the EAMTC, discussed EASA Part-66 Licenses and the future of maintenance in the aviation industry. Ian explained the background and regulations to EASA and Part 66, as well as licensing in the context of technology, and different needs of the various aircraft groups, as well as what needs we might see in the future as technology evolves.
Margriet Bredewold, from Co-Guard GmbH, introduced the topic of the role Human Error plays in aviation. Many statistics were brought up, all relating to how human error has had an impact in aviation, for instance, maintenance errors regarding engine problems cause 50% of flight cancellations. Furthermore, Margriet explained human error, and performance adjustments to make in relation to work done.

After another coffee break, and the chance to stretch our legs, Klaus Tibi took the stage; he explained the how and why of flammability. The regulations that apply to flammability were detailed and explained, and examples of various disasters were outlined, along with their direct result. Jet Aviation Basel’s flammability test apparatus was also illustrated and explained, and gave all attendants a more thorough knowledge of how the testing occurs.

After a hot lunch of one of Indonesia’s more well-known dishes, Nasi Goreng à la Bruno and Erika, Marion Venus from Venus Aviation GmbH stepped forward to present an in depth look into the Germanwings Crash and its consequences, and an oversight over the new EASA rules in 2017. As a Clinical and Health psychologist, Marion was very well placed to discuss such an emotional accident and the outcomes that have to be looked into in future regulations.

Mike Weber (ProJet) and Karsten Geiger (Arbeitswelt), presented the concept of Crew Pooling, and the benefits to the operators when implemented, as well as outlining the Rule Making Task 0599; a concept paper for “Clustered Operation” should be prepared by the end of 2016  by EASA. A market study has also been performed between crew and air operators, and many admit to working as, or hiring, freelance pilots.
The Information & Discussion was concluded by our very own Christian Schusser and Nicusor Ardac, who, with the help of Jean-Luc Rosenfeld, gave a brief insight into the Avionics Mandates, more specifically the ADS-B and CPDLC/FANS 1A systems. Nicusor, as the Expert, very thoroughly explained the requirements, and when the mandates were due by, with Christian posing as the interviewer for their presentation. Jean-Luc gave a further insight into In Flight Connectivity and its future, as well as making operators aware of the possibilities available on the market, and who the target audiences are for such antennae and technology.

The afternoon was then declared a free-for-all, with plenty of good cheer, lively discussions, and good food and drink. A lovely day was had by all, and we would like to thank all guests to came to Belp to help us celebrate QCM. A special thanks to all who organized the event, and all those who helped throughout the day!

QCM's 15,000th Course Participant

When Markus Enck and Britta Zwahlen founded Q.C.M. quality control management AG in 2000, their idea was to establish a support centre in the aviation industry. Initially, Markus provided training and consulting services for a few customers/organisations starting with the first customer “Christen Airtech” in Grenchen, Switzerland.

During these days, while sitting in Markus’ living room enjoying a nice bottle of wine (maybe not only one), their imagination of Q.C.M. never went so far as to think about a worldwide, well-known organisation being active in consulting, training, continuing airworthiness management and design, and serving customers from nearly all continents and relying on a team of approximately 30 colleagues, or better said FRIENDS. That’s what really drives this organisation; we are all friends and we call ourselves the “QCM FAMILY”.
What we all know today as “QCM” is “YOUR SWISS COMPETENCE CENTRE IN AVIATION”, an organisation which stands for
Q  ->  Questions will be answered and your wishes will be fulfilled; miracles take a little bit longer.
C  ->  Customer satisfaction is our priority; if you are happy, we are happy.
M  ->  Meet us at our QCM campus and enjoy our after-work parties. You are always welcome to join us.
And now, in July 2016, we have reached another milestone in QCM history.
After nearly 16 years providing training for the aviation industry, we are proud to announce that we reached the impressive milestone of having provided training to 15,000 course participants.

We took this number as a special occasion during our yearly "Information and Discussion Event" on 16th September 2016 and we celebrated the “winner”. Mr. Rudolf Neuenschwander, the Mayor of Belp, handed over a small present to Frank Luchtenberg, Deputy Nominated Person Continuing Airworthiness of Belair Airlines AG/airberlin group in Zürich.
Frank visited the EASA Part-M training in July 2016 at our QCM campus in Belp.

Picture (from left to right): Georg Stöcker (QCM Instructor/Consultant), Britta Zwahlen (QCM Training Coordinator), Frank Luchtenberg (15,000th participant), Rudolf Neuenschwander (Mayor of Belp), Markus Enck (QCM CEO).
We all hope that the next 15,000 participants will not wait another 16 years, but that we can celebrate the 30,000th participant much earlier.


We look forward to welcoming you at our QCM campus, or meeting you during an inhouse training at your organisation.

I am always on the hunt for various topics on which to write my article each month. If you have a suggestion, or simply a question you would like answered, please do not hesitate to write me an email. I can be reached by clicking on this link:

Notice of Proposed Amendments (NPAs)
NPA 2016-12 04/10/2016 06/01/2017
Transposition of provisions on electronic flight bags from ICAO Annex 6    
NPA 2016-11 30/09/2016 09/01/2017
Review of aeroplane performance requirements for commercial air transport operations    
NPA 2016-10 26/09/2016 26/10/2016
Maintaining aerodromes rules - AMC/GM for Aerodromes - Amendment 2    
NPA 2016-09(A) 14/09/2016 16/01/2017
Requirements for air traffic services    
NPA 2016-09(B) 14/09/2016 16/01/2017
Requirements for air traffic services    
NPA 2016-08 07/09/2016 07/12/2016
Import of aircraft from other regulatory system, and Part-21 Subpart H review    
NPA 2016-06(A) 15/07/2016 15/11/2016
Fuel planning and management: Aeroplanes - Annex I (Definitions), Part-ARO, Part-CAT    
NPA 2016-06(B) 15/07/2016 15/11/2016
Fuel planning and management: Helicopters - Annex I (Definitions), Part-CAT, Part-SPA, Part-NCC, Part-NCO & Part-SPO    
NPA 2016-06(C) 15/07/2016 15/11/2016
Fuel planning and management: Aeroplanes/helicopters - Part-NCC, Part-NCO & Part-SPO    





Take advantage of our Newsletter platform if you wish to publish a job advertisement or if you are looking for a new challenge in the aviation industry.

Please note that details of job advertisements or searches for the next edition must reach our office ( by the 22nd of each month.

Without further notice, your advertisement will be published
only once.

QCM design GmbH EASA.21J.509 is seeking a Compliance Verification Engineer
for Avionics / Electrical Systems & Structures (ATA Chapters 23, 25, 34)

As a member of a dynamic team, your participation contributes to the certification and design of various changes on aircraft. We are looking for a CVE with previous in depth experience, and the following responsibilities and qualifications will be key in preparing your application.

- design and development of changes to aircraft (i.e. installation certification of GPS NAV system)
- concept optimization after analysing customer needs
- developing compliance documents to European aviation specifications
- senior Design Engineer knowledge

- graduated from a technical aviation school with an academic degree (BSc or MSc)
- 2-3 years of experience in an EASA Part 21J design organization as a design engineer
- familiar with Microsoft Office applications
- familiar with CAD systems (preferably with Solid Edge) and methods of design (Wiring Diagrams)
- high level of English communication skills, both written and spoken (German not necessary)
- ability to work both independently and as part of an international, multicultural team
- willingness to travel and work on-site
- willingness to relocate to Belp, Switzerland, or Vienna, Austria
- willingness to take over responsibilities

This position offers a competitive salary package for a 42.5 hour week; however, arrangements can be negotiated regarding a desire to work part-time. Depending on qualifications and experience in Aerospace Engineering, an overpayment is conceivable.
Please provide a motivation letter with an updated copy of your CV in PDF format and send it to:

Mr. Christian Schusser
Q.C.M. design GmbH
Eichholzweg 20-24
CH-3123 Belp

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