ז׳ בְּטֵבֵת תש״פ                                                                              פרשת ויגש            


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Michael Eisman  


This past week, we ended Chanukah with the high of Zos Chanukah. There is no official havdala or ending ceremony to Chanukah, it sort of just happens and only comes into realization at maariv when the gabbai (shout out to the gabbaim) doesn't klap on the bima to remind us to say Al Hanisim, like he had been doing for the past 8 days. I put my menorah and chanukah sefarim away, but I just can't bring myself to take down the decorations until I practically have to, as I want to try and keep the chanukah inspiration going.
 Also this past week the entire klal yisrael experienced the 13th Siyum Hashas, where 90,000 Jews gathered together in person to daven, learn and celebrate. Anyone who experienced it in person or watched it must have been inspired by the divrei torah, davening, or just the mere fact so many people are finishing shas!
How do we hold onto these inspirations? Maybe we can gain insight into this week’s parsha and see the lessons that the Torah is teaching us to answer this question.
In this weeks parsha, right after Yosef reveals himself to his brothers, he sends them to bring Yaakov and everyone to Mitzrayim and he says to them (perek 45 pasuk 24) "Al Tirgizu Baderech". The mefarshim have three main ways to understand this statement, all mentioned by Rashi.
 1) Do not get busy with a deep halachic discussion on the way, or else you will get lost.
 2) Do not take big steps which will cause you to enter the city you are supposed to stay in overnight while it is still daytime.
 3) Don't argue on the way (and blame each other for selling him).
 Perhaps these three interpretations can help answer our question on how to retain inspiration.
The first advise the Torah is telling us, don't get too involved in discussing what you want to do, and just do it! How many of us are ready to start the new daf Yomi cycle, or want to take upon another task based on inspiration felt on Chanukah, yet we spend so much time thinking, planning and discussing that we never actually get to do it. The Torah is telling us, to just go do it!
 Next, don't take big steps and end up at your goal prematurely. Many times we get inspired and want to take on something new, and know where we want to be, but get caught up in jumping too quickly, without building a strong foundation. The Torah is teaching us to take small steps at our goals and ensure to build a strong foundation so that it will last longer.
Lastly, don't blame someone else, why you can't reach your goal, meaning, a lot of times we are inspired to do something but we say we can't do it because we are not like him who is smarter, or because he has more free time etc. We have to look into ourselves and set realistic goals for ourselves and learn our limitations, and even doing something small is better than nothing at all.
Let's hope that any inspiration that was felt over the past two weeks can be retained and make each of us better and make the people around us better and together we can achieve tikun olam and hasten the coming of mashiach bimhayra biyameinu.

Good shabbos!!

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