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Novitas Solutions Update: Automated Claim Correction via the Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) Unit - Coming Soon!

Automated Claim Correction via the Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) unit is coming soon, which will allow you to conduct an unlimited number of telephone claim corrections for select Medicare Part B claims via the IVR. In order to ensure the best possible automated claim correction tool to valued customers, Novitas Solutions has revised their implementation schedule.


Bag Fees and Other
Administrative Services

Most American Airlines, back in 2008, started charging for checked baggage (really, I looked it up!). Up to that point, and even today, most of us have thought that the cost of the ticket should include the cost of checking a bag! As it turns out, the ticket price is only for getting us safely (not even necessarily comfortably) from point A to point B. The rest (food, bags, drinks, in-flight entertainment, etc.) is an up charge. Is ambulatory medical care really that much different? The contracted reimbursement rate is for safe, quality and effective medical care. Could everything else (some things) be an up charge? Think about all those administrative services your practice provides to make the health care system work: filling out paperwork, making referral authorizations.

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— New Coding Tools —
Inpatient Coding Calculator!

The Inpatient E/M Coding Calculator is a resource designed to assist providers/coders/billers with appropriate code selection for evaluation and management services in the inpatient setting, which includes initial and subsequent inpatient care, initial and subsequent observation care, critical care services, and inpatient consultation care. This tool is a simplified version of the information provided in the 1995 and 1997 evaluation and management coding and documentation guidelines and can be used as a guide to understanding these requirements.

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Codes Of The Week

T75.1XXA — Swimmer's cramp
— Swimmer's ear,
right ear
B65.3 —  Swimmer's itch

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