The Lavender Effect Newsletter for September 2012

A Message From Our Executive Director

Hello friends of The Lavender Effect, 

We experienced a truly amazing and productive summer! On June 1st, 2012 Los Angeles Deputy Mayor Matt Szabo announced The Lavender Effect's vision at LA City Hall's LGBT Heritage Month kickoff celebration. “One City, One Pride” continued that weekend with the Outlaugh Comedy Festival Opening Gala Events, benefiting our nonprofit foundation. Thanks again to Los Angeles City Hall, the Outlaugh Festival, and all who supported our official launch.

In August, I had the privilege of presenting our mission at the International LGBTI Conference of Archives, Libraries, Museums and Special Collections (ALMS). Organizations from all over the world shared their past experiences, current status, and vision for the future. IHLIA and the Amsterdam Public Library are home to the largest LGBTI archive in Europe and were gracious hosts for the event. I also visited the Homomonument, Anne Frank House, Amsterdam DNA Exhibit, and other local museums.

After celebrating Pride on the Amsterdam canals I headed to Berlin to continue researching for The Lavender Effect. The Schwules Museum is the oldest LGBT Museum in the world and features an exhibit focusing on LGBT life in Germany. Other inpsiring hightlights of my visit included The Monument to Homosexual Holocaust Victims, Jewish Museum and Holocaust Memorial.  

I am commited to creating a state-of-the-art LGBTQ Museum and Cultural Center in Los Angeles. Team Lavender is growing rapidly with the help of Community Partners, social activists, city leaders, archives, libraries, foundations, businesses, and LA's diverse community... and this is just the beginning!  Together we will preserve our past, celebrate our present, and create our future!

— Andy Sacher, Founding Executive Director

Why We Need A LGBTQ Museum

We live where the world visits and our museum will influence and change millions of minds. We are on the verge of being absorbed into the mainstream. Our cultural and powerbase hubs, such as Chicago, San Francisco, New York, West Hollywood, etc., are thinning due to assimilation. Our drive to be equal, with all the benefits of the mainstream, is a double edged sword. As we assimilate we are losing and giving up our cultural uniqueness and our creative spirit born out of our oppression. We must maintain our identity because, if we lose this, we lose the political and personal power so many have fought and died to obtain.

My answer to the question “Why do we need a museum?” is, “Why not”? We have been at the forefront of introducing new ideas as well as critiquing the existing systems and status quo throughout time.  As David Pilgrim, founder and curator of the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia stated, “The only real value of the museum has been to really engage people in a dialogue”. Our museum will talk about our impact on the world. Visitors will experience the struggle we have gone through in this country and it will be a testament to who we are.

- Ivy Bottini, Activist & Founding Advisor

Community Outreach

The Lavender Effect is reaching out to various gay and/or gay-friendly religious congregations and spiritual groups in Southern California. Dottie Wine (South Coast Interfaith Council) and I are spearheading this effort and have already identified approximately 500 Jewish, Christian, Universalist-Unitarian, Muslim, Wiccan and Atheist groups.

We are connecting to their communities and obtaining stories of their histories becoming supportive of LGBTQ people and culture. Our objective is to both educate and motivate people of all faiths – and even people with none – to take supportive action on behalf of The Lavender Effect and LGBTQ people within their respective communities.

Email for more information.

– Ken Taylor, Advisor & Researcher


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