Tickets for the Catesby Tercentennial's 3-city, 6-day symposium are Now Available. Join us in Richmond, DC, Charleston or Kiawah Island in November.

The Catesby Tercentennial 

November 4-9, 2012
Richmond, VA Washington, DC Charleston & Kiawah, SC

Last Call for Tickets to the Tercentennial Celebration

With only a few seats left, it's time to book your tickets to attend the symposium highlighting one of America's most overlooked and underappreciated historical figures. It's not too late to celebrate the 300th Anniversary of Mark Catesby's arrival in North America. With an all-star list of top academic speakers, a chance to view various original works and a number of tours featuring rarely seen private grounds, this is an event worth flocking to.

Catesby Soars in the News

As the Tercentennial approaches, the buzz surrounding the 3-city 6-day symposium has attracted attention.

Celebrating Catesby 300 Years After his First Visit: The Mercury - (Charleston, SC)

               "Long before we thought about an ACE Basin, a Lowcountry Open Land
                Trust or even a Department of Natural Resources, an Englishman visited
                these shores 300 years ago and planted seeds in his own mind that         
                would bear fruit much later. The man in focus is naturalist Mark Catesby
                - a fascinating figure who remains obscure to far too many and deserves
                a far better place in our history."

              "The coming together of these experts in celebration of Catesby will provide
              an in-depth look at his numerous and interdisciplinary achievements while
              exploring some of the many unanswered questions about the man, the
              landscapes in which he worked and his lasting influence." 

Groundbreaking Lowcountry Naturalist to be Honored: The Post & Courier - (Charleston, SC)

              "It used to be a common sight along the coast. Now it’s all but extinct, just
              like the ivory billed woodpecker or the Carolina parakeet. And that’s the
              importance of Mark Catesby, the Lowcountry’s forgotten naturalist: the
              reminder in paintings he left of its disappearing or vanished birds."

             "Alderfer — who has birded across the country for 40 years, including the
             Southeast coast — will lead tours on Kiawah and the wetlands delta ACE
             Basin. Oddly enough, he’s never been to either place, although he’s familiar
             with the birds he expects to find. “It’s a journey of discovery for me,” he said.
             He’s looking forward to seeing iconic Lowcountry birds like wood storks —
             the elegant, tall waders first documented by Catesby. Today, they too are an
             endangered species."

Lecture to Cover Natural History: Tuscaloosa News - (Tuscaloosa, AL)
             “...the leading artists, scientists and publishers that really
              formed the science of natural history,” Johnston said. “These are the early
              scholars of botany, ornithology, mammalogy and all the fields of natural
              history science.” 

             "The original artwork created for these publications during this period was
             detailed, scientific and as accurate as possible, given what was known at the
             time. “This was the golden age of this art, and spanned about 300 years,”
             Johnston said. “All of these early books are what we would call field guides

Connect With Catesby

The deadline for purchasing tickets is Oct. 12, 2012.

Don't delay-- Book your tickets today:

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