Roundtable panel on Art in Public Space, Thin Edge Fundraiser, Lean Peforming Arts and more from BeMused Network.
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  • Spectrum Music's Interface at Nuit Blanche
  • Lean Arts Applications due Oct 1, 2014
  • Go Concert Hopping
  • Queer Songbook Orchestra Project
  • Essential Opera's Paride ed Elena in Kitchener
  • Lakeshore Arts Call for Artists Proposals

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Art as Medium and Message

As I get to know the artists on BeMused Network, I am reaffirmed in my belief that artists represent some of the most untapped potential in society.

The remounting of Interface by Matthew Roberts by Spectrum Music at Nuit Blanche this weekend is a beautiful experiential essay on the incredible experience that's possible when we remove the barrier between performers and audiences.

The Queer Songbook project involves musicians-turned-ethnomusicologists as they document through songs the music carried members of the LGBTQ through their closeted years.

These are some of the most relevant conversations for us to be having today, and what better way to engage in it but through art as a medium?

Learn more about these two projects and much more below.

Margaret Lam, founder
BeMused Network

Interface at Nuit Blanche

Oct 5 • 7pm-7am • Artscape Youngplace

At the upcoming Nuit Blanche, Spectrum Music is re-mounting Interface: participatory audio-visual installation that uses live performers, electronics, and human touch in synergy to create morphing soundscapes. It will leave you reconsidering the boundaries between performers and audiences.

Get a preview of the experience in our latest blog post.


Lean Arts Applications due October 1, 2014

Startup Founders and Artistic Directors have quite a lot in common: Both are trying to create something new starting with basically nothing. Inspired by the methods and processes of the startup world. This pilot project that will help arts organizations, individual artists, and collectives re-imagine the future of the arts sector.

Details here and here.
Applications due Oct 1, 2014.

Spread the word:

Margaret Lam wonders what concert hopping all day might lead to. Thursday's lineup of Adam Sherkin, Women's Musical Club of Toronto and the Eybler Quartet offers a sample itinerary if you are similarly inclined.

Go concert hopping this Thursday.
The Queer Songbook Orchestra performs songs that capture and document the experience of the LGBTQ community. Their first project focuses on the experience and emotions of being in the closet.

Learn more about their initiative.

Lakeshore Arts seeks Artist Applications

Lakeshore Arts is looking for artists from all disciplines to offer workshops through their Youth Arts Movement (YAM) program. Topics include prop building, video making, fashion, music and more. Artists are paid an honorarium.

Please send Michelle Weekes a short proposal for a 2-hour workshop aimed at a small group of youth ages 13-19.

More info here.

Paride ed Elena

Oct 1, 2014 • 7:30pm • Registry Theatre

Following a successful Toronto performance of Paride ed Elena this past Saturday, Essential Opera is heading to Kitchener for a second run. 

If you're an indie opera fan who'd missed the first show, time for a road trip! Learn more about Essential Opera and their 5th season in our latest blog post.

Don't miss these upcoming events:

Oct 1 @ 7:30pm
Paride ed Elena
Essential Opera opens its 5th season with Gluck's epic love story of Paris and Helen.
Show in Kitchener
Oct 2 @ 7:30pm
Cello Quintets & Beethoven
Eybler Quartet opens their season with rarely performed quintets & Ludwig's Op. 18.
Tickets + Info
Oct 8 @ 7:30pm
group of 27: Recital Series
Cellist Rachel Mercer kicks off the g27 concert season with a fun and unusual program
Pay What You Can
Oct 2 @ 12:00pm
Iberian Inspiration
Scarlatti and Granados sets the program at this free noon concerts by Adam Sherkin.
Free Admission
Oct 3 @ 8:00pm
Back to the Future
The quirky nordic folk fusion group Ensemble Polaris pays homage to swedish music.
Not to be Missed!
Oct 8 @ 9:00pm
Tell it Like it Is
Season launch and mixer feat. immersive electro-accoustic work by with Nick Storring.
Subscribe To Save
Oct 2 @ 1:30pm
Trio Wanderer (T.O. Debut)
The Women's Musical Club of Toronto presents their 117th season of exquisite music.
Tickets + Info
Oct 5 @ 7:30pm
Life Cycles
Music by Bach to Hindemith, performed by musical talents from McLeod family & friends.
Pay What You Can
Oct 24 @ 7:30pm
Ladies Loss & Love
Melanie Conly & Emily Rho weave Loss & Love through the lens and lives of women.
Tickets + Info
Alumni of Canadian Film Centre Media Lab's ideaboost business accelerator program.

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