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Findlay Bottle Club Newsletter 

For February: Focus on Facebook

Facebook makes it so easy to grab a link and share it quickly that I often just post there, and not on the club's website. So I thought I'd grab a bunch of recent FB posts and write them up for the blog. If you're on FB, be sure to 'like' our page so you won't miss anything.

Additionally, this newsletter edition also has a new Feature Article from Joe Clevenger.

As always this is a long newsletter with tons of photos. Use that View in Browser link at the top in case your email provider cuts things short.


Sad News - Jerry Haymond has passed. He was a long time friendly face at our show, and will be missed by us all. The club sends its sincere condolences to Jerry's family.

If anyone has an obituary link, please email it to me.


Everyone's Talking About the Muncie Fruit Jar Collectors January 2016 Show


Shared on our Facebook page:

The January 2016 hotel/room-hopping 3-day event was very well attended, the usual suspects, as well as so many new attendees. 
Yes, this is a bunch of jar nuts!

As one commenter put it: "It's always fun but this year was great for several reasons. The biggest reason was all the new faces in the hallways. Not just new collectors but seasoned collectors who had never been to the Muncie circus. It was exciting, it was rewarding (new stock), and it was enjoyable to no end. It was great to see the old heads again, but so refreshing to meet new people who had never been here before and willing to part with cash for quality goods. "

Read more on the Muncie Fruit Jar Get Together @ the Ball Jar Collectors Forum -- link.

There's a Facebook page for the Muncie event -- just ask to join to see all the fun photos - link.
A few more jar collectors at the club meeting. 
"Only at Muncie do ya drink alcohol from a clear Christmas Mason pint!!!"
[Photo of Jim Sears by Leslie Fairchild]
Lots of jars set up in the rooms -- what did you miss? Plan on attending next year!
Read about the excitement that is Muncie here.

Join the Facebook Fruit Jar collectors group here.

'Like' our FINBOTCLUB Facebook page so you won't miss anything we share there.

 Elephants and Doves for Dinner: Jumbo Peanut Butter and Dove Brand Spices


Contributing writer Joe Clevenger gives us his latest article on Cincinnati, Ohio's Frank Tea & Spice Co.'s JUMBO PEANUT BUTTER:

<iframe src="" width="640" height="480"></iframe>
(If the scrolling pdf viewer box doesn't load for the newsletter, click to read it here.)

Thanks, Joe!

The Frank Tea and Spice Company made DOVE BRAND spices and products as well as JUMBO Peanut Butter.

As we posted before (back at the 2010 Muncie show, video here), the green glass figural elephant Jumbo Peanut Butter bank jars have been reproduced.

A real one sold for $575 on the North American Glass (NAG) auction site's Jumbo jar collection auction. (Link)

This photo shows a side-by-side comparison.


There is even a Frank/Bitters connection. Read about the Prairie and Plantation Bitters figural cabin bitters bottle here on Peachridge Glass.


Speaking of elephants and doves...

That was how the artist Frieda Kahlo's parents referred to petite Frieda and her large husband, Diego Rivera. [Source]


Here's a little history on the real JUMBO the Elephant:

Jumbo (ca. Christmas 1860 – September 15, 1885) was the first international animal superstar, and the first African elephant to reach modern Europe alive.[1] He was born inEast Africa, and captured there by Arabian hunters in early 1862. He was sold first to an Italian animal dealer, then to a menagerie in Germany, and then to the Jardin des Plantes inParis. Officials of the Jardin traded him to the London Zoological Gardens for a rhinoceros. Jumbo lived in the London Zoo for about 16 years, where he delighted visitors by taking them on trips around the zoo grounds in thehowdah on his back.

Jumbo was the biggest elephant in captivity. Due to this,American showman P. T. Barnum wanted Jumbo in hiscircus, eventually buying the elephant in 1882 for $10,000. Jumbo's sale initiated public outrage in Britain, and drew notice around the world. The British objected to the sale, and wrote letters to Queen Victoria urging that Jumbo remain in London. The courts ruled in Barnum's favor however, and the elephant was shipped to the United States. "Jumbomania", a fad for all things Jumbo, was born at this time. The civilized world was flooded with Jumbo neckties, jewelry, soaps, and other ornaments and souvenirs.
Jumbo debuted in the United States on Easter Sunday 1882 at Madison Square Garden in New York City. He toured with Barnum's circus for three years. On September 15, 1885, Jumbo was killed in a railway accident in St. Thomas,OntarioCanada, at age 24. His death was met with worldwide grief and sorrow.
Barnum sued the railway, but settled for much less than he asked because he needed the goodwill of the railway to move his circus around Canada. Many conspiracy theories sprang up after Jumbo's death. One accused Barnum of causing the elephant's death with a pistol shot to the animal's eye. This theory was proven false after an examination of Jumbo's skull.
Jumbo attracted as much attention after his death as he did in life. His hide was stuffed and his bones preserved. Both were displayed first with Barnum's circus, and then with museums. Jumbo was donated to the Barnum museum at Tufts University where it became the school mascot. His hide was destroyed in a fire at Tufts in 1975. His skeleton was displayed for many years in the American Museum of Natural History, New York City. As time passed, people forgot who Jumbo was, and the skeleton was put away. Jumbo's greatest legacy is his name. "

Above excerpt is from Wikipedia. Read much more about Jumbo there:

Fizzy Origins of the Torpedo Shape Soda Bottle


Shared on our Facebook page:

Fun article on history of TORPEDO BOTTLES (read it here).

"Torpedo shaped bottles appear… at the end of the 18th century. The glass bottles made at the time were often not strong enough to contain the pressure of the gas and could explode (the bottom blew off). Glass capable of holding fizzy liquids was only made in Britain at the time and was very expensive; as a result it was reserved for expensive liquids such as Champaign. The torpedo shape allowed cheaper glass to maintain the necessary strength to hold carbonated drinks."

And of course someone then invented the â€œtorpedo bottle stand”, even though torpedo bottles were designed not to stand up.

"The majority of these bottles - round bottomed or torpedo - date from the 1870s to the 1910s." []

Learn more the history on that explosive FIZZ, read "And All That Fizz!"

Antique Trader Publisher Promotes Bottle Collecting

Shared on our Facebook page:

Antique bottles featured in Antique Trader - link - always love it when the antique trade papers give our beloved bottles the spotlight. Antique Trader features bottles often, and they have over 140,000 ''Facebook likes'' plus their website and print readers. That's a lot of people being exposed to antique bottle collecting :)

Antique Trader publishes a bottles price guide too. Use Amazon's ''Look Inside" link to get a many-page preview here.

How To Read an Antique Bottle - Bill Lindsey Explains It All


Shared on our Facebook page:

Great long interview with expert Bill Lindsey, about evaluating antique bottles, over on The Collectors Weekly site -- LINK..

You can learn so much about bottles on Bill Lindsey's Historic Glass Bottle Identification & Information Website, from Bottle Typology & Diagnostic Shapes to Glassmaking & Glassmakers Marks and much more.

How many kinds of bottles are there? Zillions. In 1906 the Illinois Glass Company listed their available shapes in a 300 page catalog -- wow! See it here.



We're Happy To Help!

The Findlay Bottle Club does not publish a show calendar. We are happy to help promote any nearby bottle collecting hobby events, club shows, auctions, etc. A complete show calendar is here: FOHBC

Here are a few Bottle Shows nearish and dearish to our club:

Columbus2016 Show FlyerR

07 February 2016 (Sunday)Columbus, Ohio â€“ 46th Annual Columbus Bottle Showsponsored by the Central Ohio Bottle Club, 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. Admission $3, Early Admission: $20, 7:30 am to 9:00 am at the Doubletree Inn, 175 Hutchinson Avenue, Columbus, Ohio (I-270 and Rt. 23), Contact: Rojer Moody for General info, 740.703.4913, or Clark Wideman (Contracts and info), 614.439.8005,,

20 March 2016 (Saturday) Flint, Michigan â€“ 47th Flint Antique Bottle & Collectibles Showat the Dom Polski Hall, 3415 N. Linden Road, Flint, Michigan 48504, Sunday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, No Early admission, Cost of admission: $3, Flint Antique Bottle & Collectibles Club, Contact: Tim Buda, Show Chairman, 11353 Cook Road, Gaines, Michigan 48436, Tele: 989.271.9193, E-mail:, FOHBC Member Club

2016 St Louis Show flyer

20 March 2016 (Saturday) St. Louis, Missouri â€“ 46th Annual Antique Bottle & Jar Show put on by the St. Louis Antique Bottle Collectors Association at Orlando Gardens, 4300 Hoffmeister Avenue, St. Louis Missouri, 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, No Early admission, Cost of admission: $3, $1 off with flyer, Contact: Pat Jett, Show Chair, 71 Outlook Drive, Hillsboro, Missouri, 63050, 314.570.6917,

02 April 2015 (Saturday) St. Clairsville, Ohio â€“ The Ohio Valley Bottle Club’s annual Bottle & Table-Top Antiques Show, 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, early buyers 7:30 am at the J.B. Martin Recresation Center, 102 Fair Avenue, St. Clairsville, Ohio, Exit 216 off I-70. Contact: Tom Chickery, 740.695.2958,



03 April 2016 (Sunday)Wilmington, Ohio â€“ Wilmington, Ohio Antique Bottle, Fruit Jar & Insulator Show, Formerly Columbus Ohio Show, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm at the Roberts Centre, I-71 & US Rt 68 – Exit 50 Admission: $4.00, No Early Buyers Info: Joe Hardin: 594 Laymon Road, New Vienna, Ohio 45159 – 937.728.9930, or Jamie Houdeshell: P.O. Box 57, Haskins, Ohio 43525 – 419.722.3184,jhbottle@hotmail.comSee Contract


09 April 2016 (Saturday) Terre Haute, Indiana â€“ Wabash Valley Antique Bottle & Pottery Clubpresents an Antiques Showfeaturing Bottles, Pottery, Coins & Tabletop Antiques, 9:00 am – 2:00 pm, Virgo County Fairgrounds, Free Admission, Contact: Doug Porter, W.A.B.P.C., 5403 Darwin Road, West Terre Haute, Indiana 47855,

KABC ad_web

09 April 2016 (Saturday) Kalamazoo, Michigan â€“ The Kalamazoo Antique Bottle Club’s 37th Annual Show & Sale, 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, early buyers 8:00 am at the Kalamazoo County Fairgrounds, 2900 Lake Street, Kalamazoo, Michigan, Contact: John Pastor, PO Box 227, New Hudson, Michigan 48165, 248.486.0530, or Mark McNee, 269.343.8393



07 May 2016 (Saturday) Mansfield, Ohio â€“ Mansfield Antique Bottle Show, Mansfield, Ohio, Richland County Fairgrounds, 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, General Admission: $5, Early Admission on Friday: $30, Info: Matt Lacy, 440.228.1873, or Louis Fifer, 330.635.1964,, DOWNLOAD CONTRACT

2016 WashPennShow

15 May 2016 (Sunday) Washington, Pennsylvania â€“ 42nd Annual Show & Sale by theWashington County Antique Bottle Club at the Alpine Star Lodge, 735 Jefferson Avenue, Washington, Pennsylvania 15301, 9:00 am till 2:00 pm, Admission $3, Info: Ed Kuskie 412.405.9061, 352 Pineview Drive, Elizabeth, Pennsylvania 15037,

Huddleston Farmhouse_Web

11 June 2016 (Saturday) Cambridge City, Indiana â€“ Huddleston Farmhouse Early Summer Fruit Jar Get-Together. All Proceeds go to the Huddleston Farmhouse Museum, 838 National Road, Cambridge City, Indiana 47327. Dealer set-up 8:00 am – 9:00 am, Show 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, $20 for one table, $30 for 2 tables, Contact Marty Troxell 765.478.3800 or co-chair Richard Leece, 574.686.2618. More info at Huddleston Farmhouse Fruit Jar Get-Together


29 – 31 July 2016 (Friday – Sunday)Muncie, Indiana â€“ 47th Annual National Insulator Association (NIA) Convention and Show (Friday Members only – you can join at the door) 135+ Dealer tables, 25 Displays. This year it will be held at the Horizon Convention Center, Muncie, Indiana 47305. For hotel reservations call the new Courtyard by Marriott adjacent to the Horizon Center and mention NIA for special rates: 765.287.8550. For more show information Hosts: Bob Stahr, 630.793.5345 or and Rick Soller: 847.782.8602,



02 – 05 August 2018 (Thursday – Sunday) Cleveland, Ohio â€“ FOHBC 2018 National Antique Bottle Convention & Expo – Midwest Region at the Cleveland Convention Center, Host Hotel: Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key Center, Show Information: Louis Fifer, Show Co-Chair and FOHBC Conventions Director, 330.635.1964, or Matt Lacy, Show Co-Chair, FOHBC Midwest Region Director, 440.228.1873,info@antiquebottlesales.comFOHBC National Convention


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