י״ד בְּטֵבֵת תש״פ                                                                              פרשת ויחי            


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Michael Merrill


The Haftorah for Parshat Veyechi is a fascinating one. It has a wild feel to it as Dovid instructs young Shlomo to "take care of business" regarding certain close members of Dovid's cabinet. He must make sure to remove Yoav, the decorated military leader. He must take care of Evyatar, the former Kohein Gadol. Shimi, who had cursed Dovid when he was running away from Avshalom, his rebellious son, is included on the list as well. What a contrast to our Parsha where Yaakov lays out the destiny of each shevet until the end of time. Why are they so different? Additionally, why does Dovid make his last address so gory?
Rabbi Moshe Lichtenstein offers a beautiful analysis of the story. First, he sets out a fundamental difference between the stories. Yaakov is detailing the long term vision of the Jewish people. In that scenario we can share a flowery description with little practical details. The 12 sons should know what their vast potential is and what they can become if they choose to accept that mission. Dovid speaks from a very practical perspective. If young Shlomo is to be successful it will require certain actions to occur NOW! He can't wait, but must remove the inevitable threat to his kingdom, immediately. Yoav will lead the opposition away from Shlomo with his power. Shimi will do the same with his charisma. 
There is another possibility that perhaps connects the Parsha and Haftorah together. Dovid understood that the second generation of the kingdom was much more important than the first. It would cement the spiritual legacy of the Davidic dynasty. As such, the people that Shlomo is surrounded by will determine the direction it takes. Dovid wanted to ensure that the people were people of high moral standards. He tells Shlomo if you want to see success those that are not righteous and moral can't be among your inner circle. Therefore, he commands him to remove them immediately to ensure his success. They are replaced by far holier people. Perhaps, that is the message Yaakov and Dovid want to share with their children. You are the next link in the chain and will determine the direction the Jewish people  take. Strive to be the best and you can reach the pinnacle of success. Strive for anything less you will fall short. 
Yaakov and Dovid share the same message with us for generations. We can be great if we make sure to shoot for the stars and keep good company.

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