PARADISE NOW: Synergetica Art-Science Salons 2014
15:00 - 17:00 Saturday May 3rd, 2014 at Het Glazen Huis, Amstel Park

featuring Fred Gales and Gherman Popov

Focusing on the anthropology of music, the third Synergetica Art-Science Salon in Het Glazen Huis invites you on an evocative voyage through the rain forests of Papua Guinea and Central Africa to the mountain temples of the Golden Triangle. The profound psychoacoustic palette of these primordial habitats is on the verge of oblivion. Renown ethnomusicologist and sound recordist Fred Gales will offer a rare encounter with numerous disappearing cultures that he has carefully documented over the past thirty years.The matinee will conclude with a live performance by multi-instrumentalist Gherman Popov and surprise guests. Popov is an internationally recognized sound artist specializing in the convergence of electronic music with Central Asian and Balkan traditions.

After graduating as a cultural anthropologist from the University of Amsterdam, Gales founded Sound Reporters in 1984, a company dedicated to the research, recording, publishing, broadcasting and exhibiting of sound phenomena, traditional musics, and other forms of human manipulation of sound. He has made hundreds of programs for Dutch Public Radio, and has published cassettes and CDs on the Sound Reporters label as well as on PAN Records. He has worked with the University of Amsterdam, the Tropical Museum, the imaginary museum of artist Tjebbe van Tijen, and documentary filmmaker Johan van der Keuken. Since 1991, Gales has been engaged in recording and documenting the different musical cultures of wider South-East Asia as well as the role sound plays in Buddhist rituals and expressions. At the moment, he is collaborating with Rein Spoorman on an in-depth survey of the colonial musical heritage in the Netherlands, which will be published as a book in late 2014. 

This event is a collaboration with Zone2Source and is part of Studiolab.
Entrance is free, but places are limited. Please RSVP to ensure your spot.
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