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More Features to Further Streamline & Automate Your Operation

Now that many of you are running PowerShift 4.10 -– or plan to upgrade soon -– we thought we’d recap a few features that could further automate your enterprise:

Automate Cash Application
If you receive sales orders from your customers via EDI, you should check out PowerShift's support of the EDI 820 (Remittance Advice) transaction – it virtually eliminates the tedious job of matching payments to open invoice amounts!

Just add the 820 transaction to the list of transactions you exchange with your customer. Then as they make payments you can simply process the payment batch and all the invoices paid are automatically updated. In the event they take a deduction, the process can set up a debit memo for the defined reason and then you can enter the appropriate credit memo to offset it. Accounting of invoice balances stays in step with your customer and makes reconciliation of open invoices between you and your customer much easier. More...
Access Engineering Drawings & Product Specs
If you need drawings, specifications or other documentation readily available – for display, printing or sending with orders – PowerShift's related documents feature is for you! Some examples:
  • Print a copy of the engineering drawing when you print the shop paper and enable the operator to view -- or print -- the drawing or other documents during the manufacturing process. The Documents button in Work Center Operations (WCO) displays all documents for the selected parent item and ECL.
  • Include a copy of the quality work sheet when you print paperwork for a manufacturing or purchase order. A quality work sheet can provide critical dimensions and tolerances as well as the frequency at which they are to be checked.
  • Send drawings with purchase orders -– you can opt to include drawings only when a new ECL is ordered or you can include the drawing with every order.
  • Provide MSDS (material safety data sheet) information to your customers. You can opt to include the MSDS with any order document -- and specify which specific copies it is included with. More...
Stock at Last Operation Streamlines Receiving
PowerShift can automatically receive manufactured items when the last operation is completed if you report operation completion with Barcode Labor Entry (LRTE) or WIP Movement (WIPM). If the item doesn't require inspection, reported good pieces are stocked; if controlled by location, they are stocked in the warehouse and bin specified for the work center. If inspection is required, received goods must be processed through Receiving and Inspection (IRI) before the goods are stocked.Enable the feature to automatically receive goods when the last operation is reported by selecting the Stock at last oper? field in Item Branch Maintenance (IMB). More...

BOM Comparison Report Highlights Differences
Thanks to your feedback, we added a program that compares bills of material in a recent PowerShift update (4.10.016). The newly-released BOM Comparison Report (MPSCR) compares the bill of material defined by a parent item and ECL to any other parent item and ECL. The two bills are presented side by side with components listed down the page. More...

If you have questions about using these or other PowerShift features to make your organization leaner and more efficient, contact the PowerShift Support Team (call 630.300.6999 or email Qantel Helpdesk).
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