January 2023

Announcing Zcon Voices! 

The Zcash Foundation (ZF) is excited to announce the first in what we hope will become a new series of hyper-local events called “Zcon Voices.” This project and several others we’ll be announcing in 2023, strive to share ZF’s expertise and resources with our global community. The goal of Zcon Voices is supporting local, grassroots action that brings Zcash and financial privacy to communities that need it most.

Our goal for Zcon Voices is providing a venue and platform for regional-specific conversation and education about strong use cases for Zcash and financial privacy. Conferences will be contextualized—organized by local groups, presented in the local language, and will focus on local opportunities and relevant challenges.

Zcon Voices events will complement ZF’s annual Zcon event, further expanding the surface area available for conversation, engagement and education throughout the Zcash ecosystem.

ZF will provide financial and logistical support for these events, but ultimately the content, location, and other details will be driven by our local partners. ZF looks forward to amplifying the voices of Zcashers in their local communities, regions, and beyond.

The first event in the Zcon Voices series is called Zcon Vozes, which will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on March 18th, delivered in Portuguese. This conference is being held in partnership with Michael2xl, a former Zcash Ambassador, and his amazing Zcash Brazil crew, who previously received a separate grant for furthering Zcash Brazil’s impact. Full details and the official announcement can be found here.

"How to Zcash" Videos Now Available on ZF's YouTube Channel

"How to Zcash" is a video tutorial series designed to provide basic walk-throughs of popular Zcash wallets and other assets. This video series is being produced by ZF and presented by @autotunafish. 

Contact @autotunafish on the Forum, or @tripleyouwu on Discord, and he will provide support for your Zcash-related issue. 

ZF Welcomes Amber to ZCG!

Amber (aka ambimorph) has an eclectic background in math, computer science, linguistics, and psychology. She's been a long-time fan of and advocate for cypherpunk values and privacy enhancing technologies. To this end, she is currently on the advisory board for Least Authority and exploring further involvement with the Tahoe-LAFS open software project. She is excited to contribute to the Zcash ecosystem through ZCG. To learn more about ZCG please click here. Welcome Amber!

Announcing ZF Audio Visual Club - ZF AV Club

The Zcash Foundation is proud to support this ambitious grassroots project that aims to have global impact through local and regional actions. We can’t wait to see how this community of creators will learn and work together to elevate and disseminate news and stories that inspire, educate, and share the promise of Zcash and financial privacy. 

Thank you to Ryan Taylor for working with ZF to bring this project to life! Learn more and join the ZF AV Club at this link!

Approved ZCG Grants - January

The Zcash Community Grants committee (ZCG) approved the following grants in January:

  • Alphaday - Building a Zcash community dashboard on Alphaday that aggregates news, social media, dev resources and more into one customizable UI.
  • ZecHub: Open Source Education - This proposal seeks to grow Zcash’s open-source education hub and onboard more contributors to Zcash.

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