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Room for rent in our community farmhouse
please see the vacancies page on our website for details.
2015 Courses
Cohousing Workshop + Imbolc celebrations
1st February

Easter Retreat
3rd - 6th April

May Day Gardening Extravaganza
2nd ­ - 4th May

Mindful Walking Retreat
22nd - 25th May

Friends (Experience Cohousing) Weekend - for friends old and new
19th - 21st June

Gardening Weekend
17th - 19th July

Friends (Experience Cohousing) Weekend - for friends old and new
18th - 20th Sept

Gardening Weekend
16th - 18th Oct

Cohousing Workshop
13th - 15th Nov

Please go to our website for more details or to contact us.

Visit us!
Afternoon teas for
Visitors and Enquirers
These take place on the first Saturday of each month from 3.00 to 4.30 pm. An informal gathering with a chance to look round and meet the residents. Please let us know if you would like to come, and bring cakes to share.
Open Meditation
The first Tuesday of each month at 7.30. We offer meditation and visualisation techniques suitable for all levels of experience. There is no charge, but donations are welcome.
Hello and goodbye
We are now delighted to welcome our two newcomers.

Jan has bought Oak Cottage and although she had to work out her notice at her previous job and spend time away from us, she is now with us full-time - welcome Jan!

Ella has moved into Fox’s Holt, having experienced a rocky ride with legal problems besetting her along the way and taking nine months to finally complete the sale and arrive. Having lost her old dog Morris during that time she has now gained Tin Tin a rescue dog who we hope will fill the massive Monty sized hole.

Sadly, we have to say farewell to Muriel, our lovely French farmhouse tenant who has been with us almost as long as we have been here. She has been an integral part of the community for me, with her healing skills of massage, flower essences and homeopathy benefiting her neighbours with great tenderness. Luckily she will be quite near and will have more personal space. Also she will be closer to her beloved Duncliffe Hill. We wish her good luck, abundance and blessings.
In August we had a day of filming for 40D's programme about Threshold. It was a fun day and you can see the Threshold stars  here in all their glory!

Welcome to the winter newsletter

Happy Birthday Threshold!

On November 11th 2014, our 10th birthday occurred and the five remaining ‘originals’ took the opportunity to lunch at Chutneys in Shaftesbury, which we had visited in the early days for a similar shared experience. Three of us, Jane, Michael and Gay, remain in the community and Christina and Alan came to join us for a nostalgic ‘do you remember?’ break. Of course Caroline was greatly missed and her participation acknowledged. As you can see she joined us for the group picture via her photograph.


Garden Weekend Oct ‘14
What a great turnout! Despite threats of rain we achieved a heap of things this weekend. At the October talks Muriel and Susannah made the intention of carrying ‘House Love’  to a new level, so it was that  great preparation went into the Meditation room being painted BEFORE the weekend. By the time Bill arrived at five on Friday, the room had been cleared and scrubbed and an ongoing argument with the tarpaulin covering the carpet was well under way.

Saturday we set off into gate mending, field gate cementing, making bases for the washing lines behind the laundry… (at last) Poly tunnel clearing, runner bean bed clearing, compost turning, and I forget which got done when, but we also finished clearing the bank, harvested all the rose hips and then took the bush away, planted garlic, made mountains of kindling, sorted the wood pile, (again) painted the meditation room window outside…trimmed  around Caroline’s bench, burned off a massive bonfire, shelled all the beans from the bean bed clearing…to twilight violin melodies…made eight big jars of green tomato chutney, planted out more salad in the poly tunnel, washed out the poly tunnel seedling area, trimmed the vege garden willow, and Ron mended the garden gate for about eight hours!
And all the time this was happening, people were sent in waves to the meditation room, where Bill, Jane, Deirdre, Muriel and later Charles, were ceiling painting, then undercoating the walls, then over coating, (twice), and finishing with the woodwork and doors… PAINTING!! (and singing). By Tuesday we were reinstalled and meditating again in a super white environment… HUGE ACHIEVMENT, well done every one especially those who I have forgotten.

The highlight of the weekend, apart from everyone doing what they wanted and being very happy, was Saturday night. We started singing every song we knew, from Cole Porter to the Sound of Music, from the Beatles to Ave Maria, and we were in very good voice. As there were about twelve of us, this took us about an hour and a half. Then we woke up John (who was pretending to sleep on the sofa) and got his violin, and he played folk dances until we couldn’t resist prancing round and doing a few docey does and right hand stars and an attempted basket, which got tangled, and Bill and quite a lot of beer ended up in John’s violin case, which was a sort of fitting end to a very merry evening.

Many thanks to all who came, Deidre, Karen, Christine, John, Ron, Sally and Sue…. And many thanks to the home team for wonderful eats… (thanks Kate and Michael and Gay and Susannah)
Next gardening weekend is in May, and we have plans to move the chickens, set up camp next to the yurt, and start experiencing our new garden hub, with a gazebo for an outdoor kitchen, and a new fire pit.
Who could resist?   Much love from Rozzie and Andrew, the garden weekend organizers.
Nature watch last Summer at Threshold

Well, has it been our best summer yet for our wildlife? I think so by the numbers and variety of wildlife we have viewed. Some birds have really benefited like the three species of owls that have been around us for some months, feasting on the abundance of field mice and voles. My encounter with a barn owl was my personal highlight this summer, flying alongside the car in the early hours just for a few seconds, and being able to come that close and look into its amazing eyes! Even the duck population has increased in the adjoining field! I guess our funniest bird addition is the crow that has a throat defect, it sounds like a curlew in distress!
I feel that this is the right time to talk about a sad encounter I had this year. The farmer brought to me a wounded falcon, who looked as though he had flown into some machinery and wounded his legs. Some of us may remember this event and how we tried to save its life, and sadly the falcon could not be saved and had to be put down by the RSPCA. For me, such magnificent birds bring to us a lot of pleasure and joy, and everyday they are with us and are part of our lives. Seeing them, feeding them enables us as a community to have that special link in supporting their wellbeing. So my message is, we can support our wildlife, in understanding their needs and in harsh times such as winter we can feed them and provide facilities so they can shelter and look forward to the new spring.  Please keep a lookout when you're in your garden, and take note of any species that may be new to us.
Lastly, what to do with a wounded bird? Try not to handle it for very long, put it into a suitable box and cover it (this calms the bird down). If the bird is very wet, use a dry cloth and gently dab its feathers. Do not attempt to dress wounds, as this needs to be done by qualified vet. We have a special number for a local animal hospital who are quicker than the RSPCA, 01980 629470 or 07850 778752.
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