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Dear <<First Name>>,

It's September already and a highlight this month was seeing hundreds of baby turtles hatch on Sosua beach.  There is always something new happening down here!

We'd like to share with you our latest listings and recent price cuts, which are featured below.

If you prefer to rent, we have a small selection of well managed properties, along with some that are not on the website: let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best to help.

If you don't see what you are looking for, please write to us with your requirements for villas, condos, lots or businesses and we will find the best options for you.  We pride ourselves on our integrity and personal service and will go the extra mile to locate something that really meets your needs.

Sosua Condo

Sosua condo with oceanview #2517

1 bed/1 bath
Const: 65 m2
US$45,000 down from US$55,000
Cabarete Condo

Cabarete condo  #2097

2 beds/2 baths
Const.: 90 m2 
US$135,000 down from US$150,000
Cabarete Condo

Cabarete Condo   #3335

1 bed/1 bath
Const.: 89 m2 
US$$149,000 down from $159,000
Sosua Villa

Sosua Villa #3205

3 beds/3 baths
Const.:  TBC m2  Lot:  1,000 m2
US$250,000 down from US$260,000
Sosua Condo

Sosua condo  #2320

2 beds/2.5 baths
Const. 162 m2  
US$269,000 down from US$289,000
Sosua Condo

Sosua condo #3494

3 beds/3 baths
Const.: 221 m2 
US$299,000 down from US$349,000
Sosua Commercial Property

Cabarete beachside villa  #1968

Disused disco with indoor pool
Const. TBC   Lot: 1,683 m2
US$350,000 down from US$400,000
Puerto Plata Villa

Puerto Plata villa  #3349

5 beds/4 baths
Const.: 550 m2  Lot: 1,100 m2
US$490,000 down from US$585,000
West Indies Real Estate Team
West Indies Real Estate team, here to serve you.
Cabarete Condo

Cabarete condo #2099

1 bed/1 bath
Const: 55 m2 
Fr. US$80,000 down from US$90,000
Cabarete Lot

Cabarete Lot  #3407

Beautiful oceanview land
Lot: 2,751 m2
US$137,550 down from $148,568
Cabarete Condo

Cabarete Condo   #3573

1 bed/1 bath
Const.: 89 m2
US$$153,000 down from $169,000
Las Canas Villa

Las Canas oceanview villa #3304

3 beds/3 baths
Const: 250 m2  Lot:  7,000 m2
US$265,000 down from US$320,000
Sosua Villa

Sosua villa #3639

3 beds/2 baths
Const.: 270 m2   Lot:  1,200 m2
US$280,000 down from US$299,000
Cabarete Land

Cabarete beachside land  #2259

2nd, 3rd and 4th line
Lot: 3,402 m2 with separate titles
US$315,000 down from US$435,000
Cabarete Villa with land

11.5 acres development land  #1472

5 beds/3.5 bath (Villa included)
Const.: 500 m2  Lot: 46,688 m2
US$450,000 down from US$470,838
Cabarete Villa

Cabarete villa  #3640

3 beds/4 baths
Const. TBC   Lot: 2,770 m2
US$1,800,000 down from US$1,995,000
Cabarete Kitesurfing
145 baby sea turtles hatched on Sosua beach this week.
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