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San Diego, December 25, 2000.
The day I realized that Santa wasn't real, and had, in fact, been impersonated by my very own dad!Upon opening the very special, much-awaited for Card from Santa, I noticed the handwriting; it was very similar to one I had seen hundreds of times, whilst wreaking havoc in my dad's study at home.
"Dad," I whispered into his ear, so my three younger siblings wouldn't hear me. "Daddy, are you Santa?"
Stout denial was the first response.
"But, Daddy, you wrote this! I can tell, see? The 'E' in Erika looks like when you write it!"
A frantic shushing gave me the answer I was looking for. My poor Dad appeared incredulous that I had recognized his handwriting!
It's probably why we always type to each other now...
On another note, there are our courses for the coming few months to discover and consider. Please have a look at the open course status and our course updates for further information.

Read about the EASA Workshops held   in this month's main article.
Also included are a one or two
short articles.
This month, QCM is pleased have a few job offers available, and you can, of course, continue to send us your job vacancies and descriptions to be posted in our newsletter.

Here's to Cinnamon Star cookies and receiving Christmas letters!

Joyfully yours,

Erika G


Course Updates
I. Open Course Status
January - March 2015

II. Open Course Status EASA Part-147 Type Trainings

Main Article


II. Supersonic Airliner 

Job Market
We at QCM would like to wish all our readers, wherever you may be, a very happy, festive season, and all the best for 2015! We hope the new year brings you all the successes and happiness you wish for!
TTFN, Ta Ta For Now, and until next year...

Beste Grüsse,
Your QCM Team

Please find below our open courses with seats available.

If you are interested in participating in these courses, or any other training, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  I. Open Course Status  /  January - March 2015
  Course Title Date
  EASA Part-21 DOA Basic 13.-14.01.15 open Christian Schusser
  EASA Part-21 DOA Continuation  15.01.15 open Christian Schusser
  EASA Part-145  03.-04.02.15 open Georg Stöcker
  Maintenance Program 10.-11.02.15 open Markus Willisch
  Management Systems in Aviation
(incl. Safety and Quality Systems)
23.-26.02.15 open Markus Friedli
  EASA Part-145 Ref. 03.03.15 open Georg Stöcker
  EASA Part-M Subpart G Refresher 04.03.15 open Paul Baumann
  Accountable Manager 05.-06.03.15 open TBD
  Air Operation Regulation 09.-10.03.15 open Patrick Sutter
  Aircrew Regulation 11.-12.03.15 open Claudio Pacozzi
  EASA Part-66 /-147 10.-11.03.15 open Georg Stöcker
  EASA Part-M Subpart G 17.-18.03.15 open Paul Baumann
 If not stated otherwise, courses take place in our facilities in Belp/Berne.
Please click on the Course title for detailed information

II. Open Course Status  /  EASA Part-147 Type Trainings
  Course Title Date
  Dassault Falcon 900EX GenFam C 19.-21.01.2015 open Chris Tamerius
  Dassault Falcon 900B - 900EX Diff 08.-10.04.2015 open tbd
 If not stated otherwise, courses take place in our facilities in Belp/Berne.
Please click on the Course title for detailed information

EASA Workshops December 2014

(Randy Taylor and Thomas Chudalla, QCM camo plus AG)

Thomas and I had the opportunity to attend two EASA Workshops earlier in December.
The first workshop was the second EASA AD Reading Workshop, conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday, December 2-3; this was followed by the CAMO and Part-145 Responsibilities Workshop on Thursday, December 4.
The workshops were very informative, and clarified many questions and misconceptions that the participants had.
Here is a brief summary of the Workshops is described below.

EASA AD Reading:

Reorganization Structure of EASA as of 1 September 2014. There are now 4 Directorates.

      1. Strategy and Safety Management
      2. Certification
      3. Flight Standards
      4. Resources & Support

Continuing Airworthiness Standardisation, development of Regulatory Material and delivery of all Continuing Airworthiness activities and Services to MRB can be found under the Flight Standards Directorate. Design Organisation Approvals (DOA) and its Part 21 rulemaking activities can be found under the Certification Directorate. The rulemaking mandate has  now been moved to each of the four Directorates.

It was stated that under Article 20 of EC 216/2008, only EASA may issue Airworthiness Directives (AD) or ‘transfer’ foreign ADs. This means that EASA Member States cannot issue ADs anymore.

EASA Certification Memorandum EASM CM-21.A-J-001 (Service Bulletins -SB- related to ADs) was elaborated upon. It was explained that this memorandum was produced to promote best practice for writing SBs.

It was stated that SBs are not mandatory and TC Holders should only include the word “must” in the SB when an AD will be issued concerning it.

A representative from Lufthansa Technik gave a presentation on how they handle ADs.

There was an explanation of a new Occurrence Reporting System (EU Regulation 376/2014 which will enter into force by November 15, 2015) and how the data will be transferred to the European Central Repository (ECR). In practice, there is no substantial change from what is currently being reported under Directive 2042/2003 and 216/2008. The new Regulation will also include two types of occurrence reporting:
      > Mandatory Reporting
      > Voluntary Reporting

A TC Canada Representative explained their procedures on Ads, as well as stating that TC Canada approves Service Bulletins.

Participants were informed (and reminded) that the European Commission published a new certification requirement in the Operational Suitability Data (OSD) on 27 January of this year. This mandates that manufacturers are to submit data that EASA considers important for safe operations. The OSD also covers pilots training, maintenance staff and simulator qualification, MMEL as well as other possible areas depending on the aircraft’s system.

There were AD reading exercises whereby attention had to be paid to the wording of the AD, as it was demonstrated that an AD can been complied with but the aircraft is still affected. It was explained that the entire AD should be ready for applicability and that careful attention should be paid to a statement referring to parts that can no longer be installed.

At the conclusion, a question and answer period took place where it was requested that EASA make the ADs easier to read, among other issues, which will be posted on the EASA website.
CAMO/Part-145 Responsibilities Workshop (Juan Anton Maintenance Regulations Section Manager):
  • There is a goal to have ED 2042/2003, with all amendments consolidated, by 17 December 2014.
  • EASA formed a Working Group of EASA, NAA and Aviation Industry Members with the goal to eliminate ambiguities in relation to CAMO and Part-145 responsibilities with minimal changes to the rules, but expansion of the AMCs. This group will be active until June 2015.
  • NPA 2014-27 has been presented. It was issued because of a serious incident with a 737 aircraft previously leased by another operator. The former operator of the 737 concluded various maintenance contracts with third party companies to carry out and supervise maintenance action in discrete packages. With this NPA, no big rulemaking changes become available in Part-M, or Part-145 and its AMCs, but will make the responsibilities between CAMO and Maintenance organisations clearer. Here are some examples out of NPA 2014-27:
  1. M.A.301, item 3: Wording ‘The accomplishment of all maintenance, in accordance with the M.A.302 approved aircraft maintenance programme’ will be amended with ‘…, including the appropriate coordination of all maintenance activities.’ A similar amendment will be in M.A.708(b), item 4 for the case where a CAMO manages the continuing airworthiness of the aircraft.
  2. For Commercial Air Transport Operators not approved under Part-145, it is mandatory to conclude a formal maintenance contract with a Part-145 Organisation and these contracts should follow the Appendix XI to AMC M.A.708(c). Part-145 Organisations, on their side, can then contract or subcontract maintenance to other Part-145 Organisations under their quality system. Wrongly, some of them are doing this without involvement of the operator due to a certain lack of clarity and guidance; in order to correct that issue, several amendments have been introduced in the AMC Guidance material.
  3. Audits of the MRO are to be performed to determine if work is being performed in accordance with maintenance contracts. There is no need to audit the facility for compliance with the regulations, as that has been performed and confirmed by them possessing their approval certificate.

It was again emphasized that the Part-145 organization is responsible for the maintenance of the aircraft, and that the owner/operator/CAMO is responsible for the airworthiness.

A question and answer period was held at the end of the workshop and it was determined that the wording in NPA 2014-27 needs to be reviewed. Mr. Anton requested that participants comment on the NPA so that changes and errors can be corrected beforehand.
We personally found it good that a representative from Transport Canada attended the AD Reading Workshop and that some National Authorities were in attendance at the Part-145 and CAMO Responsibilities Workshop.
It was a very informative three days.

I am always on the hunt for various topics on which to write my article each month. If you have a suggestion, or simply a question you would like answered, please do not hesitate to write me an email. I can be reached by clicking on this link:

Notice of Proposed Amendments (NPAs)

NPA 2014-28
AMC/GM for non-complex approved training organisations (ATOs) 
NPA 2014-27
Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations’ (CAMOs) and Part-145 organisations’ responsibilities 
02/12/2014 02/03/2015
NPA 2014-26
Halon: Update of Part-26 to comply with ICAO Standards
18/11/2014 18/02/2015
NPA 2014-25
Requirements for relief pilots
04/11/2014 04/02/2015
Certification Specifications for Standard Changes & Standard Repairs (CS-STAN) - Phase 1
06/10/2014 06/01/2015




Supersonic Airliner on Drawing Board

CNN Money says Lockheed Martin and Boeing are working on a supersonic airliner designed to fly legally over land. The report says the aircraft will carry 88 passengers at Mach 1.6, or about twice as fast as regular jet airliners. That's a little slower than the Concorde, which last flew a little more than 11 years ago, and given the small cabin it would likely be an expensive trip. However, if the engineers can crack the sonic boom issue, the commercial potential for supersonic airliners might increase. The story gives a timeline of just eight years for that breakthrough.

The U.S. and many other countries ban exceeding Mach 1 over land because of the damage and nuisance sonic booms can cause. However, there are several serious attempts underway to modify the aerodynamic forces that cause the noise. As AVweb reported in September (Click here to read this article), Gulfstream has earned three patents aimed at reducing sonic boom and Aerion, which is mounting a highly publicized effort to create a $110 million supersonic business jet, recently took on Airbus as an engineering partner in the venture.   


Take advantage of our Newsletter platform if you wish to publish a job advertisement or if you are looking for a new challenge in the aviation industry.

Please note that details of job advertisements or searches for the next edition must reach our office ( by the 22nd of each month.

Without further notice, your advertisement will be published
only once

Design Engineer for Avionics / Electrical Systems (ATA Chapters 23, 34)

As a member of a dynamic team, your participation contributes to the certification and design of various changes on aircraft. We are looking for engineers with previous in depth experience, and the following responsibilities and qualifications will be key in preparing your application.

  • design and development of changes to aircraft (i.e. installation certification of GPS NAV system)
  • concept optimization after analysing customer needs
  • developing compliance documents to European aviation specifications

  • graduated from a technical aviation school with an academic degree (BSc or MSc)
  • at least 3 years of experience in an EASA Part 21J design organization in the field as stated above
  • familiar with Microsoft Office applications
  • familiar with CAD systems (preferably with Solid Edge) and methods of design (Wiring Diagrams)
  • high level of English communication skills, both written and spoken (German not necessary)
  • ability to work both independently and as part of an international, multicultural team
  • willingness to travel and work on-site
  • willingness to relocate to Switzerland

This position offers a competitive salary package for a 42.5 hour week. Depending on qualifications and experience in Aerospace Engineering, an overpayment is conceivable.

Please provide a motivation letter with an updated copy of your CV in PDF format and send it to:

Mr. Christian Schusser

Q.C.M. design GmbH
Eichholzweg 20-24
CH-3123 Belp


Q.C.M. quality control management AG Training Part-147

For our EASA Part-147 approved training organization, we are looking for Freelance Instructors for:
  • Dassault Falcon 900 series
  • Pilatus PC-12NG
You  are  someone  who  wants  to  influence  your  own  development.  This  responsible  role  facilitates the necessity of developing and executing Aircraft Type Training for the following Aircraft Types:
  • Falcon 900
  • PC-12NG
Your profile:
  • Holder of an EASA Part-66 License in the category for which the training will be given (B1,B2, and/or C)
  • Knowledge  proof  of  the  relevant  type  of  aircraft  for  which  training  will  be  given,  gained through a formalised training course according EASA Part-66 Appendix III Level-3.

Please  send  your  CV  and  relevant  documents  to  Markus  Enck  (
Tel. +41 31 960 40 60

We are looking for dedicated
Aircraft Technicians B1/B2/C
We offer you a challenging position with your responsibility for
  • assisting operator specially in AOG’s and LRU situations;
  • performing advance troubleshooting;
  • making part of the company grow;
  • closely co-operating with the Maintenance Manager.
 You are a positive, happy person and
  • have a solid knowledge of maintenance tasks. CL604, CL605 or BD700 Type Rating may be an advantage;
  • are fluent in the English language. Knowledge of other languages may be of advantage;
  • work responsible-minded, with field independency and results oriented;
  • are costumer oriented, flexible able to team work and set priorities;
  • have no objection to include irregular work-hours (on-call-shifts during nights and week-ends) in your schedule;
  • have availability for traveling worldwide.
We provide suitable training and work-in into these exciting and challenging tasks. Part of the work-in will take place at our principal location in Switzerland.
We are looking forward to your written application (including picture) to Eurock Maintenance AG, Mr. Joao Ferreira, Eichholzweg 20-24, CH-3123 Belp, Switzerland or by email to



Robert Fuchs AG / Fuchs Helikopter in Switzerland, official Service Center / Distributor for  MD Helicopters and Sikorsky Global Aircraft, is looking for dynamic, experienced and result-oriented candidates for the Maintenance Part145. If you are looking for new job opportunities have a look at our open positions.

We are searching for the following open positions:

Mechanic (m/f) / Postholder CAMO (m/f)

The holder of this position must ensure that all aircraft are maintained airworthy according to the EASA Part 145 regulations and the required FOCA and company standards with regard to safety, quality and costs including responsibility for the implementation and monitoring of the organization’s Safety and Quality Management System. Next to this it is the responsibility of the holder to:
  • Ensure that all maintenance processes and procedures are adhered to by Part 145 of the Maintenance Department
  • Revise and update the company’s Part 145 MOE as necessary
  • Supervision of Technical Department Staff to include Maintenance Planning, Purchasing and Administrative functions of Part 145 and ensure that staff performs duties in a safe and professional manner
  • Daily planning, coordination and supervision of the Line Maintenance activities
  • Responsible for the line maintenance budget
  • Perform other related duties and training as assigned by the Head of Maintenance
Experience / Qualifications / Know how
  • 5 - 10 years experience in a similar Management role within an airline environment. Experienced engineer with valid EASA Part66 licenses. Type rating on turbine and piston engine helicopters and / or equivalent regional aircraft. Practical experience and expertise in the application of aviation safety standards and safe operating practices
  • Computer literacy, proficient in English and German
  • Preferably type rating on MD Helicopters / Schweizer S-300C / Robinson R66 and / or other equivalent regional aircraft
Interested? Please email your complete application (motivation letter, CV, etc.)

Robert Fuchs AG
Fuchs Helikopter
Attn.: Robert Stokmaier
Friesischwand 1
8834 Schindellegi

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