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Comprehensive Patient
Payment Plans

If you think it’s tough to create a comprehensive patient payment plan among the staff members of your own practice, imagine doing it with 115 physicians and staff spread across six locations in Utah, who process more than 1,000 claims per day. Granger Medical Clinic (GMC), the largest independent multi-specialty medical clinic group in Utah’s Salt Lake Valley.

GMC was facing the same issues as smaller practices: an increasing number of patients responsible for a higher financial burden of their healthcare through high deductibles and copays. What's more, they were losing money once those patients walked out the door, mostly because of a soft or absent payment policy and training for staff.


Professional Sports

Are you a hardcore NBA fan who sits at the television screaming and shouting as your favorite NBA team scores the winning basket? As if you didn't know professional sports players get paid the big money, learn more by reading the article below.

Our heroes of professional sports are paid and often paid very big! If I could only have been a wide receiver, quarterback, or maybe a professional hockey player or basketball star! Whatever your sport, you know who they are and how well they are paid. The NBA’s average player salary is $5.15 million…I just Googled it! Why? Because they have mastered their trade, they have become elite actors (some more than others) of their craft and they are a relative few.

Physicians are the professional athlete of healthcare! Why? Same reason, you have mastered the trade, you are the elite actors of your craft and you are a relative few. I didn’t go to medical school, do a residency or become fellowship trained – you did! AND, just like professional athletes, your working life span is shorter than the rest of us. In your case it started late because of your training. It will end early because of the physical demands of being a provider and the occasional “heebie jeebies” you pick up along the way. Therefore, using my logic, you should be paid well, very well. Get to the point, Todd… Ok, here is the point: STOP giving it away!!!!! BE PAID FOR IT!!

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— New Coding Tools —
Inpatient Coding Calculator!

The Inpatient E/M Coding Calculator is a resource designed to assist providers/coders/billers with appropriate code selection for evaluation and management services in the inpatient setting, which includes initial and subsequent inpatient care, initial and subsequent observation care, critical care services, and inpatient consultation care. This tool is a simplified version of the information provided in the 1995 and 1997 evaluation and management coding and documentation guidelines and can be used as a guide to understanding these requirements.

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Codes Of The Week


Posterior dislocation of left hip, subsequent encounter

Displaced fracture of pisiform, left wrist, initial encounter for closed fracture

 Fall from stairs and steps due to ice and snow, initial encounter
Blizzard (snow)(ice), initial encounter

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