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Donor Profile: Judith Hinchman

“I am a SNAP Groupie for life,” says Judith Hinchman, member of the SNAP Campaign Cabinet, former President of CDI’s Board of Directors and generous, long-time investor in SNAP.

Judith discovered CDI at a Girls Connection (now SNAP Girls) event many years ago and was so impressed that she went on to join the first FRESH STart Committee, helping to raise funds through the well-loved annual art soiree. 
On supporting children’s mental health, Judith says, “A vibrant and healthy community benefits us all. At present we all know that there simply is not enough access to effective mental health services for children and youth.  SNAP is a proven program that can help at-risk children. We know it; now is the time to let the rest of the country in on it.”
Judith and fellow volunteers, Ricki Sharpe and Cate Woodward, recently hosted a FRESH STart reunion luncheon to share news about the SNAP Campaign with the group. Judith’s enthusiasm for expanding SNAP from coast to coast is clear: “This exceptional Made-in-Canada, proven solution to children’s mental health issues is heralded around the world. It’s time to ensure that it is widely available in Ontario and across Canada.”

We are very grateful to Judith for her championship of SNAP and CDI, and her commitment to supporting children, youth and families.

SNAP Events

On May 28, 2015, LEAP: The Centre for Social Impact hosted a breakfast event in Toronto with over 50 sector leaders to discuss SNAP’s plan to create social impact. A number of great connections were made, and we look forward to working with our new contacts to help reach more high-risk children.
L-R: Joe Manget, LEAP Board Member; Ashim Khemani, LEAP Board Member; Narinder Dhami, LEAP Co-Executive Director; Leena Augimeri, CDI’s Director of Scientific and Program Development; Che Latchford, CDI’s Trainer- Consultant for SNAP Implementation; Lyn Baptist, SNAP Campaign Cabinet Co-Chair; and Kilian Berz, LEAP Board Member
“LEAP is our engine for taking wonderful organizations like SNAP and expanding them across the country,” says Joe Manget, Co-founder of Pecaut/LEAP and Partner at Alignvest Management Corporation. “By enabling great social entrepreneurs with our thinking and approach, we are having real impact. It’s a privilege to be a founder,” he says.
On June 8, 2015, members of the SNAP Campaign Cabinet hosted a cocktail party to introduce Toronto philanthropists to the SNAP Expansion Campaign. 
L-R: CDI staff Che Latchford, Justine Fifield, Leena Augimeri and Tony Diniz
Leena Augimeri, CDI’s Director of Scientific and Program Development, and Che Latchford, Trainer-Consultant for SNAP Implementation, both delivered presentations to the guests in attendance, highlighting SNAP's positive impact on children and youth with behavioural challenges. 

SNAP Expansion: Creating Social Impact 

SNAP remains focused on its goal of becoming the Canadian leader in understanding and treating conduct problems. We are implementing strategies to impact approximately 20,000 high-risk children in Canada over five years by leveraging the existing systems of agencies.

Building on the innovative idea of community hubs, SNAP invests in partnerships across community sectors. Our community hub connects mental health, non-profit, education and police services to maximize the impact on children with mental health concerns and their families.

This strategy is supported through a Venture Philanthropy Model that combines strategic partners, industry experts and proven social innovations to create massive social change. With LEAP: The Centre for Social Impact, SNAP is scaling across Canada to establish 140 affiliates in five years. 

Recognizing New Roads of Hull Services for its longstanding support

Hull Services staff (L-R) Brandi Perron, Tania O'Neill, Jessica Peters and Amber Dawn Marshall pose alongside a photo of the Calgary skyline. Team member Tessa McGarrigle is missing from the photo 
As we continue our campaign to expand SNAP to sites across Canada, it is important to recognize programs that have been delivering SNAP in their communities for years.

New Roads - SNAP Services for kids ages 7 to 11 is one such program. New Roads, in partnership with the YMCA, has been offering both boys and girls SNAP programming to Calgary families since 2002. 

According to Tessa McGarrigle, New Roads Program Director, families who participate in SNAP describe seeing positive results from this free, children's mental health program, often very quickly.

“Parents have told us they enjoy being involved in their children’s success in the program by participating in the SNAP parenting/caregiver groups,” Tessa says. “It gives them the chance to practice and model along with their kids, which often results in significant changes in their children’s behaviour.”

New Roads works with over 25 families each year, helping children develop skills to better manage emotion regulation and impulse control.

“Our compassionate, well-trained staff works with each family to provide them with a non-judgemental, supportive environment where we hope they always feel welcome,” Tessa says. 
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